Holiday Title with Evolution

To help with your holiday graphics, Save 40% on our design collection Evolution all this week.
UPDATE: Sale ended Friday. Happy Holidays!

Evolution is 100% downloadable and available after purchase!

For those customers who own Evolution, please enjoy this free project file for After Effects CS3 and CS4. The title design uses only 1 of the 155 elements and all you need to do is relink the one missing file with your Evolution collection. You may also need this font and possibly a snowcone.

Be sure to check out our other great products and gifts from the Video Copilot online store at everyday low prices! Your support keeps this site going and might also keeps Sam Loya off the streets (Maybe).

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6 years ago
Presenting NAB 2015 in Las Vegas!
If anyone is planning to go to NAB in Las Vegas, I’ll be presenting at the Adobe booth! This year I only have time to do a single presentation so grab some lunch and then go to the Adobe Booth! Presentation Time: 2pm on April 14th See if you there but if not, I think Adobe […]
Element 3D V2.2 Now Available!
Element 3D V2.2 Now Available! Element 3D V2.2 is now available and free to V2 users! Top Features: Group Symmetry Creation Mode Dynamic Group Folder Reflections Matte Reflection Mode Updated UI with speed improvements Matte Shadow with Alpha Channel Improved material visibility options Save Group Folder as E3D file Export OBJ Utility Improved C4D support file […]
Announcing Element 3D V2.2
Super busy but I wanted to share some exciting news, Element 3D V2.2 is almost ready! We’ve added some very cool new features for compositing, rendering, workflow and design!  Plus some improved C4D integration.  There are at least 5 impressive new features in this update! The poster graphic was also created entirely inside of Element 3D […]
Development Jobs @ Video Copilot
Video Copilot is expanding and we are looking for talented developers to work with Video Copilot! Currently we are looking for candidates to join our web development team and our software development division. _________________________________________________________ WEBSITE DEVELOPER (Full Time) – PHP & Database experience – Skilled with Webpage Design Layout & Implementation – HTML, CSS & JavaScript, […]

5 years ago
can you make another tutorial pls
6 years ago
Seems another case of Evolution in the music video:
about 3:32
6 years ago
Unless I am very much mistaken, I believe that CanesVision, the crew who run the video and graphics on the technology for the Carolina Hurricanes, have been using an edited version of this title on the Videoboards for the month of December.

I have also seen them use some of the Evolution elements on other in-game material too.

Just thought it worth writing about. Good Stuff!
6 years ago
This title is very good
6 years ago
Feliz Navidad y prospero año para Andrew y todo tu equipo de apollo.....y milesimas grasias por tus tuturiales....muchas grasias. (o_O)
6 years ago
Hey Andrew - Only two days left -
sorry - but we-re sure you have a xmas
Gift for the community.
Merry xmas for you and your family
6 years ago
Hey Andrew,

Thanks for a great year of helpful and informative materials.

I've posted a holiday video we did this year for everyone.

It combines the use of Twitch, Action Footage Essentials, Designer Sound Effects, and other various techniques featured on this site.

Daniel Phillips
6 years ago
Throwing in my thanks as well. First product I've gotten here and it was due to it being 40% off (poor college student). Love it! Keep it up, Andrew.
6 years ago
Please andrew, give us Optical lens flare
6 years ago
merry christmas andrew.. god bless
6 years ago
i love this website andrew
6 years ago
Andrew you are the best
6 years ago
Doooh! :(
I just noticed this offer at 1am on Monday morning.... An HOUR after it expired.
Don't suppose there's a teeny chance of extending it a little longer? :)
Neptune Zhang
6 years ago
Thank you!
Andrew you are so awesome!
anadaido marika
6 years ago
merry kristumasu
6 years ago
Thanx for the 40% off, its a better Christmas than I would imagine :)
As for the video, its awesome, I was working on something similar, but I see you beat me to it.. :)
6 years ago
Awww, too late, the coupon has expired… :'(
6 years ago
Hey Andrew, look at my Holiday video with your x-mas track...thank you and have a nice 2010!!!

