The Chase

If you haven’t watched our year-end blog show, I recommend you check that out first. We presented this Chase scene starring Tino as he attempts to outrun an elusive air craft. Watch it now with some behind the scenes coverage as well.

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One of the key shots involved a low-level aerial view from the craft. So we decided to try some helium balloons and a small HD camera. We used 2 separate kite strings to ‘control’ the position of the balloons and also as a safety mechanism, should one of the operators let go of the line. Worked pretty good, although it was more difficult to control than expected.

6 years ago
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5 years ago
It's very good !!!! Hahaha
5 years ago
Hey Andrew,

I was wondering. In your video, you have this effect on the camera that you put on the balloons. The camera effect that has all the thin lines in it. How did you make that effect? I've been looking all over for that effect, but I can't seem to find it.
5 years ago
Hey nice vid... funny!
I'm just curious as to how you managed to remove the balloon strings from the final. I'd love to see a tute on wire and rig removal!

6 years ago
SWAT "multiplicity" was cool - even though you nicked it from Maschwitz's DV Rebel book.
6 years ago
Hey !! Great work andrew !! but please can i one give a link to a tutorial for doing the same effect to the title !! thnx
6 years ago
teach to us how to make the intro (ice exploding)
6 years ago
i love your tutorials…
6 years ago
"Were going down" HAHAHA LOL :)
6 years ago
In the First Shot you can see the cameraman in the mirror of the Car! Gooooooof !!! Got You!!! ;-)

Greetz from Germany!
6 years ago
the filming process was very creative :P
6 years ago
That intro text is lovely. Giggity. :-P
6 years ago
hey Andrew nice work as always,
i wanted to share this with you

as you can see i used a lot of your resources, they are epic to work with, twitch is da bomb.
so i just thought id show what i came up with
my name is mohamad saleh i did the music and the animation.
happy new year man
6 years ago
114.Tron Tutorial ;)
6 years ago
Jolie bande son
Et bien sûr toujours drôle !
Continuez !!
6 years ago
Man!!!! Your good Bro where do i go to specialize myself on after effects I'm really looking forward to become part of that team
6 years ago
Amazing andrew! I love the balloon idea! I think I will use it myself once!
6 years ago
fat chinese bre
6 years ago
lol ur barely drivin at 5 mph
6 years ago
Awesome video and God Bless You.

6 years ago
looks cool its been a full on year. I just want to say if it wasnt for Andrew and all of VideoCopilot,i wouldnt of done what i have acheaved since i first discovered you guys.Just by you putting in 3d intergration with after effects it change my life and i started teaching myself more on 3ds max and ended up learning MAYA and doing my degree in 3d animation. So Thankyou..........
6 years ago
Great !! but u need a handmade Steadicam :
6 years ago
Hey whats up , Hammer Head here , bro i want to make a film i dont know how to edit ill give u money if u make a film for me with my choosen acters n story u can fix any amount for that n ill give before our film starts if ur agree than reply fast w8ng 4 ur answer buddy buh...bye!!!
6 years ago
"We're goin' down!!!" [little crunch] - LOL! LMAO!
That was AWESOME!

Brilliant idea with the balloons - we're thinking about getting one of the GoPro HD cams for work just like that with all types of odd riggings - I mean for $250 bucks even if we do break it at least it isn't one of our $3k cameras - lol.

Anyway - totally sweet :)
6 years ago
Master Andrew

Please let us know how you did a TRON video ;)

Greetings from Poland
6 years ago
WOW... intense, action packed, a nail biter, scary... I dropped my popcorn!
6 years ago
Maybe good things in future:

New plug-ins (Dragon, Atom) - New product (Series Two) -
New tutorial (Tron Title) – New tutorial (Sound Effecting) -
New tutorial (Create Plug-in) – New tutorial (Axe) - …
Kevin Strasser
6 years ago
Hey, Andrew, I was wondering if you could help me. When I want to view your blogs and they open up on a new window, the page doesn't display anyhting. They're completely blank and a little icon at the bottom left says error. I don't know how to fix it. Is there some Flash Player I need to install to view the pages well?
6 years ago
i love your tutorials....
i cant wait for another one
goodluck andrew
6 years ago
Funny stuff :D Hey, great new year and i hope many new big tutorials. Whats about new products? Any in plan? Maybe a particle plug-in for AE made my Video Copilot?
6 years ago
Love the way intro text comes... really superb...
6 years ago
this is super work
6 years ago
Cool Cheating...!!!!!
6 years ago
it's Nice work.
Happy new year to you, Andrew and your Family.
VideoCopilot Guys Happy New Year too. :D
6 years ago
great video! keep em coming!

only one mistake that I noticed :P
the voice over says something like "he's now heading east!"
but then on his mirror the direction says north/northwest or something.

