Seamless Spherical Maps!

Now that you watched our new tutorial on creating a Solar Atmosphere you are probably thinking of all the other cool things you can do with Fractal Noise like Plasma Balls and Force Fields!
But what about those polar seams? No problem!

We need to take the regular texture and convert it to a spherical texture using the “Polar Coordinates” Effect and some layer duplicating.

Check out the Project File to see the process marked by Step 1-3!

Download Seamless Spherical Fix: (CS6+)

8 months ago
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1 week ago
Hi Andrew,

First and foremost, these tutorials are building blocks for aspiring vfx artist and I greatly appreciate all the time and effort that you and your team put into Video Copilot! If possible, can you make a tutorial for this effect that's compatible with all versions of AE. Also, it would be interesting to see what this looks like animated. unfortunately I don't have element 3d, so I've attempted to build this effect from scratch using a combination of the glass orbs, solar atmosphere and 3d light casting tutorials to no avail. Would love to see the process.

Thanks for all the help so far and in the future,

It is really Attractive Thank you Andrew for your detailed tutorials and effects.
7 months ago
Can I please use the main sphere ball in my own project!!!!!
I really need it.It is too awesome & one more thing 'AK' is best.
7 months ago
It is really great
It is very interesting effects
7 months ago
Pls can anyone help? How can i create account with videocopilot or with which account do i need to sign in?
7 months ago
Any chance you could do a tutorial using Trapcode?
7 months ago
I just want to know how you created the plasma ball in the screenshot for this fix. When I tried to replicate it, I end up with a perfect sphere, but in the screenshot above it looks as if the spheres are a bit bumpy and uneven? Is it because it's a Element 3D model with the map on it, or am I missing something?
7 months ago
The CC Glass is a powerful effect. Can someone let me know what the Solid Composite does, I see it used. Is this a way of keeping the graphics clean looking from artefacts after applying loads of effects or something?
7 months ago
Thanks Andrew! Like many I'm stuck with CS5 for the moment. If you could save the project in 5 that would be helpful (unless it requires 6+). I'm off to look at tutorial 100 again to see what was done there. As always, thanks for all you do.
You need to explain this! Seriously!
Andrew Zoll
8 months ago
Forgive my ignorance. I tried to replicate what was here, and yet, when I use the polar coordinates on fractal noise and scale up the second copy then reposition and use linear wipe with a feather to cover the transition, I still get my fractal bunched up at the top and bottom of the sphere. I don't understand what I am doing wrong.
8 months ago
How do you make that pretty orb there? I can't seem to figure out what it's made up of.
8 months ago
Nice tip, thank you! was the plasma ball inspired from the new Spiderman movie ? Looks like the same color scheme !
8 months ago
This is awesome Andrew where do you get your inspiration? It takes me days to design something and would still seam dull and annoying, i'm sure you have something that gives you ideas if you were South african i'd say you have Tokolosh
8 months ago
Thank you Andrew for your detailed tutorials and effects.
it's always fun, you to look at your plants and still learning.
with best greetings from Germany, thank you..;)
8 months ago
It's a shame I cant open it with CS5.
Any chances of making a second version?
It looks cool anyway...
8 months ago
Pity I still use CS5.

Nice information nonetheless.
    8 months ago
    But, CS5 comes with the Polar Coordinates effect and I managed to create my own. :)
8 months ago
Hey Mr K. (bow scrape, we are not worthy etc.)

I notice a few people are unable to use your project file, and unwilling to trawl the comments for a solution. Could you put a little info up top for them? Maybe a link to tut 100 and brief reason. They shouldn't have to miss out on this 'must have' technique because your project file is CS6.

Much love as always...
    8 months ago
    I have to admit I agree. I have been able to follow you guys for ever even though I was always one piece of CS purchase behind you. I'm two steps away from CS6 and I have to say...I prefer the work flow of my CS5 and will dig my heels in as long as I can
8 months ago
You never cease to amaze! Are you hiring anytime soon, I'm in LA and would like an opportunity!
8 months ago
Thanks Andrew very helpful! It would be nice if you could show some screenshots, i can't open the AEP caues i've got Cs 5.5... Thnx a lot!
8 months ago
Very impressive!

Quick question: only the front of the sphere is showing. I had to duplicate, reverse-order, and swith the CC Sphere render mode to "inside" on all the layers to show the back-side of each energy ball.

Is there a better way to do this?
8 months ago
Great !!! Thank you so much.
8 months ago
Thanks Andrew!! Looking at your Seemless_Sphere comp, you used a Solid Composite effect on your Tile Horizontal FIX layers. When the effect is turned it off the result is the same. Just curious why the effect was used(since layer blending mode is set to screen) and what other instances you might use it for? Thanks.
8 months ago
thanks man! i always wondered how to do this!
8 months ago
Thanks man!!!...but I don't have CS6...I am still stuck in 5.5.....I am quite curious about how to make that Seamless Spherical Seem Fix. ......Andrew?.....Anyone?
Luciano Daluz
8 months ago
Andrew will, probably, will work in STAR WARS goodbye Videocopilt for a long time :(
8 months ago
heyyyy this is an cool thing....hey andrew plz do tutorial for amazing spiderman electro effect...with this we are waiting for that :)
8 months ago
Cool!! Thanks so much Andrew! This technique will work so well. I'd been wondering how to make seamless animated bump and displacement maps like this for cellular/biological 3D Studio Max scenes. Now I don't have to use the same old materials (noise, cellular, etc) and create a fresher look! THANK YOU!!!!!
Shafa’ Rizky F
8 months ago
maybe you forget about your own tutorial andrew
you already explain in glass orb tutorial if im not wrong
8 months ago
Amazing...finally the guy is teaching what he did in star trek titles....thanks Andrew
8 months ago
Wow amazing, thanks a lot Sir.
8 months ago
Very effective and beautiful. Thank you very much, sir!
8 months ago
Thank you for this awesome plasma energy sphere. Free energy for all!!
Thomas McDonald
8 months ago
Thanks! I will get a lot of use out of this!
8 months ago
Nice one. You guys are awesome! Thanks for your hard work and support.

Are you any closer to releasing the next version of 3D element.
    8 months ago
    They won't tell you, until they are absolutely sure of a release date. (they got so much flack from teasing the jet strike a bit to early back in october.)
    They are a few months behind schedule for sure though with E3D 2. I'm sure Andrew has plenty of tutorials to finish to support the new version.
8 months ago
Stoked on this little tip update, It really helps out.

Please keep these little tip blog postings coming.
They are quick, helpful and give me a reason to keep visiting videocopilot everyday.
8 months ago
This is great!! Any chance of a CS3+ one?
8 months ago
Didn't you do something like this for the glass marble video or something a few years ago?
8 months ago
Would it be possible to make a short tutorial for the people who are still stuck in CS5.5?
    8 months ago
    Hey dude, check out tutorial 100: Glass Orbs right here on this very site.. A very similar technique is covered in there mate :)
    8 months ago
    Thanks man!
8 months ago

you always have some solution for problems
as always you are the #1
Khalid Momani
8 months ago
Thank you Andrew Kramer for this share
8 months ago
Thanks for this new useful polar tip, it just solidifies your awesomeness!!!

TY.. :)
8 months ago
Thank you it was doing my head in that distortion,
8 months ago
Awesome stuff there! Such an easy fix :)
8 months ago
Cool, now I need to redo my eclipse render I made. Thanks as always.
Ashley Staggs
8 months ago
Thanks for sharing. I use this technique too.
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