6 years ago
I mean their plug-in
6 years ago
Linksmų Šventų Kalėdų (Merry Christmas) Andrew. Your DVD are great. Thank you! Greetings from Lithuania
6 years ago
I couldn't think of another place to put this so I'll just comment here. I just now saw Star Trek for the first time on DVD. During the commentary J.J. mentioned you for doing the titles :) - I just thought that was cool and wanted to comment on it. ;) - Good job by the way, man!
6 years ago
Andrew Kramer!!!!!Thank you very much!!!! You are my teacher. That's what I did for one of your lessons -
6 years ago
I am a Chinese film and television post-worker, I like your work too much, and really want to have time to be able to direct.
6 years ago
Thanks to Andrew and all of the Video Copilot team for the excellent products and the great enjoyment and education you provide. All the best to you and yours through the holiday season and the coming year. Happy holidays to the thousands of other fans who, like myself, are enriched by this site.
Abdullah Afzal
6 years ago
Hey ANDREW Kramer..
ONE WORD, ... actually its two =)
here is something that i made just because of you..


i hope yu get the time to watch it ...

ur all time fan n big supporter..
!Abdullah afzal!
Paul Chuks
6 years ago
videocopilot has helped me a lot.thanks andrew keep up d good work(i realy like prescores) many thanks to sam 4 helping out.Your tutorials are really rocking Africa.Pls make packages a littke cheaper(prices are not the same in africa,it is much more expensive)merry xmas and God bless Video copilot. Paul NIGERIA(AFRICA)
OMG first time blogger long time fan of the work andrew and the staff at video copilot put out!! You've taught me so much and have made me very confident in my work flow with After Effects. Although i LOVE your work in AE i also was amazed by the 3D vines tutorial!! i guess what i'm getting at with all of this petty small talk is MORE 3D STUDIO MAX TUTORIALS with using AE to composite color correct, ect. lol or just use Trapcode's form and approach 3D that way hahah.. either way i would love to see Andrew's talents with those plug ins / software


6 years ago
mantap dah,,,,,,,,,,,,,
6 years ago
6 years ago
Hi Andrew,
Nothing to do with your sale, but thought you might enjoy this BBC news story about a low budget (lots of FX compositing) short film hitting it big (really big)
6 years ago
Hello Andrew! :)
Great tuts all over your webpage :)! Great work :)!
Best wishes from Poland and Merry Christmas!! :)
6 years ago
another question: when are going to release opitical flares 3D i can't wait!!!!
last month i spent 30 minutes trying to find one way to link an after effects light to an optical flare.

well, merry xmas to u and ur family!!!
6 years ago
hey man, nice work with the site. i tihnk that u have already seen it but, dude... red giant is going to release a 3d optical flares pack for knoll light factory...
a tought that you maybe helped them... did you ?
only curiosity :)

ps.: sory for the wrong inglish, i'm a 14 years boy from brazil so, it is quite normal.

thanks and congratulation again!!
6 years ago
Andrew, Nollaig Shona Duit agus do clann. Go mbeirimid uile beo ar an am seo gach bhliain.
6 years ago
Hello Andrew happy new year 2010
6 years ago
Merry Christmas Andrew and Thanks!!! =)
Milan Tasic
6 years ago
Thanks for your tutorials,you are the best man ever.
Merry Christmas Andrew.
6 years ago
Hello Andrew MERRY CHRISTMAS to ur family and all video copilot members.
6 years ago
hey andrew wish u a merry christmas !!! and happy holiday too.!! take care andrew. wish u all the best for your future projects....
6 years ago

I just watched the AVATAR... today.....FANTABULOUS... It is one the best movies ever made in terms of visual fx and having a look at the making of the movie...jaw dropping...

here is a link to the making... the marking goes way beyond basic understanding....

James Cameroon sure knows to break barriers... (of course Steven Spielberg too)..

Sure do have a look at the video very inspiring.

