‘Payment Plan’ Short Online Now

Turn up your speakers and get ready for the ‘Payment Plan’. Sam Loya is back again with an epic performance in super wide-screen.

Some people try to qualify their work by saying things like, “we only had $500 to make this” or “The cops came and we only had half the time to shoot”.

Well this film had a budget of 80 MILLION dollars and 6 years of filming. It was shot in 3D and we converted it to 2D so it could be watched on a normal monitor.

The goal however, was to make it look like it was shot in one evening…

Watch Short Film Now

7 years ago
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5 years ago
Lol, lame story, but it was hilarious, and the effect was epic.

Keep 'em comming
John Capomolla
5 years ago
Realx People, what Andrew has done,was to demonstrate a type of effect (glass shatter,Matrix style) He wasn't creating a blockbuster movie!!.....All you wanna be's, get off your fat lazy arses and come up with something that is of the same standard as his......Andrew's tutorials have been awesome, and im sure there will be one for this very soon. So dont leave any stupid comments about the acting or the lines or the text....see it for what it is!!
Keep up the awesome work Andrew, Althought,i know youre laughing at the ignorant comments....well done mate!
5 years ago

5 years ago
My brother suggested I may like this web site. He used to be entirely right. This submit actually made my day. You can not consider just how much time I had spent for this information! Thank you!
6 years ago
OMG, Chase is just like CitiBank! This happened to me, but the bank wasn't so nice.
Nice work. Very entertaining. Thanks VideoCopilot!
6 years ago
Hi Andrew,

I've been following your work for over 2 years now and these new blog shows that you started making are simply AWESOME! I seriously didn't see that coming.

Keep up the good work and congrats on getting married btw.
6 years ago
As much as we all love Sam, he looks a little out of his element and a bit uncomfortable in that role, but John was pretty believable as an enforcer. How difficult would it be to create the window breaking straight at the camera then freezing like that as if in real-time?
kathleen sevilla
6 years ago
andrew, your tutorials are great. they helped me alot in school. im married, but i have a huge crush on you haha :)
6 years ago
That was so awesome! LOL.
6 years ago
If only you had time enough to make a whole featured cinema movie...

You dont have to spend much money, because you can do special effects yourself...

Can you please make a movie?
Even if it lasts 10 minutes or something...
6 years ago
Looked great and pretty funny for only 35 seconds of actual film. :)

What camera and what not did you use? I am looking to get something in the next year and your film has a great look to it. Loved the glass effect...would rather seen it happening instead of just the freeze frame...but it was still cool nonetheless.
6 years ago
"I can see your face right here......." BAM!!!!
oh sammy you poor thing......!!!
lol.... =D
7 years ago
i can see your light ;D
7 years ago
Haha I just saw John Jenkinson in a DURALAST commercial!

This video is awesome and I'm stoked for a tutorial.
7 years ago
small boo boo in t movie...
the expression of t gunmen is different in still matrix scene & the scene b4 it....
btw Luvd t bkgrd score...
7 years ago
where is the guy from 1:11 at 1:04???
7 years ago
I loved the time freeze and the humor!
7 years ago
Nicely done and very funny lol
7 years ago
poor Sam...... ;(
Aung Ko Ko
7 years ago
Hello! Andrew.. Everyday I check ur site for this Tutorial.
7 years ago
hey "AK" I want some clarification... Actually I had seen some pics in this site that hero is running wid some gal holding a bag.. I think u got whoz hero here :) ...what about that shots???? Are you still working on dat????
Dario Muzykmakyne
7 years ago






7 years ago

When shall we be blessed with the tutorial for this? We are all in desperation for this as I am sure you are aware. :)

Keep up the amazing work.

7 years ago
Hey man tha was just greaaat!! i was just trying to figure out how to make these time freez scenes. but i only have the theory, now i know you have the practice, and i know you will teach me!! you are the best!!!

From Venezuela

Misael Marcano
7 years ago
till now i had made 72 tut from this site.Now i want that tut “‘Payment Plan’ pls
My name is khan
7 years ago
coooooooooooooool amazing i lilke it.
But i want this tutorial AK please i'm waiting 4 it please,please
7 years ago
Keep up the good work My Kramer - VC is amazing!
7 years ago
Very cool. And I agree that John Jenkinson (Back seat guy) was awesome. Great timing and acting all-around. Hope he shows up more often...

Again, great job.
Tyler Walters
7 years ago
I had a feeling it was going to be something like this after he posted that time freeze thing.
7 years ago
ooo IT looks nice,and like it beause its different and funny not like the same & the music is godd, i remenber the METAL GEAR SOLID SONG was cool, goood job sam loya i hope you have a double.. :)
7 years ago
The people that thought this was "not that great" are the same people that loved Transformers 2. I, for one, actually have good taste and Payment Plan was well done and FUNNY.
King David
7 years ago
I definitely liked the look and effects but the acting was just horrendous, oh and the sound minus the music was really thin. I guess you really can't have it all when there is no budget involved.
7 years ago
I'm ok to buy the lexus for $50 if it can help him ;-)
7 years ago
It looks green just as if it was shot under flourescent
lights! Amazing! Wait...

Needs a hollow "BONG" sound effect whenever gun hits head.

Other than that it's my favorite film of 2010.
7 years ago
that person is so strong lolz
7 years ago
The faces of the actors in the final shot look like 2 dimensional pictures that used camera projection to establish the 3d effect. Kind of overkill since you could've just had them freeze xD But the glass was pretty cool :)
7 years ago
Video copilot's been to hollywood and back. Have you ever heard of Star Trek '09?
7 years ago
Do I hear "oscar nomination?" Hmmmmm??
7 years ago
Not being funny but it seemed like a lot of work and setting up for a mere 2 mins of film. I mean you have done some work for jj abrams have done tons of great tutorials but i am yet to see any productive film making. I mean even a 20 minute short film using some of the stuff u use in tuts would be interesting. It just seems like soo much equipment and talent that isn't really shown. I may be wrong and you are the special fx artist for star wars etc... but i really want to see an independant film made by yourself.
7 years ago
Maan this is crazy BUT there is something missing which is Sam heats the window of the car and you stopped the shot until here everything is perfect but only thing Sams' head isn't bleeding or cut by glass?!
Anyway again everything is perfect and we will be looking forward tuts of this 3d stuff right?!
From Mongolia
Your team is the best but you more than them lol
7 years ago
I cant wait to see more funny as hell
7 years ago
YO! nice short, You need to make new color presets and sounds FX DVD, Hint: maybe the color can work in Premiere.....:)
7 years ago
I like to footage in itself, but this short was a pretty big disappointment for me.
The thing that bothered me most was the predictability of the effect. True, getting the camera to revolve around the actors is tricky, but I'm guessing you could have done better.
The faces just don't look good. Not sold.
Don't take this as a total hatespambashing, I like VC stuff and I've been frequenting the site for half a year, but this one just isn't where it's at in my opinion :)
Oh, now that I remember to mention it, there was somebody way up who commented something like "Porr glass, wasn't even tempered" which is aactually true! :D Never mind, small detail.
(Obviously you don't need tempered glass on a Lexus, since they don't crash.)

