NEW TUTORIAL: 3D Ball Dispersion

In this tutorial we will learn a technique to offset the animation of the CC Ball Action effect to create a cool transition. This effect uses only built-in plug-in and offers creative flexibility for a variety of looks. The project file also includes a script for offsetting the layers by 1 frame to make the process easier. The tutorial is about 25 minutes but the time will fly by!

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New Sample Video with Ideas

6 years ago
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6 years ago
I love you man.
Really Thanks
6 years ago
hello thanks for the tutorials, but i had a problem i switch my keyboard language to EN and doesn't the keys ALT+ []y try all botons and still doesn't work, anybody knows the name of the action????????
6 years ago
Great video!
I'm not very good at AE but I have tried something :)
The only thing I want to know is how I can remove those black circles (watch link)

6 years ago
here's an eual of your tutorial :D
not from me, but i found it in www

btw: it seems, it is a blender 2.5 based animationmovie - trailer
6 years ago
I want to see a tutorial about animating cracks in a ground, like an earthquake. The same kind of thing in Action Essentials 2 with the cracks, but i want them to be animated.
6 years ago
It's good that the mask doesn't cut off your balls! LOL
6 years ago
These tutorials are concise, easy to understand and very practical. Your sense of humor was questionable in the beginning, but I am beginning to appreciate it. I don't know what that means exactly.
This work is amazing.I particularly like the attention to the little details, it makes the results believable.
Thank you.
6 years ago
@pedro s.
i also had problem to find those keys till i put headphones on. anyway switched keyboard language to EN and then it are the keys ALT+ [] (one next to P)
6 years ago
again nice tutorial. the most income of your teaching is that i can predict the next steps in your tutorial even i am absolutely newbie in AE and its all your fault. This is the way i like it and its even funny...private ryan :-)
6 years ago
it seems too much complication for an effect you could achieve with particles... or not?
6 years ago
\/\/ow Amazing Tutorial but i have a problem I don't have a CC Ball Action Plugins plz give me a link for download cc ball.. thnks
    5 years ago
    the same problem here :(
pedro s.
6 years ago
hi lord kramer...great tutorial...always amazing...from south america where you have a lot of fans too...but can you tell me where to find some tutorial about those " bracket "?? have no idea...between my bad english and my poor experience in after hard to get it...anyway..thanks for help to make my dream bigger
Dustin James
6 years ago
Hey Andrew..

When you accidentally forgot to tick the repeat edge pixels.. it reminded me of the fact that you could have set up a null control layer where all the effects would be tied to..

That way you could tweak the effects at the same time and with ease.
Herman Darr
6 years ago
welcome back Andrew....missed your tutorials....hope your all better now......
6 years ago
Careful Andrew, turn back the time and you're history. ;)
Andy Ericson
6 years ago
lol...saving private ryan
6 years ago
Lot of useful bits in here, especially working with lots of layers at once, thanks!
6 years ago
Nice! i very like and i will try to do with star or other things! thanks
6 years ago
wow this is Kool I've bought trapcode form an particular now I could use them both cc ball and form fo some reason I get better control with the cc ball but ... what the hell this was done by you Andrew thanks fo the tutorial
6 years ago
thanks Andrew! Cooool! oooooooooooooooe!
6 years ago
O_o TimeCop!! JCVD FTW!
Jerry Quinn
6 years ago
I'm a newcomer to both AE and the site. I really enjoyed watching this tutorial last night; and best of all, I actually understood it. And that's no mean accomplishment, the learning curve for AE is straight up!
6 years ago
Glad to hear we're not cutting of the balls (when applying a mask).
Because that would be an unpleasant thing to do, I imagine.
6 years ago
Can't wait to try this
6 years ago
VEry nice! could you make a tutorials some of the ,,fumexf 3D max,, ones? those flames and smokes are really good!
Edris Mohammadi
6 years ago
Very Nice !
Thanks For New Tutorial !

I love U !
Just Anderw !

I am Edris Mohammadi Form Iran\Sanandaj.
6 years ago
seriously Andrew do u really have the time to read all this comments? nice tutorials
6 years ago
u are always a creative guy, thanks for all your tutorials.
6 years ago
Cough cough... moderator? Sir?
I wrote the wrong link, here's the right one:
thanks Andrew :)
6 years ago
Hi Andrew, hope your cold got away. ;)
Waiting for this tut, i've tried to guess how did you make this effect. My solution implicate the Time Displacement effect, that way i only have to setup one image layer, adding the effect i want.
Badly, my method has many con's. Image layer has to be precomposed to evenly setup Time Displacement, though setting the camera it's a pain in the ass. :) Moreover, Time Displacement it's a damned slow effect!
So, well... i guess you won! :)

By the way, here's the result:
6 years ago
great stuff will watch it later
6 years ago
hahahaha...Time Cop. Can't wait to watch the tut.
6 years ago
Very cool! Thanks for making it!
6 years ago
Andrew, you are awesome!
this tutorial helped me alot ^^
A few days ago i used CC Ball Action and
I played with the settings and i had the same idea
with those DNA strings!

btw, life finds a way
Memorable quotes from
Jurassic Park

those who are interested:
My project is called "The Anomaly"
Video Teaser on my YouTube Channel:
6 years ago
any one noticed it is Action Copilot ;) I'm really looking forward to buy optical flares just to support his job. but first i need cash and then parents agreement :P
6 years ago
This is something really useful. That doesn´t mean that your others tuts aren´t useful, but most stuff is about movie effects, which i like, but i can´t use them much at work (designing logo animations and stuff)

