Video Copilot Show Returns!

The Video Copilot Show is back! What is the Video Copilot show? And where did it go? Well, we used to do this thing where we filmed stuff we made…

Starting next week we will be taking you behind the scenes as we try to pull another intense visual effects shot!  Our goal was to try and do something more challenging and show examples of what issues may come up when shooting for visual effects and how to solve them!  Or at least hide them enough so nobody notices.

Visual Effects are evolving and we want keep pushing the complexity of our tutorials. That is why we’ll be covering things like matte painting, 3D set extensions, and crazy stuff like compositing translucent surfaces… I’ll explain later!

The upcoming episode is one of the most complex ones we’ve done and I imagine in the future we will probably get lazy and just film some dust flying around

Right now, I’m splitting my time between finishing our short film Intercept (Circa 2015) and some killer software development and design projects. The new Video Copilot show will hopefully be a vehicle to focus on specific visual effects and creating them from start to finish!

NOTE: Plug-in Installers Updated for After Effects 15.3
Some of you may know that you can copy the “Video Copilot” Plug-in folder over to the new After Effects plug-in folder but we also updated the installers as well. You can log-in to get the latest installers for Element 3D V2, Optical Flares and Heat Distortion. Or download the new Saber installer here!


I’ve also been experimenting with Element 3D almost everyday… Looking forward to showing you what we’ve been working on after a few of these projects drop!

Reloading. #element3d & Motion Design 2 with Animation engine!

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