Anyway, keep working at the plugins, Optical Flares is becoming a bit like Particular in terms of what you buy with After Effects.
Good job, man!
7 years ago
7 years ago
Wow, John Jenkinson was on fear factor.
7 years ago
7 years ago
Frankly I can not write an appropriate comment
Say you are crazy and I want to be just like you Mr.Andrew Kramer
Im sorry to say (crazy)

Waiting for the Tutorial >>>>>
7 years ago
Wicked!! Damn it! I wish im good as you Sir Andrew.. =)
7 years ago
Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! Good on you guys!
7 years ago
If it wasn't for my dedication to video copilot, i would have stopped watching after the first 15 seconds of text. I did laugh tho.

Honestly, I was expecting something a bit more serious. It's okay to make "dumb" videos because we all can't be Kubrick 100% of the time.

I really want to see you do a serious piece without the "in your face" special effects. The thing that upsets me the most is that fact that everyone (except for a few) is going to want to recreate the SAME EFFECT without shedding an ounce of originality. They will mimic the SAME color temperature, shot scale, camera move, etc... instead of taking the technique and applying it differently to their own scenario.

I apologize for being critical. I've seen sooooooooo many visual FX / cinematography reels that have "Andrew Kramer" tutorial shots flooded throughout. You have been an inspiration to the no budget filmmaking community. I applaud you. However, you have also prevented a lot of filmmakers from being creative on their own.


The glass looked great btw.

*im sure that a few people in the VC community will be a bit upset with me about my criticism. Be unique. http://vimeo.com/7211153
7 years ago
Now I know what all the VideoCopilot.net income is spent on. BUY AMERICAN!!!
7 years ago
Hah, nice comedy :q

I liked it a lot, it made me laugh. Also I liked this glass effect. Awesome!
7 years ago
Glass breaking ! Literally!
7 years ago
That was great ! It's fun because i've made some similar shot with a canon 7D. and you can see on the pole or on the floor those damn flashing light, Tried to film at different speed and aperture. now way, always strobe. And i saw you have the same problem.
Jack Backet
7 years ago
Just so you don't make the mistake on the tutorial. Your window glass should be tempered.
7 years ago
its nice to make our own movie huh?? free from comments...free from opinions of others..free from OTHER PEOPLE TASTE...like the comment upper...FREE FROM IT...
tony van cotthem
7 years ago
Uge! I'm wainting for the tutorial, but i will specialy like to learn about the coloring of this scene. Will you make that kind of tuto? or more about the splendid "time remap with glasses"? :D I like the scenario and his realisation.

- thanks to answers, a realisator fan from belgium - and yeah belgium is behind you too :D
7 years ago
the good things :
pretty cool mood and actual subject.
nice track invisible
good players pretty good sound.

the not so good to me things :
not fan of the wiggle : use a steadycam, wiggle in post.
not like the greenish colors. more natural should be better.
The bad is bad, but not so stupid and i like bad stupid guys.
Effect far more realistic to me if the bullet time was used with a stop motion blur on his head. the very precise image looks like a pause more than a freeze in time.
How to have a motion blur applied to his head during 3D moves ? nice tut ...
Not fan of the parking why not making it wet like in those funny movies with bad boyz...
Use a GM car, be patriot !

The best movie i've seen from U, hope this is just the beginning, huh well... it has ajready just begun.
cheers and chips,
Aooo !
Justin H
7 years ago
Popcorn was overpriced.. but movie was thrilling. I think I might have wet myself.
7 years ago
Where is the blood?

Nice work, Mr. Kramer
7 years ago
This was just the most ridiculous plot I've ever seen, and it freaking rocked! The comedy was great and the effect was epic. The lighting was a tad off in the start though with some too dark shots but all-in-all I had a pretty good laugh of this =D
Pavel Peterka
7 years ago
Well ive been expecting something like that, after your posts with links at time-freeze:) I know how to do this, however i always like your way and the little details that make you so special. Nice one, i was laughing like hell when sam gets punished :) And for the junkies messing with the beggining - thats a introduction baby
Joshua JT
7 years ago
Hey! I just saw the guy with the gun in a "Progressive Auto Insurance" commercial lol
7 years ago
Nice. Can't wait for the Director's cut.
7 years ago
What an awesome way to break a car's window! :D

When I saw "Directed by Andrew Kramer" just felt excited because that's what you should do Andrew, movies, I bet you'd do the best movies in history. I just wanna see "Directed by Andrew Kramer" on the big screen some day. Would be amazing. Waiting fr the tutorial, will be so epic!
Forever your fan Andrew, you're the king!
Eric Dietrich
7 years ago
You and your crew are gifted! Truly gifted! Don't know where you find the time to do all this....but it Kick's! Always a fan!
7 years ago
30$ fee? Ok, I can afford that. What's Sam account? Or maybe I should give it to you, Andrew?
7 years ago
Amazing.. the tutorial must soon be done !!!

Next time, the producers shall allow small fee to get the NAIL extension/replacement for the main actor, for the close up shots on the ignition button.
7 years ago
hoooo MY GODDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD , it's amazing
Congratulation VCP
7 years ago
I knew it!.... Camera mapping and time freezing effect is living inside you and you are craving to do something like this. Congrats for such an amazing execution.


Sam Mundon
7 years ago
Hi Andrew, love the new short film and can't wait for the tutorial. I was wondering what font is used for the title payment plan. Could you email me the name please. Thanks.
7 years ago
This short pretty much describes what it would feel like if a bill collector was to physically come after you. lol. Good one.
7 years ago
that was genius!!
7 years ago
I'M surprised! i thought it's going to be some real thiller like movie... but it's better if its funny!
Great Job! And what's the effect you spoke about?
7 years ago
Wow, i couldn't believe what i have seen

wonderful work and thanx a lot andrew
7 years ago
muito bom parabens..espetacular o tratamento de cor e o efeito
7 years ago
"80 MILLION dollars and 6 years of filming". Oh my god!
Please add some budget and make the 2nd story.
Awesome! Very cool glass effect.
Alex Wedlake
7 years ago
Im hoping this can be done entirely inside of AE. I very much doubt it though. It would be good to have some Blender 3D tutorials rather than MAX.
7 years ago
Wow that's what I call video editing. That looks amazing :O
I hope you guys didn't hurt him too much :P
7 years ago
awesome stuff. nice grading and fx.
with what camera did you shoot the vid?

