Color Matching 7D & Red

One thing that we did for our recent short was integrated footage shot with the Canon 7D and the Red camera. The Red footage was processed ‘flat’ so the image was not crushed until the final color treatment was established. The 7D footage however was setup at the default settings so there was already more contrast and a nice tone. There are some interesting tips for setting up your 7D with a flat look for those interested to get more color range out of the compressed footage.

Once you find the treatment you like the goal is to apply it to all of your shots so they look even and balanced but when your source material is not the same, the color treatments can be very different. Pay close attention to the color of the shadows and hilights with effects like Levels, Curves and Tint to control over-saturation.

I’ve included the HD plates for people that want to experiment or practice your own color timing.

Watch Color Comparison

Watch Complete Short

Then stay tuned for a tutorial based on the FX from the short as well as some fun behind the scenes entertainment.

8 years ago
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