Optical Flares Release Date

Happy New Year to everyone! Let’s kick this year off with some exciting news about Optical Flares. Our new lens flare plug-in will be available January 25 2010. That’s going to be one bright Monday and you can be sure to see some in-depth demonstration of the amazing features very soon.

This going to be a big Year at Video Copilot!

8 years ago
New Tutorial: Advanced Electric FX! 100% AE
In this 3-in-1 Tutorial we get the high-voltage action! This massive 56 min tutorial has so many tips and tricks you are sure to learn something new! Techniques: Direction Lightning Movement Dynamic Reflections with realistic falloff Sub Surface Illuminated Clouds Interactive Lightning bolts Nice Soft Glow recipe No extra Plug-ins needed! 100% After Effects! Project files […]
Where are the Tutorials! + NAB 2017!
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