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165. Colorful Glitch FX!
• Procedural Glitch design
• Build a realistic reflective surface 100% inside AE!
Posted on Mar 06, 2018
Technical Rendering Note: I’ve heard some people having issues with Fractal Noise not rendering correctly and I think you need to disable GPU Acceleration for the Project. File>Project Settings, “Mercury Software Only”. Hope that helps!
super projects sir, excelent,
ibni hamdallah
hey, i want to use this video for my school assignment. thank for making this video it's very helpfull
Alex Carter
Hi! I was wondering how you get your logo in the render. I also have a logo I'd like to add to a project of mine, but am unsure how to properly place it in. Thanks so much for the help! I love your amazing content, Andrew!
I want to use this tutorial but have it do the glitch transition for four separate words. For example one glitches to two, two glitches to three, and three glitches to four. I essentially want to make a sentence using the glitch tutorial. How would I do this?
Did you manage?

I'm actually about to use it and i have an idea. Once you've created the main comp with one transition, just duplicate it in the project to however many transitions you need and switch the words accordingly, overly them all in one new comp and manipulate transparency to make them 'one'.hehe This is what i haven't done yet lol but i think it'll work :)
Hi. How are they...??
I am from ARGENTINA and I have been following the tutorials for a very short time, despite all this in English I manage: I download the videos and the trips pausing in every action that Andrew does. Occasionally I get stuck in some mandrills that give me a totally different result than Andrew gives me either due to a lack of resources on my PC (GPU, AGILE PROSESADORES, ETC ETC.) AS WELL AS THE difference in AF and your updates. so far the results are not the same but it leaves you with a variety of things that help us to continue expanding our understanding of Ae much more.
without further ado I leave this as insentivation and in total thanks to ANDREW for sharing their Tutorials.
hola, como estan...??
soy de ARGENTINAy sigo los tutoriales desde hace muy poco, y a pesar de que este todo en Ingles me las arreglo: descargo los videos y los voy pausando en cada accion que hace Andrew. de vez en cuando me estanco en algunas maniobras que me dan un resultado totalmente distinto al que obtiene Andrew ya sea por falta de recursos en mi PC (GPU, PROSESADORES MAS AGILES, ETC ETC.) COMO ASI TAMBIEN por la diferencia en AF y su actualizaciones. hasta el momento los resultados no son los mismos pero te deja una variedad de cosas que nos ayuda para seguir ampliando mucho mas el conosimiento para con Ae.
sin mas dejo esto como insentivacion y en total agradecimientos a ANDREW por compartir sus Tutoriales.
Jairo Castillo
Hi Andrew!!

Excuse a little doubt ..
Why is the Twitch plugin no longer working for Ae CC 2018?
Could you provide the songs and effects in tutorial plz
Anush Kamble
Can anyone provide the sound effects of the video please
Matej Jazbinšek
When adding "Fractal noise 2" on displace map. I have a problem with fractal noise still seen in animation no matter if the brightness is -200. Youtube from 9 min forward. Overflow (Clip), Blending mode (Screen)
David Klumpp
You have to change the Blending mode to Add. That worked perfectly fine for me.
could you use this to blur out a face in an iconic way? I'm thinking that would be cool. Like having it go back and forwards as blocks of colour over a face?
This is a cool idea!!! Hope it worked. I'm definitely trying it out soon! Thanks!
I have a similar question. I'd like to use this tutorial to introduce my sports team. But: When I duplicate a text comp and replace the text by a short green screen video of my team guys, the glow is destroying the videos. Can I use the glow only for the color glitch without using it on my players?
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