Jon Cofer
6 years ago
Question: Does anyone have the ability to save this project into a format compatible with After Effects 7? I don't know if it can be done or if it's been done before (and with some of the other proj files like the fire text one) but if so please let me know cuz I'd love to play with these projects =)
6 years ago
Thanks, this is great... I'm gonna have to try and make something simular to this one :)!

Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year!!
6 years ago
Merry Christmas from Serbia!
6 years ago
Merry Christmas...

Feliz Natal para toda a equipe da Video Copilot que tem realizado um trabalho incrível durante todo o ano.

From Brazil... xD
6 years ago
Thanks for the title Andrew! I used it as an ecard to send to the family
6 years ago
Thank's Andrew
Merry Christmas
When you Create A New PRoduct Again???
6 years ago
Merry Christmas to the Team Video Copilot & Family!!!
from Argentina
Max Porto
6 years ago
Yeah! Let's keep Sam Loya out of the streets and contribute for his rehabilitation. Thanks, Andrew, for your tutorials, your great products and the inspiration for all of us, thanks to you crew (including that little fat guy, Sam) and keep going, doing amazing things, turning possible the impossible, at least, visually.
Merry Xmas for all of you and all of the viewers and lovers of videocopilot (including me).
Congratulations from Brazil.
Feliz Natal a todos vocês e um abraço!
john alexis
6 years ago
waw! thank you adrew and staff hehehe
6 years ago
happi holidays Andraw
The German
6 years ago
yeah it also dose not work for me, after relinking the one file the Comp looks ugly and the other design around the circle are missing :(
Diego G.
6 years ago
@Abner Garcia:
Read what Andrew sayd at before...
"all you need to do is relink the one missing file with your Evolution collection..."
Paul Martinez
6 years ago
Merry F/X-mas to all the folks of Video Copilot. Thank you for all the great tools and tutorials.
6 years ago
Wow this is awesome but that free christmas project file is not downloading right. Once you open the file project you receive an error message that some file is missing. I guess that is the ornament brush layer. Thank you!!!
6 years ago
Thanks Andrew !
I think you should go for a tutorial combining the previous glass orb and this title !! I bet there is a lot a learn.
6 years ago
Thanx Andraw and happy holidays
6 years ago
Merry Christmas !!!!! and happy holidays
6 years ago
Thanks my are the ONE!!!!!!

Merry Christmas from Italy...

6 years ago
You are the best!
6 years ago
Merry X-mas, Andrew from south Korea.

I wish you get a big earning next year!.

and teach me more more more !
6 years ago
Looks really nice, maybe I'll purchase Evolutions and download the project-file.
6 years ago
merry christmas to you Andrew am glad for this speacial gift for christmas we the evolution users thank for the tutorials may God give you indept knowlege in AE so that

we too can learn more i say more gress to your elbow
6 years ago
Thank You yet again Andrew Kramer for additional content and tutorials, can't wait to purchase Optical flares when it comes out, they looked outstanding in Star Trek!

May you and your family have a great Holiday season!

PS: However, I do have a question, the smudge shot, how did you achieve that by using an actual lense in a studio shoot, or was it photoshop/AE Montague?
6 years ago
awesome project.....u rock AKKKKKKKKK......
6 years ago
To Andrew, I bet that if you allowed uploads of samples done by the users you would get more excitement and interest here on your already cool site.
BTW: I am definetly considering buying evolution. :-)
6 years ago
If I didn't already own this, now would by my chance to get it. To those of you who don't, if you have the money, it's more than worth it. As are all of the products from VideoCopilot

Check out the trailer I made for a live show in Toronto this Friday. All of the FX shots were done using Andrew Kramer's tutorials and products.

-Simon Box
6 years ago
MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!!!! (Especially Andrew Kramer)
6 years ago
Any news on when Optical Flares will be released?
6 years ago
Look at the size of that deal, mate!
6 years ago
Thanks AK.

How do u come up with this stuff, do u like, see a commercial and recreate something like or whats. anyway, after i got evolution i forgot there where any tutorials so i just figured stuff out on my own, but theres one problem, my little preset/ plugin thing to make it so all the evolutions are stuck together by a null object doesn't work. ive watched the tut on it, and followed it step by step but it doesn't function properly.