Anyways, keep up the great work and more tutorials!
6 years ago
How did you get the security camera look from the balloon cam?
6 years ago
Parrot Drone is weak. You could try something like this to lift a 7D with a stabilized gimbal:

Harder to learn than baloons though.
6 years ago
amazing work... love it.....
6 years ago
I’m guessing you used some sort of 3D software to do the title sequence? The letters look a bit too complicated to do in AE.
6 years ago
Why not put that cmera at bird..,it must greater than using balloon,
6 years ago
Why not put that cmera at bird..,it must greater than using balloon,
6 years ago
Happy New Year to everybody.
6 years ago
Wish you a very very happy new year.... Andrew
sunil thapa (nepal)
6 years ago
eager to watch some short movies of video copilot.....awesome.....
6 years ago
It was interesting
We are waiting to surprise!!!
6 years ago
hey andrew im a big fan of your work i just want to make a request can you provide a tutorial how can i make a 3d text in blender and transfer it in after effects long live VC :)
6 years ago
Happy new year, I hope to see more great tutorials and products from you guys this year, as they are by far the best ones out there :)
I also hope that you had a wonderful christmas and a nice time celebrating the new year, that's all from me :D
6 years ago
Hey Andrew great vid very entertaining wondering if you could make a tutorial on how you did the intro for this because it looks amazing!
6 years ago
I tried to post this on the holiday page, but was unable too. I just wanted say that I hope your christmas was great and that your new year is even better. Happy New year to the Kramer Family. God bless you all.
Javad Sedaghat
6 years ago
thanks Andrew , you are number one ,That’s really cool
6 years ago
They are using RED ONE camera ;)
Ken Zautcke
6 years ago
a killer way to end the year
6 years ago
WOAH WOAH WOAH! I uploaded my first video titled "The Chase", so clearly you have stolen copyrighted material. Now I can either sue you guys or, you can send me one of your Optical Flares.... Your choice!
6 years ago
Did you invent this idea ?

Really clever.
6 years ago
thanks for every thing Andrew and good work may god bless u happy holidays may
Daniel Swan
6 years ago
this is really awsome,..
I had a great time listening and watching every tutorial,... love it so much,...

Hope you guys will have a Happy New Year...

6 years ago
Andrew please check this link (And watch or download the short film):

This short film created by one man (Marek Denko).
The best short film forever !
6 years ago
Nice work Andrew keep it up.
6 years ago
Hey really it...
6 years ago
That's really cool. I definitely wasn't expecting the ending. haha You tutorials made me go from knowing nothing about After Effects to being quite good at it. In just a couple months. Thanks dude. Keep em comming!

Btw, that looks a lot like Lake Elsinore. =P
6 years ago
Your expression in the last shot pretty much says it all!
How many takes did it,,, um, take, to get the turning overhead shot. Looked great.
6 years ago
I like your tutorials & some idea.
U are really going places.
Optical Flares is very easy to be used in my job.
And thanks for helping me about AE.
6 years ago
This is what you need. They must to incorporate an HD camera

thanks Andrew
Numkam Kamga Brice
6 years ago
fantastic that's all i can say! awesome like usual Maestro!
Ben Whiting
6 years ago
What camera did you film with, your 7D? Because I noticed some skew, or does the RED skew also?
6 years ago
que camaras se utilizaron para el video Andrew ?
6 years ago
Hi Andrew,
Just wanted to thank U for your great job!!! (U r very inspirational for many of us and thanks to U AfterFX is becoming a real fun to learn).

Happy New Year to U and everybody following this web-site!!!

Bless Andrew and everybody who share the Knowledge with passion as U do!!!
...Great staff!!!
6 years ago
Awesome! Please make a tutorial for that intro
6 years ago
Thanks for a great year Andrew. Keep blessing the world with your generousity, knowledge and talent. Wish you the best for the years to come!!!!! Blessings!!!!
Peter Kreitner
6 years ago
the last??? :O come on! :D its greatttt!
6 years ago
Reeeallly nice... I was like "OMG!! what's going after Tino!!" Then I saw the toy.. lol.. nice!!!
6 years ago
very nice, guys! keep it up!
6 years ago
Good Title !
Nice sound effecting !
Best idea for camera !
Please make a tutorial (about sound effecting or ...) for christmas gift for Video Copilot guys. (December 31th)
6 years ago
Very nice movie :D i wouldnt have suspect it to be a toy :D :P

very very nice ;)
6 years ago
thanks for that brilliant idea :) i gonna use that 4 sure and btw nice lexus
6 years ago
Yeah the Fast Five (fast and furious 5) motion title :)
6 years ago
haha nice video.."we are going down!"
Alexander G.
6 years ago
I have the exact same helicopter or rather gyrocopter. :)
6 years ago
Now get a big script and make a full length movie....and from time to time in your movie you drop small after effects you are watching a real movie....and when some bigass effect come on get a pause and we get a small explenation on how to make that effect...and the movie goes further hehehe


rogier righART from Amsterdam (-:
Ayb from the Philippines
6 years ago
what the!! How did they make the chopper fly around!!!???
great job AK!!! Your the best!!! Happy New Year to the Community and to the rest of Video Copilot staff... :)
6 years ago
Good one! :)
If would be great,if you would add some smoke to the falling helicopter.
6 years ago
Haha.. balloons. Nice idea! We've got a RC helicopter with a moving camera head for these purposes.
6 years ago
hahahahha!!! awesome!!