Marçal Solé
7 years ago
I love the fade in at the end to the vfx shot. And great sound mix! Too good and too short! If I give you another 80 million would you please make the sequel?
7 years ago
OMG Andrew! That was just too funny - I laughed so much I actually fell of my chair! :-) Your sense of humour is fabulous! LOL! Thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to brighten my day! I really appreciate all the effort you make and how much you give of yourself, your time and your immense talent.

Sam you are too cool! And the new guy - he was brilliant!

Thanks guys!

Luv Ish
7 years ago
the noise is horrible , please Andrew make a tutorial on how to remove noise from shots in low light specially DSLR cameras , thought the film was breath taking, amazing work guru , or why don't you make a plug-in....that would be awesome
7 years ago
That was freaking awesome!
Edris Mohammadi
7 years ago
Can’t Wait for the Tutorial and Behind the Scenes !
I love You !

I am Edris Mohammadi from Iran, Sanandaj.
7 years ago
i need the tutorial right now...this is making me sick
how did you do that, from that moment i saw sam hit the car window, i knew what would i saw, i knew it, i knew it.
really fantastic Andrew,

MIND Blowinggg!!

make the tutorial now...^^D
7 years ago
I've found this video this morning, full glass break inside :
7 years ago
Maybe one day "The Loya" will rise up and beat the living hell out of Kramer, for always getting tortured in any possible way :-)

Awesome movie !!!!
7 years ago
cheered up my start to the day.

the dialogue is incredible.. so funny
7 years ago
The short was OK, but not sold on the glass break...just a rolled down window with a head through it and a vfx over it. Breaking a car window shatters and spiders and all that stuff. The slowmo pieces I felt were too big even if Sam has a big head.
7 years ago
loooooooooooooooooool.. that killed me!

too funny.
from start to finish

"i'll ask the questions"

so funny.. perfect bad acting.

stating the obvious but love the fact that a special effect can be a punchline..
such an over the top effect for such a ridiculous premise
7 years ago
Great Job Andrew
Love your tutorials
What was it like working with the red one?
Did you buy it or rent it?
7 years ago
good job~!!!!
7 years ago
COOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7 years ago
I'm gonna be honest, it wasn't as exciting as it was put out to be. Kind of expected a bit more. Nevertheless, the glass shatter effect at the end looked pretty cool.
Brenton Tuohey
7 years ago
Ha ha you guys have too much time on your hands... MAD
Jim P Meister
7 years ago
All the lights and mood, but NO OPTICAL FLARES ??? You made the damn thing, use it! Oh, sorry- Probably waiting for the 64 bit version. My bad.
7 years ago
First of all, good job guys.

May I offer some constructive criticism? Okay, here goes:

- Try to tell your story visually and with dialogue, as opposed to a bunch of title cards.
- The effect at the end, while cool, has been overused and looks very CG. I know it is, but the point should be to make it realistic in the world of your film.

I'm sure you designed this short to demonstrate what you can do with After Effects (and not because you're trying to break into Hollywood), so don't take what I'm saying the wrong way. You succeeded on that level. You have a good visual eye. Also, good performances, especially by the guy in the back seat.

The main thing I want to say to all of you soon-to-be-filmmakers: effects should be there to service the story. Not just because you can. *Lecture Over*

Keep up the good work, Mr. Kramer!
7 years ago
canon 7D, wow

i can't decide 7D or 5D, i'm not rich but i wanna a canon so much. 7D can make nice slow motion because shots in 60fps i'm right? i'm not sure this tutorial is about slow motion or 2d/3d projection.

7 years ago
Awesome! Love it! Great work!
Ari Lieb ben Avraham
7 years ago
That was sooooo COOL!!!!!!!!!!! CAN'T WAIT FOR THE TUTORIAL!!!!!!!!!!!! And behind the scenes entertainment :D
7 years ago
Boy I can wait to see it all. That short was amazing man. I'm working on your tutorials to have that quality in my proyects.
7 years ago
poor sam ! but i dont know why... ilove it ;)
7 years ago

I hope he'll be able to pay them…

The short was really funny. Nice effects and colour correction.

Fun stuff!
7 years ago
I wonder if the glass effect was done with only AE...that would be great to pull off such a thing wih no 3D know-how.
that said, I think the short left much to be desired.
7 years ago
lol he couldn't afford $30?

Diggin the glass shatter, though. Didn't look too hard to pull off (something like the matrix bullet time for the camera motion matchmoved with either the shatter effect or a 3D shatter that was normal mapped, right?), but still looked beast.

I'm guessing the tutorial will be for the shatter and not the color correction, right?
7 years ago
you could extend the joke by increasing the rate of interested due the economic crisis to 1000.000%
7 years ago
Ok Sam , its not the door , its not a start engine explosion ...already died for it r'member ...
Oooooooook u get it , glass and slowmovZ !
Ak needs a list of how sam didn't die !

WubWub RedOne! :D
Keep up the good work VCrewZ!
7 years ago
For all that I know, I would bet there is a childishly simple way to do this without 3d programs and complicated matchmoving... Andrew, you're my hero.
Ed from DC
7 years ago
Wow, really turned up the coolness on your videos, they are only going to get better from here on. great work video copilot team!!!
7 years ago
Some people are so unappreciative! Since when did this become VIDEOFILMCRITIC.NET?

Good job guys! I thought it was hilarious!
7 years ago
"But I can see your face right here" *gunslap*
Omg, that part was hilarious xD
And the intro commentary... Priceless xD
7 years ago
NIce Andrew
الله ينور بجد شغل رائع جدا جدا
انا عارف إنك مش حتفهم كلامي لانه عربي بس ترجمه مش حتخسر حاجه
7 years ago
I've had the actor in the back seat come in and audition for one of my films before. He goes by the name Johnny 3 Nutz (not kidding you), google him and you will find other stuff. The guy was definitely "out there" if you know what I mean...
7 years ago
a bit dissapointing. it could have been longer, like 5 or 6 minutes, showing what happens next. but great effects
Omar Romero
7 years ago

"blablabla, punch!, blablablabla, PUNCH!, blablabla RE-PUNCH!!!!"

hahahaha the glass effect rules!!!!
Davide Nuzzi
7 years ago
I've tried to create the effect without the tutorial and this is the result :
But I can't wait to see your tutorial, you are awesome, the king of VFX :D
7 years ago
Like it, I Can't wait for the tutorial...
This scattering glass might be a Trapcode Form/Particular effect?

Thanks for the great tutorials mr Kramer as always!:D
7 years ago

I'm feeling this is going to be very popular; you'll definitely earn back that 80 million dollars, and those 6 years were really worth it.