Well, i hate using other peoples ideas, especially yours, so im just gonna make something similar, but i dont know where you got that background.
barry barrera
6 years ago
merry christmas and happy new year to all of us here! more in 2010
6 years ago
Merry Christmas Andrew and thanks for the discount. I've been wanting Evolution for a long time but it was just a bit out of my price range. Just placed my order and am looking forward to using it.
6 years ago

Muito bom!!

Feliz Natal Para TODOS!!!
Diego G.
6 years ago
Andrew, I know it's unrelated, but...
Have you ever thought about doing VideoCopilot Wallpapers? :P
6 years ago
actually this is great post Andrew :) great man good luck
6 years ago
Feliz Navidad y año nuevo 2010 desde España.

Merry Christmas and New Year 2010 from Spain.
6 years ago
Thanks for the discount! We love everything you have on your site!
6 years ago
I purchased it just 1-2 days before ;)But nevermind ..great product,Thnx to videocopilot and and Andrew for this and for great tutorials.
Greetings from Estonia

6 years ago
Are you lonely? Sitting there in your underwear, using this mornings beer can, as an ashtray? Well if your like me, and I know I am! you will want those hotties from the mall to give you the time of day. And how are they gonna do that, if you don't have this great product? I just got this! I am already noticing some new hair growth and I think I look slimmer. It's true! Chicks dig guys who use Evolution!
6 years ago
Seriously if you don't own Evolution already, what are you waiting for people?!
I'm tempted to buy it a second time it's been such a great tool.
6 years ago
WOW!!!!!!!!!!!I Just Love Evolution..........I have Planned to Buy It This Week After I Watch "AVATAR"----For Sure...........
6 years ago
thanks a lot!

*still waiting 100th tutorial*
6 years ago
Yo kRAmer Merry Christmas to you and the family.
6 years ago
Thnx a lot Mr.Kramer for this cool stuff. One question...
What windows are you using now? Please respond to my question... My after effects is not working well with my sp2. THANKS ONCE MORE
6 years ago
Thanks Andrew. I appreciate the gift. Have a great week.
6 years ago
Hi Andrew. Nice one! But aside the animation I really love the "smudge.jpg" texture and was searching in my texture collections for those on-camera-artifacts/grunge but did not find any. Did you photograph those or where can I get more of these?

However, happy holidays to you and your family!!
wow. . thanks VCP!!!!

happy holidays!!!!!!!

ho ho ho ho!!!!
6 years ago
Merry Chirstmas to VideoCopilot crew!
6 years ago
Allready got the Evolution pack...but thanks a million for the project i got my digital x-mas card for my clients ready in 2 rock dude!! In fact your rock so much i desided to chance my homepage to the site :D!!! I'm starting to think about changing my wallpaper from the ugliest wallpaper ever made by my gf (and she makes me keep it on the pc...and yes she checks it often :S) to a nice videocopiot wallpaper will be worth the beating :D...i hope...

Happy X-mas from Holland guys..make it a good one!!

p.s. you guys should make some backgrounds for all the fans around the world :D!! I'll be the first to download it :D!!
6 years ago
Andrew, I just purchased Evolution! Thank you for the 40% discount! Had my eye on Evolution for months, and was waiting to see what Optical Flares looked like, and then prioritize the purchases. Your discount really made it impossible to wait. In honor of you discount, I will refuse to ask anything about your 100th tutorial in this comment ....oops, slipped :-)
William Fong
6 years ago
Happy Holidays and thank you so much for the tutorials, it has made my job of composting a lot easier.
6 years ago
Merry Christmas and greetings from Belgium
6 years ago
tanx for tutrialess
Edris & Mehran
6 years ago
Hi.Andrew Kramer
we are come from iran/sanandaj and we are like you and we are work on after effect.we are learning after effect from you.

