Anamorphic Lens Flares

Here’s a fun project file that adds an anamorphic stripe and star around the standard AE lens flare. The layers are linked to the position of the Flare, so everything moves together. You can change the color from the “FLARE” solid effects control to create a golden sun or even a red sun. Have fun, just don’t look directly at it.

Download Project File (AE CS3)

In other news, I feel much better and I won’t need the computer speech program after all.

11 years ago
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Kairrav Dulera
8 years ago
Amazing Effect!! Andrew My Friend ur The Best ever
^_^ :D thanks a lot for All Help.... God bless u!
9 years ago
i just love andrew's tutarials
9 years ago
Muchas Gracias por tu aporte...

9 years ago
Thanks Andrew... God bless u!
9 years ago
Was this the start of optical flares? ;)
9 years ago
cool, nice flare
Austin Acacio
9 years ago
Almost looks like optical flares.
Mark WaGdy
9 years ago
Amazing Effect Andrew Kramer Is AE God ^_^ :D Thx For TuTorials
10 years ago
Dear Andrew,

i check from time to time your projects and i can say that you are a rare gentleman.(wide creative imagination :P )

Best Wishes from Lebanon.
10 years ago
PS: I love your Website, Products, tutorials, Creativity, and everything else that has helped me in the process of becoming a Visual Effects and Motion Graphics Artist.
10 years ago
Cool Flare, but it would be easier if the layers were linked to a null object instead of a default lens flare.
By the way i have found the expressions that enable a null object to offset the rotation and distance of lens objects, considering I have gotten into to making custom lens flares in After Effects CS4 because I'm 10 years old so Optical Flares is a little bit pricey.
Ademola Tella
10 years ago

Thank Yuuu!
10 years ago
I love your amazing talent and vision Andrew! Thank God for your birth or I don't even know where I'll be! Plus! I wouldn't even keep going with After Effects if it weren't for you! You kept my interest going!

bow... "Sir Andrew" of After Effects you will always live on in my realm.
10 years ago
10 years ago
Thank you so much to see this beautiful and diverse programs I wish to become a professional in programming and Bob Fine Thanks

(l) (l) :)
11 years ago
thank u

ur product is the best product
11 years ago
Hi Andrew,
Am from Nigeria, Safe trained editor, now i want to be a motion graphics editor, thanks for u
11 years ago
Nathan Rodriguez
11 years ago
I want to use three or four of these how is this possible. They all just seem to Stay on the One Lens Flare.
sound ahmed
11 years ago
thank u four video copilot
we wait your newest
11 years ago
Andrew Andrew Andrew...
ive never commented any of your entries before but this just jumped out at me.
Having been obssesed with Michael Bays awesomeness lens flares forever i would make my own using fractal noise and tweaking that to make stripes then adding glow...
Damn was I excited to see this!
Thanks Alot Andrew!
11 years ago
I rebuilt this with the Knoll Lens flares, so i could use their obscuration layer feature, but I could work out an Expression to make the new 'stripe' layers opacity change or switch on/off along with the Knoll Lens Flare as it was obscured.

Anyone got any ideas?
11 years ago
Thanks for the Nice Project!
Glad your alright Andrew!
11 years ago
hola Andrew
Don´t speak inglish
estos poyectos se pueden usa en afte effects cs4
muchas gracias
11 years ago
perfect lighting tecnique & color. thank you sir (:
11 years ago
nice effect... pity it doesn't work with the french version, even by pick-whipping the lens flare center manually :-(
11 years ago
I am the Stig!
11 years ago
Wicked! Glad you're feeling better, but I AM disappointed we won't be getting a computer-generated AK in the next tutorial.
11 years ago
You just put Michael Bay out of business Andrew!
11 years ago
That's purdy... I can't thank you enough for all that you do Andrew.
Oh... I finally GOOGLED the "Newtown" font and downloaded it. Looks great!
11 years ago
Thanx for respondin to my post man
11 years ago
sweet. Thx AK
11 years ago
Any chance for AE7?
11 years ago
Hi, Andrew

I dont´no speecking Inglish, I´m from Brazil
I like 3d max, post tutorial 3d max.

Tankyou very much.

Samuel Oliveira
----------------------------------------------- Português
Oi, Andrew

Eu não falo Ingles, eu sou do Brasil e trabalho em uma Produtora chamada Cannal Z, compramos seus DVDs são otimos. Gostaria de saber se você vai postar outros tutoriais de 3D max.

Obrigado Samuel Oliveira
11 years ago
thanks Andrew!! you're the best.
11 years ago
is this gonna work with CS4??
11 years ago
Curse you Andrew; as much as I love your work it seems that you always release something a mere few days after I work on a project that could have seriously utilized it. I just worked on a music video where all I did was add lens flares but this is exactly what the director was looking for. Oh well, I'm probably going to utilize it in a future video. As always, thank you for being so cool.
11 years ago
You rock, I've been trying to do a flare like this for a while now. Major thanks.
11 years ago
Sadness.. I guess the AE 7 users are gonna get left behind.
11 years ago
11 years ago
There are errors in other languages, I what did to fix the problem:
Pcik-whip everything to a Null and move the null.
11 years ago
Very cool... it looks just like the sun with a light yellow color on the flare....Wonderful!!!! Thanks Andrew. Great to hear you are getting better, and that you won't have to use the text-to-speech program. Your humor probably wouldn't come across the same way if you had to use that thing....;).........although, you text-to-speech demo with the super-fast talking voice cracked me up...very funny.
11 years ago
Thnx for the Flare....I also would like to get your take on NUKE.
11 years ago
There may be errors in other languages but you can fix by pick-whipping the lens flare center manually.
11 years ago
glad your feeling better champ .
11 years ago
Hey "Vick1138"
I loved your joke on AK 47 :):):) very funny.
& thank you Andrew for the PF.
11 years ago
im glad you are better!!!!!
Prodat TV
11 years ago
Man, I'm used your toutos in my projects and now, i'm full of job, i'm working 16 hours every day, i don't see to my family but thank you for all
11 years ago
Andrew, a breakdown of what certain layers do might be helpful.

