UPDATED: New Tutorial & ORB Plug-in V1.0.2 Now Available!

New MacOS Catalina Support
Install latest version of Mac plugin!

Here we go! Our new 3D ORB plug-in for After Effects is now available! This tutorial goes in-depth into many powerful features that will allow you to create amazing visuals!

Watch Tutorial on Youtube!

ORB V1.0.2 UPDATE: We’ve updated the plug-in to V1.0.2 to fix initialization issues with some AMD cards. Be sure to update your drivers and try the new version!

  • Please note CPU and GPU requirements!
  • SLI: If you are running dual GPU’s, you may need to disable SLI. This is a driver controlled function that is out of our control.

Check out our sweet mini-site to download Plug-in & Textures!

Check compatibility info and be sure to update your drivers if you have any issues running the plug-in.

6 years ago