Bold Type Project!

Sometimes you need to create a title that feels IMPORTANT without making it too flashy! One way to do that is with a texture and a cinematic fade! Usually a simple opacity fade leaves graphics looking washed out, but by color correcting the fade out, you can add color and contrast to the fade! I also used CC glass to give the text a little bit of bump!

Download After Effects Project File CC2014+

I used it in my recent CROSSFIRE Tutorial!


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Teaser for our new Tutorial! 🔥🔥🔥#aftereffects #videocopilot #motiondesign

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6 months ago
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3 weeks ago
Dude, you're really good at what you do. Thank you for sharing.
4 weeks ago
Oh man, this is so sweet.
I remember how you got me hooked with the text blur almost 10 years ago, and now this.. :D
1 month ago
Helen Peak
2 months ago
Edinburgh! There are lots of designers and design companies here
    2 months ago
    Edinburgh, Scotland, that is.
3 months ago
every time try to open the CC13 project file, it freezes, running CC15, opens anything up
4 months ago
So right, I always saw opacity as being too simple to really use. The color correcting and changes that on the fade is a great idea that I will certainly be using from now on. Thanks!

4 months ago
every time i try to open the CC13 project file, it freezes, running CC15, opens anything else up fine
4 months ago
Oh man, this is so sweet.
I remember how you got me hooked with the text blur almost 10 years ago, and now this.. :D
4 months ago
Why is there a long time ago that a new tutorial will not be published in the blog
We wait
5 months ago
I tend to use curves to preserve highlights in face outs.. but not to this extent!
5 months ago
Great Andrew Kramer
Please create 1000 nos of different TITLE pack.
6 months ago
Where you found this font style
6 months ago
Thanks VCP! Always able to learn a new train pod thought here. Been here since '07 and before that on Creative Cow. How far you've come!
6 months ago
Thanks dude!
Amily Chen
6 months ago
Such a cool tutorial Andrew!!!
6 months ago
Another really great tutorials!
Thanks VCP team ;)
6 months ago
Thanks you
simple et efficace
6 months ago
Thank you Andrew!
Another great tip like always ;)

Bader Alhammad
6 months ago
Great, can you include the crossfire .aep file. Thanks
    6 months ago
    I'd like that too! I hate that we can't study the projects in detail anymore! You miss a lot of things when you're trying to replicate things from a tutorial
6 months ago
You’re a generous guy, I dig that. Thank you.
My favorite part with these tutorials is when I’m following along, doing “exactly” the same thing as what I’m seeing being demonstrated and it looks nothing like yours. I’ll spend an inordinate amount of time tweaking and changing things - trying to recreate what I’m seeing - and in the process learning even more than I anticipated.

It’s a great setup and I really appreciate what I’ve learned from you and your team.
6 months ago
Very nice!

Thanks, Andrew!

(Woohoo! First comment!!)