1 question..

what camera did you put on the balloon thing?
Chuck Tang
6 years ago
Haha, You are the man Andrew. I love it!
6 years ago
really nice Andrew.what cameras did you use?
6 years ago
U must post your video's op youtube!
6 years ago
hey andrew,


I love you for your dedication on work. i have learnt a lot form your tutorials. thanks a lot

May this new year brings you a great success. God bless you.
6 years ago
Behind the scenes of this I've been waiting for it Thanks AK & Team
6 years ago
Haha I saw the Kite Strings on the Video :))
6 years ago
Hey Andrew, was this shot a while ago, or did you get the idea to use a small HD camera from freddiew?
    6 years ago
    Freddiew didn't invented anything you know.
6 years ago
Very Nice work.
6 years ago
So... Where's Martin Sheen?
6 years ago

what's up andrew,,,,,
6 years ago
Mr kramer, the best!
congratulatios from brazil ;)
6 years ago
WOW ! Camcorder on the balloon. Very cool.
6 years ago
Simply Awesome... way cool.
Disfruten el año nuevo (Enjoy the New Year)
De nuevo.. saludos desde Honduras (And again, greetings from Honduras)
6 years ago
Awesome and everything is perfect!
6 years ago
I am continually inspired by you!!! I love watching you on set because you look like the luckiest guy in the world doing a cool job that you love.

Great Stuff... More... More... More!!!
6 years ago
Happy new year!
6 years ago
lol...... :D
luv u guys......
this is for the whole vc team:
:* :* :* :* :*
6 years ago
nice vid, why why through the whole vid was there a flashing square in the middle?
6 years ago
lo miro ;)
primer en comentar de los que habla espñaol Coll
6 years ago
really amaizing Mr Kramer looks cool
6 years ago
Mr Kramer that was too funny, awesome video.
6 years ago
A real chase.Background music score match are simply great.i have one question y don't u choose apple mac computer for your tutorials production works?Is windows machine is better than mac?
6 years ago
I like the helium-filled balloons. Pretty cool. Great work!
6 years ago
wow really amaizing bro i like it
6 years ago
Loved it. Was amazing. Nice idea with the balloons. What camera was on the balloons. Was it a HD Go Pro. It's defiantly a good technique that would be better then spend a grand to by a helicopter. Have a happy new year, can't wait to see the newest work from Video Co pilot.
paul holt
6 years ago
LOL that looked like fun;interesting idea with the balloons

paul h OZ
6 years ago
Look at you guys wearing your shorts and tshirts... it's so cold here in the Midwest! btw, love the title
Dennis G
6 years ago
Love the behind the scenes footage. And the title sequence, hope you'll do a tutorial on it!

Thanks again mr Kramer!
6 years ago
nice work, and the title was sick!
6 years ago
haha awesome happy new year btw from rob in england
6 years ago
Happy new year!
6 years ago
Awesome video, can u release the title project file to the public AK. Ur the best xD
Peter Považan
6 years ago
Great work! The balloons are the best xD
6 years ago
Awesome... What about mounting a little cammera on the RC helicopter??? I have this pendend issue...
6 years ago
Is this amazing, or is this amazing?
6 years ago
Awesome vid.... Should the background not be a light grey or black as you watch the video.. Would make the contrast easier on the eyes.
6 years ago
You never fail to impress AK ;)
Tim W
6 years ago
Really Nice!
Without VideoCopilot After Effects would only be half as good as it is!
Happy new year to everybody who reads this :)
Kieran B
6 years ago
Wow amazing video Andrew! I love the motion graphics in the opening. Awesome touch...
6 years ago
I always wanted to do the balloon scene but never had the balls.
Daniel Holst
6 years ago
YAY!! third comment,,

nice, looks cool

happy new year everyone
    Makai Graham
    6 years ago
    your counting skills are quite impressive
Rodrigo Buczynski
6 years ago
Really Oweson, like all stuff VC does!!!:....
Best Regards and Happy New Year for Everyone!!!...
Matt Estrada
6 years ago
hahaa awesome! i was indeed very curious about this short! :D happy new year to everyone at VC!
Karim Duncan
6 years ago
Thanks Andrew!
Cant wait to see the behind the scene
6 years ago
WooooHoooo !!!!
And Im senond :D:D:D
nice video andrew
    6 years ago
    Senod! yay...
    6 years ago
    actually its senond, that was great Sir i also would like to know the camera you used.
6 years ago
Hahahaha really good, I love it is as epic as you can get even when it's a toy, nice one Andrew!

By the way, what cameras did you use?
    6 years ago
    very happy
    6 years ago
    Red one CAM
    6 years ago
    Muito bem (very good) gosto muito do vc site the BEST
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