VC Reflect rev 14

Good news! We updated our VC Reflect plug-in to work with PPC Macs. If you were having trouble loading the plug-in on your MAC with AE7 or a G5 processor, try the latest build 14 and see if that works for ya!

Check out the tutorial and download the project with the plugin.
Click Here

BTW: Optical Flares is making big progress, expect more news next week. Look, Optical Flares is just an awesome, fun plug-in… I’m very excited and can’t wait to show you more!

7 years ago
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Onome Nwa Films
6 years ago
I absolutely love the VC Reflect plug in. Lately, I've been shooting a lot on green screen and it adds so much production value to the work. check out one of my latest video:
3D camera movements, VC Reflect and Action Essentials 2 were used.
7 years ago
All I can say is "wow" what a great job on this new product your working on...hope its got a great price for the starving artist!

Thanks again to the Video Copilot Team, keep up the great work.

Ben Baker
7 years ago
Happy Thanksgiving Mr. Kramer. I hope yours is filled with red cheeks and fat abdomens!
7 years ago
Thanks dude.......................
Frank Sievert
7 years ago
Hi Akeenoya,

look at creative cow and search for the
"Pre-Composing and Nesting" (2parted Tutorial) from Aharon Rabinowitz. That should cover all your questions.

7 years ago

Can you explain me (or us) the interest of the precomposition ?

Not for this tutorial, but in general... I'm a newbie in AE and i don't understand very well why, in some cases, we must precomp a layer.

Thanks ! (from France)
7 years ago
Thank you!
I will immediately use it.
7 years ago
thank u for this plugin, sir u r my master.....
i am interested to learn more from u....
video tutorials clarity ,u r way of teaching AE Makes us to learn easily......
7 years ago
thank u sir..............thank u so much....
7 years ago
7 years ago
Oh.. YA...

Totally forgot about QUICK MATTE.... that is a must have. Optical Flares and Quick Matte are two tools a VFX artist cannot do without.
Joost te D’vaart
7 years ago
Hey Andrew,

Indeed amazing as always,

Funny how once you are interrested by AE, you start 2 notice things. For instance, i'm from the Netherlands and like the USA has MTV.. we got TMF also a music station with an Awards-show and all. Well, i was watching it and then i saw "your Angry Monter" tutorial converted into intro's for the nominees.. Kinda cool i thought.. likely i'm not the only one watching and enjoying your shows / tutorials. I hope you'll continou for a long time, since i learned already so much.. and more each tutorial. You're an insperation to all..

Yours truly... haha excuse me for my bad English

Joost T te D
7 years ago
Amazing like always.

got one question i the only one or is the Poll of the What do you think: AE CS5 as 64-bit only....not working?

i can't vote or check the results
thanks Andrew for updating us regarding on Optical Flares
all of us. . (your fans)

can't wait too about that. .

thank you so much for lots of concern to your fans
and visitors of your site. .

i don't know. . but your some kind of a
really great person. . and the rest of VCP cast. .
Bill Kelly
7 years ago
@Peter Somers (TC-Productions)

Ahh yes. That was in the tutorial. [Facepalm]
Thanks for the reminder. I must have had a brain crampl
7 years ago
waiting for 3 things : OF , QM and Serious fx 2...i hope all will be up this month
7 years ago
Thanks again guys, sometimes I feel like we don't deserve!...much love and respec...seeen!
7 years ago
Hi Andrew, I have a problem that I can not solve. Surprised at this, and write me how to solve please. Much thanks in advance!

7 years ago
Excelent, thank you for this. it is nice on 3d renders where I just need a quick reflection and don't have the time for raytrace. can use it for shadows too, Thanks
Peter Somers (TC-Productions)
7 years ago
@Bill Kelly:

To prevent your 3D reflections being hidden by your ground plane, drop an empty Adjustment Layer underneath the layer that contains your REFLECT effect.
This will solve the problem.
7 years ago
Thanks for such a quick response on the problem. Man you guys are great! I re-loaded it and it works flawless, loving it!
7 years ago
Sorry for my english, Thx for all Andrew, from Spain i´m watching your videos eventually, and i´m working with your teaching videos.
If you coming at Europe anytime to speak about AE, I´ll be there!
Ah, I´m unnemployment jeje if you needs a hand i´m waitting, i can send photographic and video material from Europe for your web, this is the less i can do for your help, good bye.
7 years ago

