Rooftop Set Extension
Create a digital set extension
Super Hero Landing: Inside Look
Greenscreens and 3D Compositing
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FX Console V1.0.1 New Enhancements and Fixes!
Our new workflow enhancement plug-in has been updated with many bug fixes...
[Updated] New Workflow Plug-in: FX CONSOLE is now available!
UPDATED FX Console updated to Version 1.0.1 The console war continues...
Ghost VFX
I recently did some VFX for my buddy Ryan Connoly! Just in time for Hall...
MotionPulse BlackBox
2000 Multi-Layered Sound FX
Optical Flares
3D Lens Flare Creation Studio
Action Essentials 2: 2K
HD Pre-Keyed Action Stock Footage
HD Particle Stock Footage