NEW TUTORIAL: Dynamic Machine Gun

In this tutorial we will create a particle system for emitting specific particles based on a surface type. For example, when the emitter is on the ground we see dirt chunks and when it touches the water we see water splashes. This technique is easy to setup and can be used for motion graphics situations that require dynamic particles types that would be difficult to hand-animate.

The project files contains the expressions and some sample footage to start understanding the concept. For high-resolution footage elements, please check out Action Essentials 2 from our products page!

Example Video

Watch Tutorial

Side Note: If you use multiple elements from Action Essentials 2, you can create more random effects, like this.

5 years ago
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5 years ago
Appreciable blog !! The tutorial given here is really stunning.Nice job done.Keep on sharing.
5 years ago
please andrew upload the bullet tutorial for free
5 years ago
THANK YOU. i remember asking you to do a 'tut' on this last and my brother david, we used a garden hose with holes in it,, we wanted to make it look like a spitfire was chasing us and shooting up the ground.
so w, we hid the hosepipe and then quickly turned the water on and off.
it didnt work well.

and dad went nuts when he saw the hose pipe.. maybe this summer we can try again wtih this
thanks again
5 years ago
I want to thank you for all the time you put in your tutorials, you are the best! thanks to them I was able to increase my knowledge on after effects!
5 years ago
awesome Mr Andrew
5 years ago
very very goooooooooooooooooooooood
5 years ago
Well.I Love you, Andrew)))) Doom was the first videgame I played, but I rather expected to see BF3 or MWF 3 than the good old Doom))))))))))))))) This was funny point of the tutorial. Thank you for showing us unlimited possibilities of AE.In my opinion Adobe should pay you and help to support the site!!!)))))))))))))))) May IT BE so and until then were buying your great products!!!
Looking forward to buy VC Element 3D
5 years ago
Wow Mr. Kramer ! I think you guys should make a plugin with this effect ! You rule ! Greetings from Denmark
Martin Hancock
5 years ago
Hi Andrew,

Another excellent Tut. I see.

Listen. Could I please get those expressions in a
text file instead of in the project file as you originaly
suggested ?

I don't have that version of AE, but I can still use
the expressions.

If you would be so kind it would be greatly appreciated.

5 years ago
i realy love that tute kind
5 years ago it took me a little while to get bullet holes to appear on the wall and then the ground. I am glad you left that out, you know to make us think. Also, I took the displacement trick in the Epic Shatter to make ripples in the water hits.
5 years ago
may you do a tutorial for the mw3 audio waves?
5 years ago
YES YES!! I've been wanting something like this for soooo long!!! THANKS ANDREW!! AWESOME!!!
Mind less thinking
5 years ago
Wow. I am very happy to see this!! no... happy is not the word..... OVERjoyed is the word!! YES!! YES!!! VERY OVERjoyed!!!
Fabiano Peres
5 years ago
This might be the best tutorial you have ever made.
Really amazing what you can create with your creative mind.

Keep the good work.
Mike Koke
5 years ago
What a fantastic tutorial. This is the stuff that really puts this site ahead of everything. BTW, I like the Detroit joke, I don't think you missed on that one ;)

It's cool to see your progression as the years go by. O and thanks for reminding me how awesome Doom was.
5 years ago
Wow, this is a remarkably cool one! Never thought about
the split clip alternative in particular,cool expression setup and very interesting use of Trapcode P.with different layers and sprites. A lot to learn from and definitely even more to play around!Thank you very much! LK
Ehsan Farokhi
5 years ago
good worck
repeat my question for you:
what is the color sampling?
please answer dear friend!
5 years ago
hi Master Andrew :D
thx very very much :D
it is so cool :D
5 years ago
Eres un genio amigo...... gracias por los
Jodo Kast
5 years ago
What kind of BLACK MAGIC IS THIS?!
5 years ago
Great tutorial! Even more uses for Action Essentials!

5 years ago
hello) hello your tutor bomb Respect to you) more to the lessons from partikl) thanks)
5 years ago
Great work Andrew...hoping for more of these in the future.
5 years ago
I'm really going to try this one!
5 years ago
You always rock sir ...
nice bro
5 years ago
love it.

nice andrew - the only thing i need for my movie is what i learn form this. :) thanks mich

jyotirmay shuva
5 years ago
Nice man thanks.
5 years ago
2nd tut within 7 days? AK, You Rock!
5 years ago
I was all like, "Hey! I'm going to try out that new awesome shattering orb tutorial Andrew Kramer made!" Then I got to the page and was like, "WHAAAT?!? Another one!" I know what I'm going to be doing now...
5 years ago
Very cool.. I used your 108. tutorial to figure out what you did with that earlier machine gun sample like a year ago. So this is fantastic to see it used in such a tailored way and expanded on. Thanks so much!
Just Doing it Life
5 years ago
Hi Mr.Andrew....about Expressions? how can i identify the expressions? i mean make any expression my mind set to...i can't save them in my can u do that?
Rusty Shackleford
5 years ago
Two in a week? How did I get so lucky?! Andrew, you complete me.
5 years ago
Awsome, Will check it out after work. U really need to make the videos work on the iPhone :)

Keep up the good work!!

