Video Copilot M1 Ready on Mac!
Now that Adobe After Effects is running natively on Apple’s M1 Macs, we’re excited to announce that we’ve updated our plug-ins too! You can run your favorite Video Copilot Plug-ins with Native M1 compatibility, making our tools even faster on the Mac. These updates are available right now!
M1 Performance Benefits
Plug-ins with M1 compatibility can run in the new M1-native version of After Effects, which is already up to 3x faster than previous versions on the Mac. And now, with M1-compatibility, Video Copilot plug-ins are ready to go!

Congratulations to our friends on the After Effects team.
Video Copilot Products: Plug-in Updates
May 18, 2022
3D Object based Particle Plug-in, Fast Open GL 3D Rendering Engine
3D Lens Flares with AE Lights, Intuitive Design Interface
Animated Heat Distortion FX, Advanced Noise Types
Free Plug-ins
Use a variety of features to improve your After Effects workflow
May 18th, 2022
The Ultimate 3D Sphere Plug-In
May 18th, 2022
Create Energy Beams, Lightsabers, Lasers, Portals, Neon Lights, Electric, Haze & more
Intense bright colorization can be tricky so we created a plug-in that makes it easy to achieve HOT colors instantly.
Create 2D reflections without breaking a sweat.