In this quick tutorial, you’ll learn to create an animated spinning orb that will impress all of your friends. This technique is similar to a shot in the recent Pro Scores promo video.

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If you want to add some particles check out these tutorials for information:

7 years ago
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7 years ago
oh snap.nice men!
7 years ago
Would have been even more cool if you added some Doctor Who music!
7 years ago
Wicked work, Andrew, oh so generous one....

Keep it up and we hope to see more cool stuff in 2009!

Rock on!

7 years ago
Did anyone have their text go out of focus once the camera dollied in at the end? Mine was in focus until the last move in. I believe it has something to with the depth of focus being on. Any way to keep the text in focus?

Thanx for the tutorial.
7 years ago
Thank you for everything. You have taught me much.
7 years ago
Andrew, you are my fav... orite.
7 years ago
AMAZING! Simple yet very powerful. Thanks so much from Texas!
7 years ago
Thank you very much for this nice tutorial.
7 years ago
Thank you Andrew Kramer!!!!!
7 years ago
knock it off andrew, not cool. making me look like a wuss, not... cool. one more tutorial and im telling santa clause to fill your house with goats.
7 years ago
Oh yeah and thanks for the free presets Very cool man thanks!
7 years ago
You know this 3D fall off could really be useful in an underwater look as if passing through while sharks and other aquatic life pass the camera. THAT WOULD BE AWESOME. THANKS ANDREW!!!!! Merry Xmas.
7 years ago
You have helped me so much, Andrew! I watched every single one of your tutorials. When I saw this two orb thing in the end of 3D Falloff tutorial I was hoping you'de do it. Thanks a lot!

~A 15 year old guy living in Germany
7 years ago
Hey Andrew! You must work so hard. About two weeks ago there was no new blog entry for five days. Everybody was happy to know that you are taking a break to relax and care about other things cause it is obvius that you work much. But we were all wrong! Instead of taking a break you came up with a Promo, the Audio Demo and 2 new tutorials in one week. Do you have any free time? Well, maybe you only have free time because you are doing the thing you like and get money for it.....
7 years ago
Two orbs? TWO ORBS? C'mon, Andrew, you're better than that!!! :0)
7 years ago
this is amazing Andrew, just awesome - we want more n more from u. AWESOME TUT.........thnx...........Sandy
7 years ago
I can't's the tutorial I've always wished.

Thanks Andrew and Merry Christmas to you and all family.

7 years ago
Easy, stylized, original, versatil...
That's Andrew's force!!!

Thanks again Sir...
7 years ago
2 Tutorials in one week.
Andrew.....You're just awesome guy.
G Man
7 years ago
haha...i love the 2 orbs thing over and over....
it's like an epsiode of Family Guy...
endless fun...
7 years ago
Did you say we could download the project file somewhere? Can't see where this is.
7 years ago
great tutorial thanks a bunch :)
7 years ago
thank you very much for explaining how to do this!
7 years ago
WOW Thanks Andrew. Very creative. How do you come up with so many different ideas of different cool effects? You are amazing!!!
Hamid From Iran
7 years ago
You're working too hard Andrew !
I can understand it with your post time !
Thanks a lot :)
7 years ago
Luv ya! :) But I am worried what happened to you at the and of tutorial. Did someone kidnapped you?
We want our Andrew back u evil man!
ömer tatlisoz
7 years ago
hahaha!! double super!!!!
7 years ago
Awesome... I was jonesin' to see how you did this in the pro scores promo. Loved it. Thanks Andrew!
7 years ago
Wow, andrew is an active fella. Goodjob! We all love you lad.
7 years ago
Your great AK hopy you have a nice crismas.
Ryan SA
7 years ago
Thanks for another tut Andrew. Really treating to everyone to your gift.

I was just wondering, is there any chance you could possibly do some 3ds max tuts. There are lots out there for maya and cinema 4d but not so for Max. Or do you know of any good quality tut sites.

Thanks again man
the one
7 years ago
wow youre the best!:):):)
7 years ago
That reminds me of the old "Feature Presentation" clips from the local theater I went to as a kid - only cool! Thanks as always Andrew!
7 years ago
Nice one! This is a nice, straightforward effect. Your creativity sure helps - you take something relatively simple and craft something super-cool with it.

Thanks, Andrew. You rock.
7 years ago
Just copy it. 2 orbs. LOL
7 years ago
This is actually what I have been trying to recreate over the past few days. I'll wait till I finish up mine then watch the tutorial and see how close our processes matched.
7 years ago
cool :D
7 years ago
so I guess Ill see you on christmas then :P
lucas hattersley
7 years ago
wwwoooooo love it!! thanks andrew
7 years ago
Very Nice Tutorial!!!!
7 years ago
greaaat !! two tutorials on two days !
7 years ago
great Tut thaks Mr.Kramer I love you ))
7 years ago
This is great! When I watched the Pro Scores promo, I was thinking, "Of all the things, I want to be able to do that sphere thingy." This is excellent. Thank you.
7 years ago
7 years ago
The two orbs thing never gets old. xD
7 years ago
lovely...let me watch it.
William Townsend
7 years ago
Thanks for this. Ive been woundering how to do this.

At the end of the tutorial, did you say (Muffled)"Andrew Kramer from video, I won't see you next time"
??? You wont?:-0
7 years ago
Have a good break Andrew. Will look forward to seeing you in the new year!
Jorrit Schulte
7 years ago
AH another freaking ORB! :P
7 years ago
Just Perfect !
7 years ago
You sir, are UNREAL! Thanks!
7 years ago
I'm trying desperately to keep up with your amazing teaching ability. I have to start back at tut 1 for a refresher course.
7 years ago
Awesome. Two tutorials in a row. Very sexy.
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