I´ll definitely use your 3D Ball Dispersion effect on my next project. Great work! ...and without 3rd party plug-ins! you could optimize the fade to the original graphic at the end, but in total this is just so great! Thanks for sharing this tutorial!
Eben Sowatey
6 years ago
tooooooooooo much. I would say fantastic inspirational work. BIG UP. Thanks
Slobodan Todorovic
6 years ago
Wow us usual Still amazing Andrew
6 years ago
Hi Andrew! Why you not making tutor's with vfx like lightning strike? More VFX please.
6 years ago
WOW........ creativity to the next level....
Andrew wonderful jobs...
6 years ago
Very cool !!!!! From Belgium
6 years ago
Very very cool Andrew! Thanks as usual!
6 years ago
:) thanks , very good.
6 years ago
Hello !

Andrew can you do tutorial : how made a animation with box of TWITCH from "New Sample Video with Ideas "?

thx !

regards !
whoa!!! oh my gosh!!! we love you AK!!!!
Thanks for all of the willingness to help!!!

we really admire you here in the Philippines.
Many of the VC Products are almost everywhere...
6 years ago
there is a king of pop...king of rock ... king of food
honestly ,,you are a king of AE
anil kumar
6 years ago
Wow Wow Wow.Its amazing Kramer.
6 years ago
خیلی ممنون استاد بزرگ
Thanks a lot, our great master
6 years ago
Whoa... I waiting for this since last week.
Thanx Awesone Guy, U Rock!!!!
6 years ago
AK decided to be timecop
6 years ago
Very very nice!
6 years ago
hi andrew very noce tuto.
i´ve a question, i´ll buy a video camera and i´d like to know
what kind of Vcamera do you have?
i want one 1080p and with nice quality i saw with one friend the magic bullet training and the video quality was nice wich one you used?
6 years ago
That was a cool tutorial! The technique that was used was a lot different than I expected.
6 years ago
Andrew !! You Are My Master :ooo.... what do you do in After Effects :D thats sick ! ;D .. Great JOB! Respect ;)
6 years ago
thank you so much :x
Bradley Bell
6 years ago
The only word to say is WOW, and jsut can't wait to follow in your foot steps
6 years ago
Amazing as usual
I was wondering how long your video renders take and what your video card and cpu is
I have a nvidia gtx 250 overclocked and an amd x4 3.4ghz overclocked to 3.8
6 years ago
Time Cop available on "VHS"...? Is that the new replacement for Blu-Ray?
6 years ago
I like how "the time" is linked to Time Cop, nice added touch haha
6 years ago
Really nice tut, thanks Andrew!
6 years ago
AMAZZZZZING ! Thank u Andrew !!!
6 years ago
Hey andrew is this moreless the same technique used for DC Comics intro on film?
Mark Louie Almeda
6 years ago
Woooooot!!! id been waiting for this one!
leonardo de caprio
6 years ago
you rock my world bro
6 years ago
wow this tutorials is great foe the tv fansy show. Thank you andrew.
6 years ago
Wow! Thank looks awesome

Thanks =)
6 years ago
Tnx Andrew look like a graet tutorial
6 years ago
감사합니다. 앤드류 선생님~!!!

Thank you!! andrew teacher!!
6 years ago
WOW Andrew... I'm going to try it immediately..
6 years ago
Very nice.Thanks Andrew :D
I'll start it right now.
6 years ago
OMG FINALLY!!! Been on the VCP website ALL week, just waiting and drooling (not literally but you get what I mean) for the tutorial! Thx, Andrew!!!
6 years ago
Nice. The hotness
6 years ago
Realy super stuff., once aging thanks to Andrew....
6 years ago
thank andrew your tutorial is brilliant,greetings from mexico.
6 years ago
haven't seen the whole tutorial yet but this is a video that I have already made that is kind if like the first twiter transition -

6 years ago
Thanks Andrew!!!!!!!!!!! Going to watch it right now!!!!!! :D
6 years ago
Interesting. Looking forward to other tutorials.
Chris Woods
6 years ago
thanks very much!
6 years ago
Cool! I'm going to watch it as soon as AE opens. :D
6 years ago
Awesome tutorial!
Sam Gilbert
6 years ago
Thanks Andrew, Hey any chance of you coming to NY again?
6 years ago
Nice Andrew! I'm looking forward to doing the tutorial! Also, I'd like to say that ActionEssentials2 is amazing!
Ron in Calgary
6 years ago
Still amazing Andrew !
6 years ago
grr.. you posted this as soon as I started my homework. O well, something to look forward to.
6 years ago
Excellent, will check this out now.

Thanks Andrew! :)
6 years ago
Great stuff, interesting having a look at some of the other, less used in tuts, plugins.
6 years ago
Aw, cmon Andrew, I'm from Minneapolis so I like this "Time" better:
Max Manus
6 years ago
this is really cool!:D planning to use it on a music video for Addicted (, if you wanna check them out:)
6 years ago
Great technique and fascinating outcome!
Thanks Andrew!
6 years ago
Awesome, I'm starting it right now.
6 years ago
I love dis After Effects stuff!
6 years ago
Looks fabulous! Thanks so much! =D
Filipe Leira
6 years ago
Very good! Thanks Andrew
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