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85 Minutes of Training!
Pro Scores offers the tools to customize and build amazing sound tracks. More importantly we show you how to do it!

The Philosophy:
Mixing audio can be done in virtually any audio/video application and there are some very basic principles that will allow you to achieve stunning results with your favorite application.

Most of the training is done with Sony Vegas which displays large waveforms so you can see the process. The training also shows you how to perform similar functions in Premiere & After Effects.
After Effects Titles:
What's a Video Copilot Product without a great After Effects Tutorial?

In this in-depth tutorial, we will learn an advanced way to distribute layer randomly in 3D space with a simple expression controller. This Tutorial is packed full of useful tips and includes the project file for AE CS3 and up. Of course the training can be followed in AE 6.5 and 7 as well.

3D Distribution:
This powerful method can also be used for many other great effects including crowd simulations, title arrays with random letters and even hundreds of 3D video screens distributed across space. WOW!
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