Well, it really looked like it was shot in one night; mission accomplished.
7 years ago
WOO Woooooo its AMAZING AC!
7 years ago
I can't wait to see this tutorial about how to make it look like you are hitting someone in the head with a pistol.
7 years ago
Andrew could you explain wich seting you use on the 7D and how you did the color correction.
7 years ago
kool...cant wait to see the tutorial on the flying glasses...
Carrie Copa
7 years ago
Nothing good ever happens in an underground parking lot.
7 years ago
I am not sure why people are downing the short film. The hottest thing going right now is camera projection technigues. There are very few tutorials out that how to do it. The short film was a promo for the tutorial that is all. I am sure it was shot in one day. It was not intended to be summitted to Cannes. Having said that if you work for Weta or ILM or you just finished the intro scene to Sherlock Holmes (Great camera projection shot) then maybe you can offer some crticism. Otherwise, the tutorial is FREE and it looks pretty stinkin' cool. Take the training make it better show us a link.

what blows me away is we are filming a promo piece for conference that has a shot with a guy jumping from a 2nd story window and this tutorial is coming along right as we go into post. Amazing!

I dare anyone to point me to a site that is better than this one for AE training. PXPHD.com comes to mind but it costs money. Andrew keep it up the great work. The short film rocks! Can't wait for the tutorial.
7 years ago
Awesome! You are the master, Andrew! Teach me!!
Stephen Cordes
7 years ago
It was OK, nice to see Sam getting hit!! Shame the text lasted 40 seconds in.
7 years ago
Ha! That was hilarious in so many ways!
7 years ago
Dear Dime,

If you care to read my post again you'll see that i'm not saying anyone else made a tutorial about this effect. I'm simply comparing them and telling you what i know about the onesize demo and how i THINK this video is made.

I never said anything bad about this video or even the upcoming tutorial. On the contrary. If you read my last sentence you would've also noticed that i think what Andrew is about to show us will be very exciting and helpful. So again to put it in simple words, NO, i do not need a 20 hour tutorial, this will be more than enough.

Next time, please think before you post such meaningless rants.
7 years ago
Damn, what a cool short!!!! i can´t await for a tut which shows the shattered glass effect.
Keep going bro, there´s no better site on the web.
Levar Cooper
7 years ago
LOL!!! I will NEVER overdraw my account again!
7 years ago
Awesome effect!

Do I sense an image projection tutorial coming up?
7 years ago
Any excuse to beat up Sam, AWESOME!!!!! Props to all you guys, good work!!!
7 years ago
WOW ANDREW WOOOW IT WAS hoh it WA OH i KNOW It was like ... like IT WAS.... bad. The effect is not convincing at all and it looks like you've done that in 2 hours. This was really not expected from you, you told us a moth ago that it is gonna be an awesome effect and blah blah blah and finnaly...Nothing really impressive avoiding Sam talking... I'm upset
7 years ago
That was great, really! Hope you will show us soon how to do this effect with AE ;)

Greatings from Germany!
7 years ago
I must correct me, it isn't 3d motion tracking is a very advanced 3d camera protection.

7 years ago
Dear, w00w00 did onesize made a tutorial? What Andrew is about to do is show every one how thay do such effect! Did anybody done it before? so what is it you wanna say 'bout his movie is simpler? You need a 20hours tut on how to make it perfect?
7 years ago
well, learn some cinematography. Also I was able to see the streching of the camprojection..
I give this a so-so cause you could have been spending a little more work in planning this film.

Otherwise it's lowbudget standard, thumbs up!
7 years ago

Awesome effect of Sam getting clocked in the skull with a pistol! Can't wait for the tutorial to learn how to do that! Oh and the broken glass was nice too.

7 years ago
he creates such standerds

simply hats off for AK..

u the man...
7 years ago
Cool effect, it gives me some ideas for some of my projects!!
Keep up the good work!
7 years ago
I'm guessing Andrew is trying to show how the following effect was sdone, made by OneSize:


Although this video seems to be simpler than the one from onesize.

I'm guessing that in this case the cam just rotate around an empty car, later he added the actors in and masked them out. Also motion tracked the whole thing so 3D glass could be added.

In the demo of onesize they modelled alot the characters / environment, that's why you can see the effect in that movie more.

But nontheless it will be a tutorial with enough, exciting details. I think there's more to it than alot of you guys think.
7 years ago
Before the glass breaking, i thought the effect was Sam getting hit by the guy with the gun. LOL

The hits seemed quite strong.Is Sam's brain OK, after that ?
7 years ago
Sorry just read the 'Thoughtful commenting' statement.

I would love to see the glass ramp from a still scene to possibly a speed of 5% or slower as the film fades out.

Now there's a challenge.
7 years ago
Nice. Loved the dialog, "I'll ask the questions here", LOL!
7 years ago
Wow that was really cool - I was anticipating the car exploding. Looked amazing ;)
7 years ago
Pfeewwwww, man.
All things together in this small nice movie.
Dark color preset, 3D bullit effect with that car glass!
The punches on Sam's face with the gun.
The sound is great and timing is perfect.
And a small optical flare on the steer.

Greetz from Antwerp Belgium
7 years ago
Nice. I bet both actors are just holding still. I mean it's the easiest way and something like camera mapping would be way too much work for a scene like that.
7 years ago
Hey Andrew, Good one. the really funny part was sam can afford this expensive car but cant pay 33$. too much. the effect was really cool. only Andrew can make this kind of short film. completely unexpected.
7 years ago
... I don't get it. why is everyone just freaking out?

The Clip wasn't bad. And I'm really looking forward to the new epic tutorial.

But guys, seriously: why are you freaking out like that? It's just a midly-entertaining shortfilm with a great visual effect. That's all!
Leon Wang
7 years ago
I love the film, but it's too short!! good job, Andrew!
7 years ago
great job Andrew. That's was briliant :D Well done
7 years ago
Simple as: the Best thing going!! haha
7 years ago
I watched it with sound off (at work)so maybe I missed something. It seems odd you would cut to black and slo fade up on an action like the head going through the glass. Didn't hold up without sound. Will have to check again when I get home with sound.
7 years ago
I'm so curious to see how you did the camera move!
the grading kills it, but I don't mind until you keep beating sam up <3
7 years ago
An absolute riot!

Your too much man.

Nice work.

Thanks as always for your contributions to the creative universe.

7 years ago

But otherwise great short, pretty funny and had jokes in a the spirit of Mr Kramer =) Can't wait for the tutorial
7 years ago
Very nice!!!
I´m hopefull to see the tuturial...
AP Oinonen
7 years ago
Awesome. As always.
7 years ago
The story is just epic :D
Lazy Monkey
7 years ago
Well, it wall effing funny! Also, good camera movement. There was a good deal of suspense in the beginning!
7 years ago
Outstanding...this is EXACTLY what I was looking for, and I eagerly await the tutorial.
7 years ago
the colorgrade is reeeeeealy baaad
always green midtones blueshadow tones and a too much contrast
make it so noisy
thats why it looks like the matrix, but in matrix, they do not use it so extremly
7 years ago
That was the most idiotic and random short film I have seen in quite a while. Still, I enjoyed it =D
7 years ago
Can't wait for the tutorial
7 years ago
that's nice :D and what was the camcorder you've filmed? thats look great
7 years ago
why does everything look like its part of the matrix?
7 years ago
cool effect! i love it when the head of the other actor pops up behind sam loya! that was indeed difficult to pull off!
7 years ago
The only word to describe this is,chuck norris
7 years ago
simply amazing! i think that will be probably the coolest tutorial until now!
7 years ago
Wooow!!!! Very nice. The end was totally unpredictable.