Regards Sweden :)
5 years ago
Amazing :D..................
Area 52 Productions
5 years ago
Really love the tuts, super helpful and fun!
5 years ago
creazy awesomeee....
5 years ago
Heay Great one!
THX Man!
5 years ago
thanks about your info . nice all of them
5 years ago
Wow! This one came out of nowhere! Thanks Andrew!
Chris Francis
5 years ago
wow Andrew throw us 2 big tutorials after a silence... this is too much...
5 years ago
Andrew, could have sworn I saw a commercial for some upcoming TV special that had effects suspiciously similar to your sneak previews of Element. Are you beta testing in the broadcast world?
5 years ago
wow, that was pretty nice:) after watching this i think i need to experiment a little bit more with expressions, cause they can be very powefull :)
5 years ago
One of my favorite tutorial!
5 years ago
Thanks Andrew! :)

This tutorial could be very helpful for my current project. ;)
5 years ago
Very nice tut, but i havn't AE2 :( and no other footage like this
@Ralf :Kann Andrew deutsch, wenn ja war mir das nicht bewusst wr aber cool
@english guys they dont understand german: do adrew speak german?

PS: excuse me that my english isn't so good
    5 years ago
    AE2 ??? like from 1995 ?
    5 years ago
    No Steven, Action Essentials 2, not After Effects 2 but I'm sure you know that ;-)
Haggai Nwokolo
5 years ago
WOW!!! Awesome Indeed... Keep the good works up sir Kramer...
5 years ago
Freakaliscious mate! I was actually able to follow this one (coming from a programming background). Never thought of adding "smarts" into After Effects. This opens up a whole to new can of possibilities! Tell me, is that brain of yours always in 'thinking' mode to come up with these ideas?

Thanks again for sharing despite your busy schedule, it's appreciated.

5 years ago
Ahh this looks SO awesome. Nice to see a couple of Tutorials coming out all together as well! :)

Thanks Andrew.
5 years ago
Today was my b-day and you gave me the best gift ever an amazing tutorial and the second in one week! something wired! Thanks videocopilot for all your tutorials. Check out my youtube channel with some nice vids!!
Meat Puppet
5 years ago
Sir...what require to be a talented vfx artist?
please tell me ....i wanna know how vfx artists that working on movies and in studios ? how they do anything they asked for in movies?
5 years ago
keep them comming :)
Hassan Al-Tarooti
5 years ago

I like your woke my REF..

5 years ago
:( i dont have CS5 and no Particular 2
so i cant use Sprite
any other options?
    5 years ago
    both are must-have ;)
Dead Flesh
5 years ago
what i like about you have sense of creativity ....!!! really amazing....!!!
5 years ago
Muchas muchas muchas gracias!
5 years ago
Wow Sir, now you are back on "Track" :o)

Thank you for great stuff!
5 years ago
Awesome stuff, Andrew! Wasn't expecting this.
5 years ago
That's AWSOME!
5 years ago
Wow! You're on a roll Andrew! Thank you for the tutorial.
Got money saved for Element wanna be the first to buy it!
5 years ago
Awesome! Thank you very much!
5 years ago
hey, nice effect. i will try it, you are great andrew - thank you!
5 years ago
great tutorial sir... awesome as usual :)
5 years ago
Hallo Andrew, wieder ein tolles Lehrstck von Dir. Sehr gut. Wann kommt denn ELEMENTS? Gru aus Deutschland!
5 years ago
Thanks man
youre awesome My hero!
5 years ago
I cant wait to get home from work to do this tut!
    Zvi Twersky
    5 years ago
    Finally, someone who DOES the tut and doesn't just watch it!
5 years ago
You also promised tuts about how you did the motion graphics with the AE2 in the product.. And please tell me that you didn't finish posting the demon cam tuts. And is there an estimated time for when you'll publish Element 3D?
5 years ago
Opps, meant to say:

Looks awesome! Cant wait to WATCH the tut.
5 years ago
Looks awesome! Can't wait to the tut.
    5 years ago
    Your name is from The League and I loveit
5 years ago
Thank you Andrew!!!
5 years ago
omg blog is exploding xD
5 years ago
This looks sweet! I just may have to breakdown and finally get action essentials.
5 years ago
2 in one week! thanks man!
    5 years ago
    and 2 awesome, i love the design of this one... remember me cod e bf3... thanks andrew!!!