NEW TUTORIAL: Trim Compose Script

Today we have a new After Effects script to help you work with shots on a large VFX project like a Commercial or a music video that has many edits. One of the nice things about doing VFX inside of AE is seeing your shots in sequence to make sure they flow together, but it can get tricky if you start adding hundreds of layers into a single composition as we all know.

A more organized solution is to Pre-Compose each shot into individual compositions and do the work inside. The Trim Compose Script helps make that job fast and easy but wait there’s more. The script automatically takes selected layers and then pre-composes each one into time accurate pre-comps, based on the length of each edit.


  • Create edit accurate pre-comps based on final cut
  • Keeps projects organized and VFX inside individual comps
  • Create proxies for specific range based on the edit
  • Batch process shots to work with multiple artists
  • Adds frame handles automatically

This probably doesn’t make any sense, check out the video for a full demonstration.

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6 years ago
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3 years ago
thank you for your tutorial.
but i can not find the trim_compose.jsx
help me plz
5 years ago
Great one and a big time saver, thanx alot!

I got an question regarding this workflow. Say I cut my video in premiere and do the post in AE like you shown in this tut. As far as the cut doesn't change your fine and render the final movie out of AE.

But what happens if you have to change some things in the cut after you did the post? I find no solution, cause the dynamic link only works in one direction:-/

The only thing you could do is copy the new cut out of premiere to AE and copy/paste the adjustments from the post before, which is annoying.

Does anyone has a good solution for that?
6 years ago
I consider myself found a treasure by finding this website.
The tutorials here are really amazing and so profesional.
Keep up the good work Andrew, greetings from Egypt.
Hi can anyone help me? I cant get audio again in AE even when I RAM preview. Also how do I get the best out of 111gb hard disk & 2gb RAM, I keep getting error msgs now:
'not enough memory to create image buffer' etc. Andrew pls help!
6 years ago
hey andrew,
dont think this tutorial was very good, I was rather disappointed most of your other tutorials are good.
6 years ago
hay, this totally got me through my project !!

with this script i was able to do the Afghanistan scene really quickly !!
Van Krix
6 years ago
whos that girl? so beautiful
Wes James
6 years ago
Best workflow scrip ever. This makes me what to use Premiere Pro more than before.
6 years ago
Thank you again.
I'm sorry I cannot be more creative with my words, but if you could read Spanish things would be easier for me.
6 years ago
Awesome tutorial!! Thanks A. Kramer :)))
6 years ago
Hahahha she looks like Rebecca Black! :P (No Offence)
6 years ago
Esta chida tu tuotrial

es grandioso
6 years ago
i would like to invite all of you to my channel :)
Jhon M.
6 years ago
relly all there is in this page is amazing, Iam university and would like to knw the career that made ​​Andrew Kramer. please
anybody knw?
I want follow in his footsteps !!!
6 years ago
AWESOME tutorial AK ^^ Thx Man ur the BESt as Alawys
here's my work for some insperation :

Best Regards.... and srry 4 my Engish :p
6 years ago
Can you maybe do a freezing text effect like the disintegration but in reverse? Kinda like this one at 0:04:
6 years ago
Oh andrew you give us another golden egg. I am just downloading it and later I will watch it
6 years ago
Hey what's up andrew! hey I have a question, what kind of green color is the correct to use for the green screen and what kind of material is the best?
6 years ago
Great tutorial and script! Thank you. I use FCP almost exclusively and don't have a ton of experience with premiere and dynamic link but will pull my FCP timeline into Premiere just to get it into AE w/o using Automatic Duck. However, it would be nice to be able to go back and forth seamlessly. I was always wondering what the best approach was for organizing everything with a longer video. I guess I was doing it right but definitely learned some new tips. Anyways, thanks agin.
6 years ago
Hi andrew, I send you Music on your Facebook page did you hear it ? and if you like it let know please.
6 years ago
Mr kramer thanks a lot for all your tutorials.They are great.Can you PLEASE UPLOAD A FEW TUTORIALS ON USING THE TRAPCODE PLUGINS mainly FORM and PARTICULAR..I know you have given a few but a few more would always be immensely helpful!!Thanks...
6 years ago
This seems like a strange workflow. Dynamic link is built-in and does exactly this without the hassle. Just finished a color timing job using pr+ae no problem.
6 years ago
Thanks a lot for all wonderful tutorial!
6 years ago
Yea, this is awesome. One of those to who did this manually for an extremely complex scene. I wonder though, is there a reason you did NOT use Dynamic linking? I have not tried using the script with it but just curious to know. Best!
6 years ago
Thanks alot for this useful tutorial! Always a time saver to learn new techniques and workflows.
6 years ago
I can watch it on the iPad now.
6 years ago
awesome..........!!!!!! come and drop by on my channel .. :)
6 years ago
very smart and helpfull script, Thanks VCP. No offense, but this script existed a long time ago. Checkout . they have a lot of great other scripts
6 years ago
it's HELP me a lot,
Thanks Andrew.
6 years ago
This is very interesting I was just doing a project a little while back and was wondering how I could kind of clean it up a bit and this kind of simple tutorial reminds someone how to bring it back around for cleaner comps.

