NEW TUTORIAL: Depth Charge!

In this exciting new tutorial we will explore the underwater abyss from concept to completion! The idea for this tutorial was to take a project and figure out solutions as if we were working from scratch.

I know nobody will EVER work on a submarine movie, it’s not possible but if you learn to solve problems and combine the techniques you have learned, you can do anything. You can even be an astronaut!

We’ll cover many tips such as:

  • Composite multiple explosions to create a underwater charge
  • Build volumetric lighting AND shadows in AE!
  • Basic concept of a 3D animation pipeline for After Effects
  • Combine multiple render passes in AE
  • Add glows and camera shake
  • Tips for adding realistic bubbles and debris

To take this tutorial a step further you can use the Foam plug-in to create great looking bubbles and with a little work you could even add some damage to the submarine too. Another idea is to add a stream of bubbles coming from the propellers and maybe even out of the ship after it gets cracked open… lot’s of fun to have!

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