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Twister Preset

Each design element is meticulously crafted and animated with extensive detail and quality. From the initial design phase through every step of the way, these elements are ready for broadcast.

Attention to Detail:
When animating these elements in High Definition, we had to make sure
each element looked perfect. The timing and flow of each animation was very important, especially when working on designs with over 100 pieces. All of the vines grow and the leaves sprout with a slight bounce.

Quality Control:
After each element was completed we ran them through a quality control phase where multiple artists would look closely at each design to
repair the minor imperfections.

Each element is unique in every way and using the free Twister Preset, your design possibilities are endless.


Flourishes, Objects, Textures, Arrows, Extension & Bonus Elements!


High Definition! All elements are very high resolution about 20% higher than 720p.

Only 7% of Original Size

Pre-Keyed Design Elements:

All design elements are pre-keyed and ready to use. This means the video files have built-in transparency and can be combined without the need to remove the 'background' first. Just drag them on top of your video and start going.

Stock Footage