1. Free
2. Source Code
3. Derived Works
4. Integrity of The Author's Source Code
5. No Discrimination Against Persons or Groups
6. No Discrimination Against Fields of Endeavor
7. Distribution of License
8. License Must Not Be Specific to a Product
9. License Must Not Restrict Other Software
10. License Must Be Technology-Neutral
7 years ago
Excellent scripting, idk why I was asking for the "code"... it was a late night. 5/5*'s on this plugin! I wish i knew more about java. I guess as the ol' saying goes "if you dont know, ask someone" just be sure its a reliable source ;)
James Reid
7 years ago
Andrew, can i just say thanks for this plugin. it has saved so much time and effort. Thanks again
Loay Emad
7 years ago
Waiting for more
7 years ago
Thank you a lot for this free plugin
7 years ago
so if we aren't running a mac and downloaded it a couple days ago should we update it? did you change anything except the mac compatibility?
7 years ago
Andrew Sir Cant wait for ur optical flares plug-in.......its awsome..........i have alredy uninstalled knoll light factory pro from my plug-in folder.........that place is for my favorite plug-in optical flares........cant wait to buy it
7 years ago
Andrew Sir Nice Plug-in.........The Reflections Are Good.....But One Problem.......When I Add This Plug-in To A Video It Comes Like A Glass Effect And Sometimes Like A Wave Effect!!!!Whats Wrong With It?But If You Add It To A Text Or A Image It Appears As U Show In The Tutorial So Please Help.........
I Have A cs3 Professional After effects.........
7 years ago
perfect plugin and I'm waiting for 2 things ...OPTICAL FLARES.....QUICK-MATTE....those are gonna help me big time!!
7 years ago
Optical Flares will rock! I can not wait for it to come out...I'll trade 3 camels, 1 donkey, and a years worth of wheat and barley for you magic lights....
Eli Cantu
7 years ago
I had no were else to say this.. Im watching the Star Trek blu-ray with the commentary were JJ drops your name on the title. F'ing Awsome and congrats Andrew!!!
7 years ago
All these awesome free plug-ins really remove any buyers remorese for the big items. I'm really looking forward to giving you some Flare cash.
7 years ago
Awesome! Cant Wait for Optical Flares, oh and this reflection plugin is a MAJOR time savor!!!
Bill Kelly
7 years ago
Just tried the plugin and it is showing up fine in the Effect Controls window when I apply it. One issue I'm getting though is that my floor plane solid and the picture I'm trying to reflect are both 3D layers, and the reflection is going "below" the surface of the floor. It is not visible unless I raise the picture up on the Y axis so it is above the floor. I tried all the different blend styles but nothing works. Just wanted to bring this to your attention. Thanks!
7 years ago
Thanks Andrew ;)
Bill Kelly
7 years ago
This is great news. I watched the tutorial yesterday, downloaded the plugin, then read the comments section and found to my dismay that it didn't work on PPC Macs. Thanks so much Andrew for updating the plugin to work on PPCs.
7 years ago
@Andrei, that sound like an unrelated issue but please email the dump report after ZIpping it up first.
7 years ago
I am still getting the
"Exception occured. Gernerated minidump." Error

The effect settings do show up in the Effects window after awhile, but the last field is the Reflection Angle (nothing after that).

Win XP Pro SP2
AMD Athlon 2.7Ghz
512 RAM
ATI Radeon 9250
AE 7 Pro

For your debugging purposes.
7 years ago
hahaha next year we'll see commercials on every tv-station with a nice 3d-reflection and 3d lens flares...
Handel Eugene
7 years ago
I just think its so funny how many people follow this sight, its quite encouraging yet scary, I was strolling through some of the comments of the past & it seems like theres people who follow Andrew like its a religion, yeah this is a great sight I'm sure everyone appreciates what he does but try not to make it seem like you want to marry the guy (even if you secretly do), quit getting so happy & fight the urge to want to post "Andrew I love You, Your the Man" everytime a new update on the blog comes up. But thats just how I feel, if you have to say hi to andrew on every bog update to be able to sleep at night then my post isn't going to change much, but for those of use who have self worth, well give thanks where thanks is due & continue working....
7 years ago
Ok, so this has nothing to do with the plug-in, even though it is awesome; but did you know JJ Abrams talks about you on the Star Trek DVD commentary?

You're a lucky man.
7 years ago
Dude, what are you doing? See this is why I keep checking your site obsessively. (Shaking my head)
7 years ago
Andrew, I like that you and your team care about your followers. Someone yesterday asked you about a bug on a PPC and now you take the time to solve this issue.

Congratulation for being the way you are.
7 years ago
Very Nonsense and Nice!!!
7 years ago
7 years ago
Can't wait until optical flares
7 years ago
YEAH! Thank you very much. Very useful stuff and FREE!!! Are you kidding me?

Im going to try it right now.

7 years ago
Look... I really am not into kissing ass and sucking up to people. Really, I actually prefer it to be the other way round, but once again Andrew, I am left in awe and have to say you are undoubtably one of the most talented people on this planet. You are severely underappreciated my friend. Thank you for all the hard work you and Sam and the rest of the Hobbos at have done for the likes of myself and other VFX nutcases and filmmakers.

Looking forward to purhcasing the optical flares plugin... Been waiting a while for it.
7 years ago
Using VC Reflect on a project today for a newscast. Also can't wait for Optical Flares!
7 years ago
Cool beans and blue jeans. Thanks.
7 years ago
Cool plugin, thank you Andrew
7 years ago
Hy Andrew!!!! thank you for this plugin
7 years ago
Thank u, Andrew! ;)

As I said, u have the Power. :)
7 years ago
Cool Dr.Andrew))Tnnx
7 years ago
So when is it coming out? I really, really, really need this for a project that I am working on right now. This project will help me land a full time job.

You, Andrew Kramer, can help me and my family eat and have gifts this Holiday season. I do believe in miracles!
Matthew Park
7 years ago
Haha, awesome, thanks dude! :D
7 years ago
awesome! i cant wait for optical flares
Jon UK
7 years ago
It's fantastic, yet so simple to use - even I can manage it - Many thanks
Diego G.
7 years ago
Good update, I've just read that it wasn't compatible with it, and Boom, you put this Update...!
7 years ago
7 years ago
AWESOME!!!! your the best!!! thank you for all the tips you share.
7 years ago
Looking WAY forward to OF!
7 years ago
awesome! Thank you Sir!