Sure Target 2 Features!

Our soon to be released plug-in Sure Target 2 is near…

Sure Target 2
Precision 3D Camera Control for After Effects 7, CS3, CS4

Price: $0 (Free)
Value: $5,000,000 + a Turkey Sandwich


Real Plug-in Form: As an actual plug-in, Sure Target 2 has better organized parameters and will run on any language of After Effects and provide advanced feature support.

Auto-Camera Rigging: When you add Sure Target to a NULL, a 3D camera is created and parented instantly, plus the NULL is changed to 3D and necessary expressions are added and activated.

Auto-Populate: Select Target Layers one by one and Sure Target will add them to the target list in order with one click. This will save setup time if adding or rearranging your targets.

Ease Target Modes: Sure Target 2 will automatically ease the animation keyframes as requested with 4 modes. Ease, ease in, ease out and linear.

Auto-Focus: Sure Target 2 will calculate the focal distance to the camera so that your target layers are in focus.

Inertia Inheritance: Incorporate natural springy movement at each stop with control over amount and decay.

Camera Roll: This feature is awesome… Sure Target will pitch and roll along the animation direction like an airplane turns down-ward in the direction it is moving.

Dolly Control: Sure Target 2 allows you to control the camera distance to each target individually. Target 1 can be the default distance and Target 2 can be 50% closer… etc.

Create a Baked Camera: I’ll be honest… expressions can be slow to calculate some times, especially for motions blur. Sure Target 2 can create a baked camera to include all of the settings with one click. If you need to make a change, just delete the baked camera, adjust the settings and bake a new one.

Condition Protection: Sure Target 2 will make sure your NULL and target layers are 3D before adding them to avoid errors.

Refresh Expressions: We haven’t been able to break the expressions by deleting targets or changing them to 2D by accident but if you should find a way to disconnect the expression, simply refresh all of the expressions with 1 click.

Probably some other stuff too but we’ll talk about them on launch day!

14 years ago