Video Copilot: Inside the White House…

When opportunity knocks, it helps to have a camera. OK, so this replica Oval Office may not be the real thing but it is a cool backdrop for something…

To fair, I have no idea what anyone is going to do with this but it just seemed cool to have a 180-degree view inside the home of the greatest US president.

Sample Video HD
Download AE Project and Images (CS3 .aep & jpgs)

I combined several pictures into a panoramic using the panoramic script from, which is an After Effects script marketplace, where you might finds things you didn’t even know you needed.

Feel free to use for your projects but please refer to our License for usage.

I don’t post often but some people have wondered about our twitter page.

7 years ago
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2 years ago
That is great.All 3D.
2 years ago
don't have access to the download button on, what's wrong?
2 years ago
Super cool this files.
Filimao Chauque
3 years ago
Tudo que esta aqui e cool
4 years ago
Having a little fun with the current presidential election and promotion of our upcoming movie. Here's what we quickly came up with using this:
5 years ago
Andrew, you forgot David Palmer! 24 FTW!!!!!
Farhad davari
6 years ago
ok . this great
tank u
7 years ago
E:Estupidy Awesome
O:Oh My!
7 years ago
When Andrew mentioned "The Best President Ever" referencing the Oval office picture he was directly or indirectly referring to President Reagan since this is a picture of the replica that resides in Ronald Reagan's Library. God bless the USA and yes, Ronald Reagan was "The Best President Ever" then there is Dave.....
7 years ago
very cool.thank you. andrew
7 years ago

This looks great. I can probably use it to mimic that new supernatural show title treatment. My question is, the glow on the letters or drop shadow makes it a bit actually makes it look like the tittles were made in an Avid Media Composer title tool. Is there a way to fix this?

Thank you so much all the tutorial, you guys rock!
7 years ago
I agree with derrick; Bill Pullman in ID4 is truly the greatest president.
7 years ago
i dont know mr. kramer, i think my best president vote has to go to this guy:
7 years ago
A desk looks a bit bare without a computer these days.
7 years ago
MANNN andrew this is making me mad. the 3d just doesnt look right. i dont know. it looks like a REALLY wide screen lens. i dont know how you did it but like the couch and stuff is actually 3d so i really dont know how in the world you achieved it.
7 years ago
Just wondering if Sam really has a facebook, I send a friend invite about a month ago and still not comfirmed, I am just curious what projects he is involved in and how my fav. action hero is doing these days..doesn't seem to be that involved in Copilot anymore..:( Later AK
Mike in FL.
7 years ago
do you have myspace? :P
7 years ago
Hei, Andrew,
Great effect for keyed out president walking and the camera panning with him or something for a movie. The only give away if, of course one could be able to figure it out that it was created from stitched photos is that the wall when panning at the upper rim breaks up in pattern of straight lines connections, doesn't look oval or round. I am not criticizing it its just an observation. I think it is great and very innovative to have a footage wit z-space that one can use should one need to show the oval office for some or another reason in their creative film/video making. What other compositing software have that plug or script, Nuke, Shake etc. can you tell us?
Congratulations and thank you for inspiring us all and keeping the passion burning.
7 years ago
I love your tutorials and ideas, but I love your politics even more. Harrison Ford was by far, THE BEST, President EVER! Maybe you can put Sam in the shot, standing by the door in Matrix glasses, as his head of Secret Service.
7 years ago
Oh that's cool. I wish you'd do a tutorial on that.
7 years ago
Hey this would go great with a side of the "3D Pictures" tutorial :d
7 years ago
HAHA very useful
Kyle Hatch
7 years ago
Bruce, don't. For all the things this company has given you... Andrew has given us... as film makers, designers, artists... just don't.
7 years ago
I use particles sometimes like a grid to show Z space. It's not meant to be part of the virtual world...
7 years ago
Something I've always wanted to ask.... what's the fascination with particles in just about everything? It's cool enough without all the extra stuff in there. Did they have a pillow fight? Is that the VP's left over dandruff? Did the roof get pulled off by aliens and now it's snowing? The world needs to know....
Godfrey Meyer
7 years ago
Someone will do an explosion through the window with Action Essentials 1 n 2.. hey I'll do it.. but I'd like to see you do it Andrew.
Johann Torres
7 years ago
so cool! :)
7 years ago
How are you. I mean wht is wrong with you Andrew Kramer Why you are making This time waste Video You already made this in effect in 'The Bullet' DVD so .......
7 years ago
haha i like the new website header.
veefx and moshun grafix... mad cool bro.
i'll check back l8er.
7 years ago
Oh yeah, and its free!!
7 years ago
7 years ago
Pretty cool... For a mock up, looks pretty realistic. Was this at a museum or something out West?
Some Guy
7 years ago
I love the new header! I even saved it to my Desktop. :)
Andrew Auman
7 years ago
I see a secret door to Batmans cave :)
7 years ago
Hey Andrew, yeah right, no idea what anyone is going to do with this, but.... wouldnt it be cooler to have a view "around" the table (instead of the words).... and an 180 degree view in the background??? This would be an "matrix" effect. And... I am sure, the only one who can give us a good and easy solution is you!
I am thinking about a mix out of the "3D City" and the re lightning tutorial. And why it is snowing in the office, wouldnt shafts of sunlight for the 3D look not be more realistic???

