Create 3D depth from 2D planar tracking with Preset
Sure Target 2 is a plug-in for controlling the AE Camera
Sure Target has been updated with several new features
Download and use our free reflection Plug-in
Control 3D layers so they fade away in the distance
Use Sure Target preset to achieve advanced 3d moves
Create a dynamic space world with light streams
Convert frame rates from PAL to NTSC to PAL
New Light Saber preset with enhanced motion blur
Use Custom Preset to generate instant Light Sabers
Create a custom color gradient over video footage
Add camera shake to your footage with slider controls
Start day for night process with this helpful preset
Great preset for creating perfect 16:9 letterboxing
Create a Bloom effect with easy slider animation
Add reflections to video layers with this helpful preset
Cool preset that automatically brightens flare
Add fast rendering film grain to your footage
Add cinematic cross dissolve with this animation preset
Follow steps for installation to use our presets