Element 3D V2 Official Release Date!

Element 3D V2 will be available in 2 weeks on Dec 2!

Yeah! I know I’m 2 days past my November goal but we are really happy with the progress and we needed the extra time to get everything dialed in! This update is insane!

What can I say, we like to push the limits of technology and features, but at the end of the day it is important that we release a product that is high quality!

Stay tuned for even more announcements as we reveal other big features!
(and you’ll see why things took a little longer!)

Additional Product Announcements:
We are also excited to announce the all new Pro Shaders 2! Now with massive 2K Maps and physical shaders plus the new Motion Design 2 model pack that was designed for Element 3D V2

If you haven’t watched our first look video, check it out Now!

In the mean time:

  • Make sure your Graphics card driver is up to date!
  • Maybe check out a new graphics cards to get the most out of E3D V2
  • Think of all the cool things you will be able to create with V2!

PS: We are still tweaking the website and hope to have it dialed in this week too!

10 years ago