You are best in the WORLD.
thank andrew and sam !!!

from edris mohammadi and mehran ramazany.
Slobodan Todorovic
6 years ago
Happy Holiday, Andrew!
6 years ago
enjoy your holidays everybody!
6 years ago
Thanx Andrew, Merry & Happy Christmas
6 years ago
Great stuff! But where did you get this music? It's bloody awesome!
6 years ago
Merry Christmass everyone :D
it's not snowing here :/
i want snooowww and skiii :P
6 years ago
thank you very much! u are the greatest !
6 years ago
merry christmas..may God bless you :)
Jens Chr Blix
6 years ago
Bought it fresh from the press ages ago! I still cherish my DVD.

You shall have no other gods before me.
Bah! Videocopilot 4ever!

Happy holidays from a Norwegian living up north! :-)
6 years ago
An easy buy ;)
Happy holidays from a Norwegian living down under ;)
Dominik K.
6 years ago
Oh i got it :) really nice Andrew. Merry Christmas
Dominik K.
6 years ago
How do i relink this to my evlution folder?
6 years ago
Happy Merry Christmas videocopilot!!!!!! YEAH!


6 years ago
Wooooow, I love!!!!! o_0

¡Thanks Andrew you're the best!
6 years ago
Merry Christmas !:)
6 years ago
Happy Merry Christmas Gents!!!

Whish to all of VC team and visitor all the best and to your family as well...

Best Whishes,
Nurassyl Nigmetov

Kazakhstan, Atyrau
David Coster
6 years ago
ahh...i bought it last week. whatever. i'm happy to have it! thanks andrew and the vc team for the website! have a good holday...

David Coster

6 years ago
Andrew Marry Christmas!! God Bless You! and your family
6 years ago
poor Sam Loya :'(

Merry Christmas and happy New 2010!
from Portugal ;)
George Hazelwood
6 years ago
Awesome Andrew. Where did you get the music?
6 years ago
Happy Chanukkah Andrew, and thank you! You have taught me so much on VFX! May you continue being a light of knowledge for tens of thousands of people to come! :-)
6 years ago
Thanks And Merry Christmas Andrew! I'm getting Action Essentials 2 and a VC T-Shirt for Christmas
6 years ago
X-mas Andrew from Fortaleza, BRAZIL. Waiting Optical Flares! Will be coll!
Tony Mueller
6 years ago
Thanks for the free project, love the evolution package although I haven't used it as much as I thought I would. And I see you've discovered Humanist521... one of my favorites (I might actually use it too much).
Alex Nonnato
6 years ago
X-mas & happy New 2010 From MEXICO
Brandon S
6 years ago
Your tutorials and products are amazing!!! I really want to purchase the 10-pack. Unfortunately, I missed out on the 25% off deal. Any plans for another deal like that?

6 years ago
Thanks for the christmas discount Andrew! I've been visiting your site for quite a while now watching a lot of tutorials and trying to recall them when working in AE :) This is my first buy and I'm excited to use Evolution!
Greetings from Germany and a very happy christmas!
Simon Steele
6 years ago
Merry Christmas Mr. Kramer, thanks for everything you did for us this year.

I love your designs and look forward to analyzing this one.
6 years ago
Happy Holiday for everyone! :)
Great use of a single file with a lot of versatility!
6 years ago
You're a great help for us aspiring Compositors! Have a utterly merry christmas, andrew!
6 years ago
Merry Xmas to me! Thanks Andrew!
6 years ago
Christmas come early. I am learning so much with your tutorials - and for that -I thank you!! Ps - do you know when suretarget2.0 will be out? Looking forward to buying evolution.
6 years ago
Merry Christmas mate, thanks for the project. Enjoy your break, from a land down under :D
6 years ago
Merry Christmas 2 u all... =)
6 years ago
awesome!!! Merry Christmas!!!
6 years ago
I bought Evolution ages ago but thanks for the title file! Happy Holidays!
6 years ago
Happy Holiday, Andrew! :-)
6 years ago
Thanx Andrew, Merry Christmas.
6 years ago
Awesome!! thanks for the 40% off sale!!

Love the products and your tutorials help me so much to learn After Effects! Without you, I'd be lost! :D
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