Greetings from San Francisco del Rincon, Guanajuato.
7 years ago
Mr. Kramer, Stop beat and hurt Sam! He was hungry! I'll pay for his sandwich! Where to send 2.38 USD
7 years ago
THAT was awsome can you do a tutorial PLEASE!!
7 years ago
Yaaay! Been waiting for this! Cannot wait for the tut!
7 years ago
Great coloring and mood. And of course great shatter effect.
7 years ago
Can't wait for the tutorial!
7 years ago
my God, i gonna wait it, that's awesome!!!

great history LOLz
7 years ago
but how :D waitin for tutorial :D
7 years ago
The glass thingie was real nice and everything, but Jenkinson smacking Sam put me on the floor.

P.S.: If you think you car's IED'd, never close the door (or fasten your seat belt) before you start it. You want to be blown OUT of the vehicle, not blown up IN it.
7 years ago
lol, I can see you in the mirror... SMACK!

The last shot looks awesome btw, can't wait to see the tutorial.
7 years ago
Wow Andrew, i love your sacarsm :D
7 years ago
Well, not the worst short at least... Effect is okay, just my 2 cents :
I worked in a garage before and I can tell you, a car glass doesn't break like that, most of the time it's "Sekurit" so it breaks in tiny little pieces that look almost like cubes...
But well, that was a test, eh ?
7 years ago
The final shot with the glass is very nice, but overall i was rather dissapointed, was kinda looking forward to see something new, but... oh well, still learned a a whole lot from VC, so keep up the great work!
7 years ago
hilariousxD im guessing the tut will be about the glass?:P lets see if i can figure it out.. so the glass is probably made in 3DSM or C4D after using a 3D layer of the footage, but how did you let the camera turn around Sam with them being in still time, the matrix does it with a lot of cameras making an image sequence, but i dont think you did that here.. ahh we'll see:D
7 years ago
Great production value! You can almost see where that 80 million was spent! lol A lot of it must have been spent on string to hold up all of those glass fragments. lol

7 years ago
wooow awesome
waiting for the tutorial :)
hope to make it soon and show us the fx,the editing,color correction everything in the making :D
u have a brilliant mind
and its honor to me that i am one of your students
7 years ago
DAMMMMNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!! I LOVED IT!! Dude way to build up the tension, I was like.... oh yeah, we all know its gonna be a car bomb or something!!! GUESS NOT!!! That effect was fantastic, I have been hoping you'd do a tutorial on this effect since I saw your carousal blog. THANKS ANDREW!!!!
Mr. Spy
7 years ago
And you did it again!!!
Great FX, good acting, nice filming, exiting soundtrack!
Keep it up! :D
7 years ago



VID = 9.9/10
7 years ago
Wow that lookes great the red one is a great camera!
7 years ago
Awesome short Andrew. man, this time Sam took a beating. I LOVED the shattered glass shot. Awesome! ---Man, those banks can get pretty fierce when you are overdrawn....for me, they took my computer until I paid the bills....but I stopped the paper bills, so I had to pay the bill online....so I didn't get it paid....and they took my first child.....I think he is still being held hostage because I haven't paid the bill yet...I don't know if my child is OK, or even alive....but at least I got a replacement computer so I can watch your tutorials...WOO HOO.......
7 years ago
EPIC is CLEARLY the word!!!!! Awesome short!!!! Definitely need that tutorial about the 3D spin arounds...especially since TNT has been doing that for their commercials lately...SICK!!!!!
7 years ago
Andrew you forgot to add blood on Sam face Lol
But cool waiting for the tutorial
7 years ago
6 years for a two minute movie?
It was awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
7 years ago
This video provided me with adequate entertainment.
7 years ago
Red one Epic sensor ?
7 years ago
Is this going to be a tutorial on believing your own hype?
dima popov
7 years ago
cool from Ukraine
7 years ago
Way better than Avatar, you guys must have been planing this for years!
Sandor Zoegar
7 years ago
Great. I love the glass effect and the freeze frame dolly pan. You're a great actor Sam.
7 years ago
I don't know why some people didn't found this amazing, I sure did! Really nice to hear Sam speaking :)
And really looking forward to the tutorial and the behind-the-scene's :)
7 years ago
Imagine what you could do if you applied yourself to something a bit longer ;D
7 years ago

that is so awesome!

can't wait for a tutorial

greetings from holland!
7 years ago
Very funny! Could you introduce more tutorials like this? Thanks Andrew!

P.S. Video Copilot is my ONLY After Effects Website to goto.
7 years ago
You know that a head of a person cannot break a car window!
But a shot through the person for example through his mouth or through his ear would do that work. And Sam would never forget to pay back his money...belief me! With your Effects: Optical Flares and Action Essentials and Bullet Time it would be possible to see a bullet coming out of the face of Sam, breaking the glass of the car and with particular you can see some blood drops flying around Sams face in 3D space to! The only thing the "Repo man" on the backseat of the car has to do is to bang the sound suppressor of his gun into the mouth of Sam and shooting trough the sidewall of the frontlip.
Your upcoming tutorial will be very interesting. I hope the broken glass effect is created with after effects and no 3D stuff like cinema4D or maya.
Nice work Andrew, you do a great job,
Joe Coffee from the APIX-Team germany.

PS: If Sam cannot payback his money you can call the Apix Repo Man... it would be funny looking into Sams face, seeing his reactions when he is thinking about fact or fancy. By the way, we have also real "Repo Dogs!"
7 years ago
GREAT!!!!! :) Tutorial please!?!?!?!?
7 years ago
Congratulations Andrew!! It's wonderful....But I say I can Do a Movie like that with a lower budget.....only 55.35 Million Dollars ....Including TAXES!!
7 years ago
Andrew very great short movie, nice effects and camera work. The best scene, "why i cant turn around, caus i dont want to see my face, i cant see your face right here xD

7 years ago
Didnt like it at all
Evan Cloyd
7 years ago
It's so great that you've essentially teased this kind of tutorial for the past month or so with the example videos prior to your own creation, it just creates that much more hype and excitement to learn how to go about doing that kind of illusion and effect. Thank you Andrew Kramer and the VideoCopilot staff for adding to everyone's arsenal of techniques in After Effects. I haven't been this excited for a tutorial since the 3D Building Tutorial, so thank you all very much.
Chris Slowik
7 years ago
@ Ramzan:


The font is bank gothic
7 years ago
WOW, THAT WAS SHORT! DAAMN :P BUT SOO EPIC xD How about a tutorial on the 3d glass effect?
7 years ago
U are hot this short movie was great Andrew why are you NOT making Movies. Peace D
7 years ago
AWESOME! Now where's that tutorial.......! :-D
7 years ago
Love the plot; ESPECIALLY loved the character development. I feel that we really get to see Sam's character shine and come of age in this piece. Really superbly casted.