6 years ago
He! Kramer, grettings from Cuba!!, my english is not good, i want to tell you that i am a great fan you, even i dont have internet at home, in work i open you page everyday, hoping the new tutorial, although im posting this comment for request some tutorial for the future, like this:

i whish to have the posibility to buy all you stuff, but unfortunately i don't..well this is all for now..sorry the bad writing, as i tell you my english suck!! & i get off of the topic.
6 years ago
for me this is not a tutorial..
but thx 4 this its usefull :-)
6 years ago
Finally a new tutorial...
My wife yesterday told me: Hey what's up, Andrew Kramer here for a video Copilot....etc i had a long time to hear these words :) :). Thank you Andrew you are the best. Keep us updated
Ben Kramer
6 years ago
Wow im very impressed Andrew, so much information in just 15 minutes. Keep up the good work and keep posting great vids like this one!
Saeid KamKar
6 years ago
it's very nice
6 years ago
Oh man! You have no idea how much work you just saved me :D. Thank you, the script is brilliant!
6 years ago
you are best... i never miss checking your site
6 years ago
I wish VC is as active as it used to be... :(
6 years ago
I really wish you'd invented this a month ago! I have a complex scene from a film I'm making, and this would have saved me a lot of time in keeping nice and organised!

However, this is a great tool for just the everyday stuff. Even for just one shot. A couple of clicks instead of resizing and replacing. Great script, thanks a lot for keeping a lot of these great tools free and creating them from and actual need you've come across rather than to just create something.

This and the copy/paste frame are HUGE time savers.
6 years ago
pre comp leave attributes does this but only one comp at a time. handy to have multiple layers simultaneously doing this
6 years ago
that was usefull
6 years ago
Wow! new Tutorial, Very useful.
Thanks Andrew!
6 years ago
thanks man, very useful....
say...whats the name of the software you use for the tutorials ??

wish you all the best...
6 years ago
Hey Andrew. I was wondering what camera do you use for your movie. Love your tutorial. Thanks. Nice work
6 years ago
ya man that what i wanted.....for music videos.thanks andrew
6 years ago
Many Thanks From Nigeria
6 years ago
Early Birds. Thanks for this. :) Hope there is more tutorials in the future..
6 years ago
Hi Andrew ,
your all tutorials are great,plz work some matt painting
projects. and some boujou traking.
thank u.

Malik from Pak,
6 years ago
Thanks a lot, as always awesome techniques. Video Copilot best site ever.
6 years ago
WOW thank you! Just need it now!
6 years ago
Thank you Andrew for another helpful tutorial. We can learn lots of cool stuff from VIDEO COPILOT. I am here almost every day. Please keep up great work. Thanks again.
6 years ago
Chek out my short video. There is a lot of vanishing point stuff and optical flares
6 years ago

I'm a Canadian producer and am starting to do all of my editing in After Effects. I CANNOT EXPLAIN HOW AWESOME THIS IS. Premiere is a disaster, but this solves more or less everything.