To me, it looks as if the fractal noise layer is simulating an imperfect lens. Is that the case?
11 years ago
Hi, im using a computer without AE on it, could someone please render and upload this to YouTube i'd really love to see what it looks like.
11 years ago
Hey, nice project. love your stuff, keep it up:D
11 years ago
Just change the language to english, then you will have no problems.
11 years ago
Thrilled to hear that you're feeling better man. Being sick is wack. Keep up the incredible work.
Chuck Norris
11 years ago
11 years ago
I wonder why i got many errors while opening this file. Is there a problem with german version?
11 years ago
good news....cause i hate the speech programs...thanks for another stunning template. I still have lots of fun with that fire template you gave last month...they should integrate well...your next project could actually be a collection of templates: Templates Copilot.
11 years ago
Thanks Andrew!
Wish you a speedy recovery!
11 years ago
Way to go once again andrew, you need your own cable show my friend. Your work is off the chain your products are of the chain. You just simply are "THE MAN"
11 years ago
Thank you. Was looking for something like this for my titles.
Lee Skinner
11 years ago
Andrew, I'm not sure if you watch Fringe or not (I imagine you do, even if it's just to see your intro :P) but have you noticed the hardcore over-use of lens flares lately? They even appear when there isn't even anything that bright on the screen. Sometimes it's a lens-flare overload, and I can't help but wonder if they are used to emphasize when something paranormal is about to happen. They don't look like AE lens flares though. Seems to me like they shoot actual lens flares against a black BG and screen them onto the footage.

What do you think?
Maor Hazan
11 years ago
Thank you Andrew! You're the best!
David W.
11 years ago
Glad to hear you're feeling better!Neat lens flare, but I still want to know how you make the one seen on all the products. ;)
11 years ago
thanks Andrew :) like it )

thanks from Latvia
11 years ago
King Tut:
Thank you very much. Now I don't have to spend $300 for The Knoll light Factory just to get that John Carpenter's "CHRISTINE" flare going! I do promise to spend it on your site, though!
11 years ago
Thanks for sharing master Andrew.

I know this is an "off-topic" but I would like to know your opinion about NUKE.

Take care.
11 years ago
thanks, andrew.
get well soon, we all miss your jokes :)
11 years ago
Glad you're feeling better. A Steven Hawking type tutorial might make you sound way smarter than you already are though..... ( well.. probably not. Just a thought)
11 years ago
Lensflare revival ;)
11 years ago
Wooow amazing Andrew...
Tank you very much

From Brazil =D
11 years ago
4:20 am, and i am bored.. good thing u post this! thx
11 years ago
text look 3d..b'coz u change the position..^^
Mark Bowen
11 years ago
Really kind of you to offer this up for download. Going to take a look at it now.

Hope you're feeling 100% really soon.

Best wishes,

11 years ago
nice cool free stuff Andrew! rather its a hot one! thanx
11 years ago
looks expensive... but Mr. Kramer´s work always looks expensive...

thats why we love him ;-)

Greetings from Berlin
11 years ago
Hey andrew nice project just wat I need for my website for ist

Anyway I was hoping on hearing that computer speech program I would've laughed through the whole video, but it's gud to no ur feeling better
11 years ago
please just make the intro of the tutorial with the computer speech that's fun trust me xD
11 years ago
Hey, glad to hear you're feeling better.

Have an orange smoothie everyday. I haven't been sick yet. Of course, now that I said that, I can expect to be sick next week. I should just start taking the Nyquil shooters now.
11 years ago
Nice job Andrew!
Name (required)
11 years ago
Thanke you a lot guy.
Fx Rattler
11 years ago
Nice, I like the use of noise to give the subtle grain...and the mega use of fast blurs...Its the touches Andrew, the touches...
Ben Wotton
11 years ago
Cool. glad you're feeling better
11 years ago
Inspector 36
11 years ago

I'm looking forward to this year.
11 years ago
This is totally what I need in my current project. I created something similar but it looks blah. I'll just replace it with yours.
Yay, thanks
11 years ago
hi Dennis. this man knows everything. KNOLL LIGHT FACTORY? he knew it before he born. haha.
thanks Mr. Andrew God Bless your family.
11 years ago
I was always wondering how do that particular flare, thanks again AK 47
11 years ago
Sweet! Thanks (again) a lot Andrew! Do you know the lensflars from "KNOLL LIGHT FACTORY". Those are also very impressive!

Greetings from Amsterdam / Holland

Dennis - idiommedia
11 years ago
thx alot mr . androw
11 years ago
Thanks Andrew for Being a great tutor in after effects, you're the man, many thanks from New Zealand
11 years ago
Thank the stars! I wasn't looking forward to an entire tutorial with that computer voice doing the VO :P

I too, applaud your convalescence!


11 years ago
Ok thanks :D
Really cool effect:D
Glad that you are better ;D