And the best part is that the story speaks for itself -- no need to rely on cheesy effects to get the deeper meaning across.

Really well done!
7 years ago
Waoooooooooooooooo..... That was awesome..........

Now........... when exactly are you going to show this...
I mean a new tutorial.....
I am waiting, We all are.
7 years ago
That was awesome! Can't wait for the tutorial!
tony d
7 years ago
lol, i can't believe someone complained about jello cam... please! funny stuff, can't wait for the tut.
7 years ago
That was amazing! I am waiting for a "longer" short next time!

One question though:
I just saw the trailer of the upcoming J J Abrams movie - Super 8. Did you Andrew have to do anything with it? I saw some pretty cool lens flares in the titles thats why Im asking...
7 years ago
I am greatle impresst but i think that it's neccessary to add blood!
7 years ago
I wanna see this "Glass Breaks" on tutorial!!!Andrew & Team - Thank you so much! Today I studing a Animation, post production & maya stuff in college, but i have a realy good starts from here many years before..
7 years ago
Spartan is totally right!
I was expecting something great but that was like a text animation. Come on! What was that huh? Also that effect at the end wasnt effective so much. I hope upcoming tutorial would be good.
7 years ago
very nice! I want more funny scenes like this one!
7 years ago
poor Loya :)
Timothy Cross
7 years ago
Hahahaha... Andrew loved it. good stuff. :)

ps. I have a question, would you take me as an intern if I showed up at your house with a burger and some fries and a mountain dew, with the promise of a burger a week? I have this debate going on with some of my friends saying that you would consider me if I did that.
7 years ago
Very fun film! I have two questions though. Did he get the sandwich toasted and do you plan to give about $10,000 of the money back? Loved the special effects and believe that you accomplished the goal of making it look like it was done in one night.
7 years ago
was the end done by one camera or did u used several dslr's
7 years ago
Fantastic!I like the picture.I love the sound!Everything is great!
7 years ago
Did anyone else notice the lens flares? -Never leave your home without it, it seems like a great tool.
7 years ago
Where did you guys get 80 million dollars???
7 years ago
Really cool. But as much work as Sam does for you Andrew, could you not just loan Sam the money and save his hide?
7 years ago
Sorry, but nothing special :/
7 years ago
Very great last scene with glass pieces. I don't like movements of camera during the scenes outside of car (inside that's very cool) , but it's ONLY my opinion. Great Sam! LOL for the line "I can see your face right here!" LOL!!! Great job guys!
7 years ago
Wow, There is much stuff in the movie.
3d motion tracking, optical flares and so on.

Your movies are so humorously. (I cite from the last one: "Directed by Andrew's cat")

^^ Good work
7 years ago
We Want MORE!!! WE WANT MORE!!!!
Hi AK! I'm so excited for this tutorial. I so crazy that VFX long long ago.if it effect wasn't make by 'multi cameras'and did it by AE, I'm so thanks to u. Anyway.. u r my god. c u at this tutorial.
7 years ago
hai Andrew,
Iam from india (Andrapradesh), Iam watching u r tuts , it’s very nice & powerfull.plz send some 3dsmax title animation tuts links, and material libarary. plz sir.....iam waiting for u r rply.

thanking u sir.
7 years ago
its just ok. not impressive. thank you a lot anyway.

1.- i think you filmed the car scene, after that you added the hand and sam's face and the other guy's face.

2.- this stuff tracked in 3D to the window or another point.

3.- masked to the window.

4.- tracking for the glass previously created in 3Ds MAX.

5.- done.

Probably im wrong but i cant see the 3d reflection of the glass to the car's side.

it will be nice if you can make a tutorial of a complete sequence scene like the videos that you uploaded few days ago. for a crime scene for example.

7 years ago
Is turkey sandwich really your favorite fast food? :D How would be the world without turkey sandwich for you? :P Anyway I liked the angles, ligths and the last vfx.. It was cool but head voice might be used instead of texts to explain the before happenings... while getting down the stairs or in elevator with short flashbacks.. bless your hands ;)
7 years ago
Sam... you are a such a great actor. Amazing job. the video is, at same time, so simple in the script and so complex in the concept. Congratulations again, Kramer. You have a big fan in Brazil. I hope to see more videos like this, with a funny story and so good tecniques. §:)
7 years ago
hahahahah LOL Pretty nice ! Sam "I can see you face right here" ))) nice video!
7 years ago
Great, Andrew! Waiting for tutorial!
damn, can't watch it...
when i'm playing the video,
it will just play for a few seconds and then...

Gosh.. I'm so excited...
I've trying to watch the film for so
many times but I can't...
7 years ago
Hi Andrew

as usual, a lot of humour and very good actors.
every thing is good in your short film except the duration (it's too short ;)

greetings from France and thanks for everything you show us

ps : poor Sam's head ;)
7 years ago
Hey, that was pretty good, but I honestly think it'd be better with the first minute cut out.
7 years ago
Great stuff. Especially the guy with the gun acted outtstandingly. He reminds me of William Daffoe.
7 years ago
Nice, I am very interested how did you do it,
I know how I would done it but am curious to see how did you do it.

cheers Andrew
7 years ago
Yes, Yes, Yes, i can´t wait. It´s amaizing.
7 years ago
really awesome waiting for the tut..
7 years ago
You used a RED...i hate you ; )

Pretty nice short!
7 years ago
Very cool man, but the color grading looks a bit too much, dont u think?
7 years ago
hahahahahahahaha perfect i love it so much :)
7 years ago
Completely Hilarious!
You rock mate, it's awesome and I can't wait to watching the tutorial!

Now, you shot with RED & 7D cameras and in the first watch I couldn't tell the difference until the final credits.
The difference money wise in between is huge... that means that the 7D is a great piece of equipment for what it cost or I'm such a blind that I couldn't tell the difference?

Once again, you rock !!!
7 years ago
You're banter is epic... Someone should do a film about your epic banter... Perhaps Peter Jackson would do it justice with a trilogy... A tale of one man's struggle to bring an unusual brand of comedy to the people of Tutorial-Earth... There would be evil henchmen, hideous ghouls and Lisa Kudrow could play the role of your faithful sidekick, Sam Loya!