7 years ago
Great thanks AHHHHH!
7 years ago
Neato. I'm already following you on Twtitter. Rock on Mr. K.
7 years ago
hi i need help buying a laptop that can hold all of the features of adobe movie making and video copilot stuff. can someone tell me what kind i should get? plz reply asap.
anvir tahini
7 years ago
is CONGERRS FEeling miss the CILINGS ??? YES ?
Zvi Twersky
7 years ago
@Aleksander: where is congress when the ceiling needs fixing?
7 years ago
Looks cool, but i think the work with the ceiling is a little bit lousy, not to claim you...
7 years ago
Very cool!
7 years ago
King Tut:
You visited the Reagan Library, didn't you?
7 years ago
hey andrew! great post!


saad ali
7 years ago
cool..i think you should make a tutorial on panoramic...if there is already a tut somewhere can i have the link please..

thank bro
Zvi Twersky
7 years ago
I have been following you for some time now on Twitter. Your last post was: Keying more clips for Action Essentials 2... (04/30/2009 12:30:10 AM) :-)
7 years ago
One day it will be your office ^^
Lol'd at "veefx + moshun grafix"
7 years ago
Also you can do it fairly easy with Trapcode Horizon if you have an equirectangular image
7 years ago
very nice Andrew
7 years ago
Really cool Andrew, but I have a question. Is this a 3D render or pictures linked together?
7 years ago
Thx for the link Andrew...
...didn't know it snowed in the white hse ;)

Everydays Christmas to You, huh!
7 years ago
Amazing! there is so Manny things to track in this shot. you could really do some funny things with it
7 years ago
Horizon de trapcode ^^
7 years ago
Yes very cool, i've already tested such an effect with the horizon plug in from Trapcode and equirectangular shots just like in this tutorial (not mine but really awesome) :
Alby Smith
7 years ago
cool... very cool indeed!

Thanks AK!
you are the President!!
Tobias Dannacher
7 years ago
a "matrix-time-freez-effect" with snow in the white house, i dont know what i shall say its crazy.

and sorry for my english 4year without writing a word is a long time :/
7 years ago
NICE :D I can think about several things i can tdo with it thank you :D
7 years ago
Kramer for oval office! I wonder if you could teleport nightcrawler from X-men somewhere in there - bawooosh...
7 years ago
Hahaha Kramer last time normality now dealing with panorama kindaa effect man u r a graphics professor!!What r the particles for man it look like its snowing inside the house and not outside the house hahaha!!!
7 years ago
Hey Andrew.
Looks very cool.
Could be great for greenscreenstuff.
Rainier Markmann
7 years ago
holy dooo.... that's rock!
party boy
7 years ago
this one is great! still waiting for the quickmatte plugin though...
7 years ago
nice! must have a look at the scripts thank you
7 years ago
Very cool I was Waiting for Nightcrawler to pop out somewhere ! This script is a big time saver ! Can you recommend a good sphere or cube script ?
Adam Sklar
7 years ago
I'm sure it isn't snowing or zero gravity inside the white house. *shifty*
7 years ago
I d like to live in the White House!!
7 years ago
Nice one! Does the bullet have panoramic views or something?
Kevin Lee
7 years ago
Bravo my good man. Now put me in the chair making sure all is right in the world. (we'd all be in deep trouble)
7 years ago
That was so cool. Gotta check out the script too.
7 years ago
i meant camera moving right not left.... zzzz
7 years ago
shouldn't the particles be moving in the opposite direction if the camera is moving left, or have i been awake far too long...

yay for the twitter link
7 years ago
Hey Andrew u the best.Do you see this Technic used on bullet tutorial and secondly could u talk about designing,like designing Technics and some principle of making motion graphic look right and not cheap please. Even if its just a audio pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeee. thank you and man you were born for this.god i love u work.
brain blast
7 years ago
oh..this one's great..thanks man..
7 years ago
Hey Andrew Brother you are a very creative and very fast Designer. I love your works...