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The Bullet Contains 21 Video Tutorials:

Build Muzzle Flash and Smoke from scratch:
Use the After Effect's built-in Particle system generator to create an
Impressive fiery blast as well as micro sparks.

Animate Slide Action:
Animate the subtle movement of the slide action from the perspective view for added realism.

Master the Speed of After Effects:
Uncover secrets of proxies and how to save on rendering by pre-rendering common items and comps.

Choose your Destiny:
With this state-of-the-art DVD you can choose to continue the lessons for 3D max, Cinema 4D or Blender. When you complete the 3D lessons, you will return to AE for integration and then return to the core training for finishing. It's like 3 DVD's in one.

Multi-Pass Rendering:
Rendering in a 3D program can take ages. You have to constantly tweak settings with every change. WIth Multi-pass rendering all of the components of the scene such as Lighting, Shadows and Reflections become individual layers in AE when you can interactively make changes that don't take forever to render.

Advanced Color Correction:
Learn the secret of correcting specific portions of your footage as well as fine tune skin tones for natural and impressive results.


Interactive content:

With the interactive content page you can go at your own pace and finish the lessons as you go or jump around. There is also a reference page with real images of a bullet to help in the 3D process.

Built-in Help:
Common questions and answers can be found inside the web application to help you as you go.

Quick-Tips & Short-cuts:
Each program contains side notes that highlight helpful tips and commonly used keyboard shortcuts. This helps to retain information and less jumping back to remember that common key command.

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