As for the vid... Well... in REALITY, it is not possible for camera operators to step outside of time and space to continue shooting a suspended animation scene... come on Kramer, what were you thinking?
7 years ago
Wow! This short film is really short :-D
Mister T.
7 years ago
Epic, no more to say then that though I would have expected Andrew to sit behind Sam saying: Whassup, Andrew Kramer here and then demanding is turkey sandwich.
Marc M.
7 years ago
hey, in the blog you 've said that it's a shot fort an upcoming tutorial. and you've said that you don't say for what. i think it can be a tutorial for the glass ;) maybe :D
Greets from germany
7 years ago
HAHA thats really cool man. Keep up this kind of stuff ;)
7 years ago
i can't wait...
7 years ago
Love it, pure comedy especially Sam being hit with the gun, poor Sam :D

I presume the glass effect is some kind of 'Shatter' effect paused and camera rotated around it. I tried to emulate this with Shatter and it was quite sucessful using the custom camera.
7 years ago
Ok. Now i know it. You got to much money. A complete Red One System got a price over 20.000 bugs.

But the little short-movie was realy great. Thanks guys
7 years ago
so you did it ! you are a super production's killer. Looks very very nice !
selman ozdemir
7 years ago
awasome :D we want tutorial:D
7 years ago
Hey, wasup? Andrew Kramer here for VIDEOCOPILOT.NET, and welcome to yet another very exciting, very in-depth, tutorial, and here is what we are gonna be creating! TIME FREEZE! Cant wait for this. And don't change the intro Andrew!
7 years ago
You are so making a tutorial on the glass pieces :D
7 years ago
Just one word.
7 years ago
so you're gonna show us how you did the glass effect, right?
N. Muralidharan
7 years ago
Sam Sam Sam I dont know what the next idea(s) of Andrew.

Good Job. Waiting for the tutorial.
7 years ago
Who's the dutch guy doing the sound.
Richard (Singapore)
7 years ago
May I ask how do you record the voices? with ur cannon 7D? and the sounds of the car door closes as well as the car engine starting. Pls tell me, I'd like to know! Great epicness always Andrew!
7 years ago
its like a need for speed introduction video . very nice
7 years ago
lol.. in reality the glass would not of broken so easily. asides from that... loved the fact that the storyline was so cheese...
shrek 2
7 years ago
It was so stupid! You are so genius!!!
I laughed a lot
7 years ago
Haha I knew it was going to be time freeze :) cool
7 years ago
cant wait to see the tutorial on how you model the car around the actors!how many cams and car windows did you need to get this nice final shot?
7 years ago
LOL, loved it. Can't wait for the tutorial that comes with this gem.
7 years ago
Just Awesome...if der is no still cam used then how on earth did her achive dis...Where is d Tutorial?
Nice one bro.
7 years ago
COOOOOOOOOOOLLLLL.... That's nice...
7 years ago
Beautiful to see! Footage, colorcorrection, directing, script, music, soundfx and of course visualfx. You're a very talented man, Mr Kramer! Not the least for the effort put in the whole of making all things come together. You really show your knowledge in the moviemaking business here (and surround yourself with talented people, I guess.) and not only that your task often is working on 750 frames of a movie or commercial?

It's a challenge to get the guy in the backseat to keep "being in charge" of the scene, I think, acting evil and fearsome and still Sam gets away with humorous responses.
Feels, by now, like I know Sam, he is good, pulls off his speaking part in the car! And the backseat-guy, really well casted! Nice appearance, good timing. The fact that there isn't any blood from the window or the gun adds to the homour and enhances the surprise, the shatter effect seems huge. Wasn't expected.
Your intro about the millions and 3d converted to 2d is hilarious!!!
You have such a personal humble style here, sharing everything on videocopilot. This short film (and tutorial to go with it) really adds to the value you created with Videocopilot as a trademark.

Lot's of Love,
Karin, Stockholm.

...and of course, Thonbo, Sam with a side-kick ppt-tutorial? Add a new dimension, wouldn't you say, Andrew?
7 years ago
really funny, gorgeous look, ridiculously cool effect.

you're the man.
7 years ago
Where's the money? I had to buy Optical Flares from Andrew Kramer.. he has it! lol
7 years ago
Very cool...hoped it was longer than that ..btw the glass is too thick i think .. EPIC
7 years ago
Very cool effect!!

Would have been nice for the camera to continue to pan round it and then see the frame un-freeze and the glass fall to the floor though.
7 years ago
Andrew! Please, write a story about how you and your crew made this short. I think it will be extremly interesting article (especially if you would write down about shooting with real camera, how you lighted the scene). Kind of postmortem :) Please, please, please!
7 years ago
Hi Andrew,
It's looking good!
But I think the color correction is a little over the top. In my opinion it would be better if the colors were a bit more natural.
The ending is amazing!
7 years ago
AWESOME! Who would have guessed you were going to give us what was in the Time Freeze short clips you uploaded earlier... I just kept on wishing I knew how to work on stuff like that... CANT WAIT... VideoCopilot... you're the best!
Best wishes from GHANA
7 years ago
YES! This is going to be awesome!!!
7 years ago
Thank You Andrew & Sam. Fantabulous! Sam was hilarious. But I know he can pull off a serious role too. Hmmm, this is link to The Ledge? Sam considering suicide on top of a tall building? WOW Red One camera.

Greetings from tropical Singapore.
7 years ago
The thing who does the difference here, is the sense of humor. The synopsis was great, as the scene into the car. Nice sounddesign too.

Anyway, if I could emit one remark, one little thing hurted me : when Sam is going on his car, the food steps sounds are only on the left channel (at least in my headphones). And well, Sam is kind of on the CENTER left of the screen. Nothing serious but that was a bit disturbing.

Otherwise, great movie :D Even if we can feel the regression to 2D :D
7 years ago
this is awesome!...
7 years ago
Haha pretty cool and funny stuff!

But car windows don't break like that at all. They shatter into tiny pieces, would have been better slamming his head into a glass door
7 years ago
Really cool !
Loads of references, no ?
Like the pyramid scheme coming from Topher Welsh's "Maybe I can have a free Ipad" ? Ooops, maybe not...
And the bank charging 30$ for an overdrawn of 2$, sounds like one of Louis CK's.
Really really cool again.
Maybe missing a small ending sentence from Sam !?
7 years ago
This was funny! Hollywood should give an Oscar for the best ' Short Film'. I hope you will make sometime a longer film, like 2.20 minutes or more.
7 years ago
Dear Andrew,

Don't you wish you could go back to before VCP was so popular, and clueless people didn't write ridiculous comments on the message board.

1. He made the movie to demonstrate a technique.

2. YES, there will be a tutorial.

3. Save your cinematic criticism for your community college film festival and stop trying to critique the plot line, you're missing the point.
7 years ago
Aww poor sam :))
7 years ago
nice little short but i want to see more of sam getting hit in the head by the guy in the back seat - maybe the sequel - sam gets hit on the head on a train and then sam gets hit on the head on a plane
7 years ago
Epic movie mayn!
The sound effects, movie effects are amazing as always!

