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Trouble Downloading?
If you have trouble downloading files try downloading without a download manager by clicking on them directly.

Downloading Twitch:

1. After you log-in to the download area select the Twitch Product from the bottom and you will see this download page.

2. Be sure to download everything before the download period expires. If you need additional time, please contact support.

3. If you have trouble downloading with a download manager, try download links directly by clicking on them.

Installing Twitch:

1. To install Twitch, be sure you have the correct version downloaded for your operating system.
2. Place the Twitch plugin inside of your After Effects Plug-in Folder along with the "twitch_ae.key" File. You do not need to open either of these files.


C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CS3\Support Files\Plug-ins

/Applications/Adobe After Effects CS3/Plug-ins/