Can't thank you enough. Bought a bunch of random videocopilot stuff to put an emphasis on it.
Awesome, Working on a job now with over 200 layers, one comp. this is going to help a lot!
6 years ago
Thanks VC for this advanced & ammazing Tutorial .. :)
6 years ago
This is absolutely great. I was cutting an action shot manually to FX it. It may have been light sabers, maybe not... yes it was. And it was terrible. Ironically I would have been done faster had I just waited till this came out. :S
6 years ago
Gonna give it a try in production. Thanks dude!
6 years ago
U R so.....oooooooooo amezing.....Andrew....
I really Like UR Intro Style "Hey Wat's up...this is andrew kramer here for video co-pilot..." heheeheheheheheheh
nice man keep on going on.....
ah shang
6 years ago
you tutorial make my day so high ~~~wow~~~~~
6 years ago
oooooooooo andrew. WHY !!!!!!!! must you put a hot girl in you tutorial its distracting me from learning!!!! :)
6 years ago
wow, wish I had this a month ago... spent half a day doing exactly what this script does! There will always be a "next-time"...

6 years ago
I can't watch the tut yet Andrew, but I'm pretty sure you just made my day!

Aykut Bozkurt
6 years ago
Sometimes you have to give her candy...
Organizing things is always great,tnx Andrew,one of the best host ever.Keep it going ;)
6 years ago
Very very useful,

thx a lot!!!
6 years ago
Awesome, this will help alot!
6 years ago
Jeez, come away from the blog for 2 days and return to this? I should do this more often! :D
6 years ago
This will literally save me hours of time! Thanks!!! :)
6 years ago
Yahooo one more tute for us THAKs GOD lol
Adam F
6 years ago
For all FCP users you can use the free script here to use just like the copy and paste feature in Premiere. All you have to do is save your XML file and then open that XML final using the script.

It\'s great

No need for automatic duck
6 years ago
Can't tell you how badly I could have used this a month ago. Really useful way to stay organized. Great work!
6 years ago
∞ Thanks for all tutorial, you are the best!
6 years ago
yep, the link still ends in "database error" ;)
6 years ago
Are there any reasons why you didn't use the actual Dynamic Link function via right click replace with afx composition?
    6 years ago
    That's exactly what I though when I first saw the tutorial! I think you can do exactly the same thing Dynamic Link function in the Premier Pro.
    6 years ago
    I was also thinking why not...
    6 years ago
    i tried the dynamic method well too much. but it always slowed down my computer. so i tried one day to go the same way as andrew, only difference i import my prproj file direct in aex. i got all my clips in one composition and not one composition per clip. and work at full performance.
6 years ago
Hey Andrew Im getting this error:
An Error Was Encountered
I cant see the tutorial :o(
6 years ago
That would save me countless hours of work in the past :P
Hopefully it will in the future!

Thanks A. this script is simply amazing!
6 years ago
This is amazing and couldn't come at a better time! I just wrapped production on a music video with heavy amounts of green screen. Perfect!
6 years ago
thanks andrew, you have saved me an incredible amount of time,

the samson
6 years ago
Awesome :)

Glad VC is doing some cool stuff again... Was worried the interweb was becoming a boring place....
6 years ago
Wow, thanks Andrew! This is incredibly useful! I was doing this by hand for YEARS! The ability to add handles is the icing the on the cake! A real script that I can actually use in production every day! Thanks!!
6 years ago
YES. YESSSSSSSS!!! EXACTLY what i was waiting for :D Andrew you are a million dollar man as always!
6 years ago
Its so freaking awesome the variety of tutorials that you make. Now all we need is too see some of that medieval stuff. I'm sure this has never been said here before, but da man.
6 years ago
Looks very interesting!
6 years ago
Beautiful... The tutorial was nice too.
6 years ago
awesome! i've done a couple music videos and got more coming so this should come handy
6 years ago
Andrew is the best tutor in the industry for sure
6 years ago
Frikkin sweet! I always got headaches from precomposing footage which ended up being the total timeline length of the final render comp... maybe those days are over! Watching now :)
6 years ago
ohhhhhhhhhhhh thank's I watch this Now and i really like it ;)

hey andrew check one of my vidéos
i Hope you Like it <3
sunil thapa
6 years ago
too nice mr. andrew , it's awesome to watch ur tuts and to heard ur voice
6 years ago
Its Just Awesome, Watching Thanks for Another Great Tutorial :)
6 years ago
These are the type of tutorials I was hoping you'd make. Love the Chroma Key stuff, making it look real!
Jon UK
6 years ago
I love all that you create - wish i had a fraction of your talent
6 years ago
Awesome! Watching it now! :)