''Because i dont want you to see me!''
''But.. i can see you right there!''
7 years ago
Bullet time..... So can it be done in AE?

Cause that was a nice subtle effect
7 years ago
Nice glass effect at the end. And it was cool seeing Sam get hit with the gun a few times LOL.
7 years ago
I had a meeting with my bank manager that went pretty much the same.....
7 years ago
It wasn't bad. Those easily impressed obviously think its the best thing since sliced cheese on sliced bread made into a sliced sandwich, but to be fair i expected more. The effect was incredibly disappointing and was completely out of place within a story like this. The color grading was fantastic though, that green easy look you use is really epic looking. Looking forward to the tutorial anyway as it'l have some amazing techniques as always on video copilot.
7 years ago
Awesome... but I want more!
7 years ago
Wow!!! Awesome work!!!
Nice effect and I want a tutorial about that.

Thanx again Andrew!!!
Vicky Shah
7 years ago
7 years ago
I hope the car window is okay...
7 years ago
Sorry but I thought that was freaking hilarious. I don't know if thats what you were going for but that was definitely a great short film.
7 years ago

You guys are amazing - Sam should get his own movie!!
Directed by Mr Kramer, of course ;)

Love the "look" of the film, the humour, wet myself when Sam kept getting hit by the gun and the mirror line lmao :)

Thank u x
7 years ago
does sam have a twitter account ? need to follow Sam Loya,
cant we get a sidekick tutorial where sams shows us something cool , like a powerpoint tutorial or what ever he is good at, that would be awesome

- "and ill press... edit - duplicate..." my favorite kramer quote
7 years ago
That's aaaaawesome!
You make so cool stuff as usual.
I hope I can make something like that some day.
7 years ago
wow!!!this is totally AWESOMEEE!!!
thanks andrew!!!!!!!!!
7 years ago
HAHA... I can see u in the Mirror....
so cool.. no sense but intense.
7 years ago
Great job!! That was an amazing short haha
Pretty hilarious :)
I'm looking forward to the tutorial that comes from this.
You guys always impress me. Keep it up Andrew!
7 years ago
OMG it was EPIC!....
7 years ago
Wow, cant wait to see it in 3D!!! haha it was pretty cool!! quite funny too!!
7 years ago
great done.

But toooo short. Nice effect and we want a tutorial about that.
7 years ago
You're the best Andrew. Can't wait for the time-freeze tutorial.
7 years ago
that is wandifl
7 years ago
cool camera and shatter effect
7 years ago
J-E-L-L-O :D Something useful
7 years ago
The TREATMENT to the shot kinda reminds me of the movie
Mauricio Alzate
7 years ago
wow I love it, the slow time Excellent!!!
7 years ago
I Think Andrew Luvs this Basement car parking...
And also suffocate SAM down there...

Neways gud one Andrew..
7 years ago
Whoa!!! this effect is what I've been searching for ^_^
can't wait for the tutorial... Hurry up AK :-P
7 years ago
hahhahaha NICE ONE FUNNy n COOL SAm is a nice actor
Eugene Opperman
7 years ago
Oh poor Sam, never is your day, is it???

*I wonder if there's any turkey in the fridge?
7 years ago
you should have ended the shortfilm with sam doing the demon face at the guy! :D
7 years ago
so how is this story related to the last tutorial (3D Ledge) ?? :D
7 years ago
Hey Andrew!
I'm a huge fan of yours man (yeah, obviously :s).
Keep up the community service. And wish you luck. :P

Here's what I wanted to say. I was watching this Demo for Nero Multimedia Suite 10 on their site and then something felt very familiar. I played it again and then I realized that a bunch of the stuff they did have already been showcased at VideoCopilot.
I just thought you might wanna brag about it in your next Tutorial xD.


Hey man, you make me feel as though nothing can stop you when you really, really wanna do it. I'm sure you have that impact on millions, if not billions, of other viewers of your tuts.

New Delhi,
7 years ago
I smell a 7D convert in the air!!!
7 years ago
The effect was awesome but the story was not epic
7 years ago
That was epic! VFX were awesome! Love your sense of humour too
Kenneth R
7 years ago
LOL, good one, nice effect :)
Next Level Designs
7 years ago
hey andrew, um i just looked through this film again and its reli cool man ... just one question ...look at the very bottom of it ... u know wen u play vhs tapes they kinda blur at the edge, well it that wats happening in the film or was that like an intended effect or sumthing?
7 years ago
very fun^^

but why the color of windows break not same color to another windows???
this is a pic >>> http://www.nepix.net/img/images/19notsame.jpg
Next Level Designs
7 years ago
Sam Drives a lexus thats way cool ... lol ... the car should transform
7 years ago
LMAO was I rolling throughout that thing. Awesome AK
7 years ago
jajajaja veo tu cara por el retrovisor, muy buena!!!
Abhishek Chaturvedi
7 years ago
awesome stuff andrem,hatts offf
7 years ago
Holy shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is gonna be awesome.
7 years ago
Well done andrew!! I really liked the coloring and the camera works.. The effects were truly amazing... The one thing I saw that I think could be improved is the dialogue, the plot line, the conflict.. There wasn't enough for me to understand it.. I hope my words were helpful! I can't wait to see your interpretation of the projection mapping and such.. Thanks for this great site man!
Your fan and friend
Sam Welker
The PsychoChromatic Enginear!
Mark W
7 years ago
That was pretty hilarious :) I thought the glass effect on the end was awesome!! I can't wait for the tutorials!
7 years ago
hay i want to see the tutorial!
William Fong
7 years ago
Huh...Sam didn't die...unexpected. Great camera angles, humor, and effects!
7 years ago
"But, I can see your face right here" *SMACK*! LOL, that was so cheesy it was brilliant! :P

Nice glass effect. :)
7 years ago
Great effects, I always was wondering, how do they make those matrix effects, but now, I think I'm gessing.
I have a question and I hope you answer, Are you making a tutorial of this? Are you gonna sell that tutorial?
I Recommend you to sell it, becuae it's professional work.
Stephen Martin
7 years ago
AK, very cool effect. Was the music created in ProScores?
Can't wait for the tutorial on the glass effect.

Great work!!

7 years ago
very good. was it rayfire you used ? that bank guy is really ruthles. Oscars for Sam and the guy in the backseat. again wel done.
7 years ago
Good thing Sam didn't get hurt or insulted in this one... oh, he did?
7 years ago
Nice contrast using a 17 thousand dollar camera and a 1,700 dollar camera. Was the 7D a hotrod camera? Great work and very funny.
7 years ago
"But I can see your face right there." SHUTUP, I'm asking the questions here haha. Epic.
7 years ago
Oh my goodness!!! That was amazing! Almost as good as your cat!
7 years ago
really really fantastic work gentlemen. Oddly enough, it looks exactly like a parking garage i filmed in 2 years ago. who knew....