Unplugged Interview: Part II

John over at Motionworks just posted part 2 of our interview where we talk about some interesting challenges and the future of Video Copilot.

Watch Interview

7 years ago
In addition to posting on the blog more frequently, I plan to post more photos and experimental renders on the new Instagram account! Check us out on Instagram! Also on Twitter!
Presenting at NAB 2016!
I’m excited to announced that I’ll be presenting at the Adobe Booth in Las Vegas for NAB.  If you live near Vegas or have time to getaway, NAB is one of a very few shows that always has cool stuff for everyone. PRESENTATION TIMES: Monday & Tuesday April 18th and 19th @2PM @Adobe I’ll be sticking around […]
Free Star Wars Model Pack!
Happy Star Wars day! To celebrate our love for Star Wars we are giving away a sweet collection of 3D models that we built so you can learn to create your own visual effects! Our goal is to show you tips for Lighting, Rigging and animating so you can learn to create exciting visual FX too! These are […]
Video Copilot Show Returns!
The Video Copilot Show is back! What is the Video Copilot show? And where did it go? Well, we used to do this thing where we filmed stuff we made… Starting next week we will be taking you behind the scenes as we try to pull another intense visual effects shot!  Our goal was to try and do something more […]

6 years ago
I watched both parts of these interviews. It's great to finally learn more about Andrew as the person, rather than the hilarious After Effects teacher/ FX wizard! lol

I am most looking forward to 'Action Sound FX' I can hardly wait!
7 years ago
This is an informative interview.thank you so much andrew for sharing such a great tutorial.
7 years ago
My dear Mr. Kramer;

Well over a year ago I gleefully stumbled onto your website right around the time I acquired the Meyers books and After Effects and decided I was going to learn Motion Graphics.

A lot of time has passed and I really suck at Motion Grapics. BUT. I do know what a keyframe is and can pre comp something, change colors, and do some other stuff that I couldn't do a year ago. It is a happy day when one of your new products comes out!!

I love your website because it is a training ground of the fundamental basics of After Effects and Motion Graphics and something tells me if I keep practicing no matter how much it doesn't feel like I am getting anywhere because I can't come up with some spectacular design and implement it because I am learning to be automatic like now, like I learned by multiplication tables before I started using them automatically in algebra (all of which I have forgotten, but that is besides the point)

I love what you do, think you have a kicking sense of humor and I join the grateful ranks of people whose lives are being changed. You help keep me out of a cubicle and anybody who does that has my grateful appreciation.

Once I start making some money I will start buying Dickinson's stuff, but right now to the victor goes the spoils. Marketing genius...
Fortune Lauture
7 years ago
Hi Kramer
I just see you interview with MotionWorks. It's really cool! When I can expect you in NY aigain a lot of my friends AENY
7 years ago
It's so nice to see you're a really down-to-earth guy despite the huge fame & success you've so deservedly earned.

Nice interview although I just wished Dickinson would let you speak more, he kept interrupting in the middle of a sentence which was kind of annoying :/

Best of luck,
7 years ago
kool glad to watch this interveiw...
7 years ago
7 years ago
Very Cool... Thanks for sharing it!
eathan z.
7 years ago
awesooome interview!
*is crossing my finger for the part 3. =))
7 years ago
must... resist... watching... till all my work is... done...

aww, forget it... *clicks link*
7 years ago
good work andrew, nice thing you do here and...keep on going.best from romania
7 years ago
Hi! I just want to say that you are the best of the best on making tutorials and i have never seen this popular website without any ads! I am wondering how come you don't have any commercial?

Gratz from sweden!
7 years ago
..Knowledge feeds creativity.. I like that
Thanx for all of your tuts Andrew!
Luther Hadley
7 years ago
Hey Andrew ..
You should speak to someone from adobe about cutting you a check for selling after effects. Im sure Your tutorials has a lot to do with their sales of their product to .... hahah .. did you see the views on the interview 10,873 views .. wow ... I want to see you on Oprah ... or jerry springer..hahah . I think you did a Great job on the interview... So When are you comeing back to Ny ? to do another AE . and the next time you do an interview .. Bring your music.. Dooooom Da Doooom...... Da Dooome this is Luther signing off untill next time .. Your the man ..
Super robot from the future
7 years ago
bless you andrew :P
thank's for all the tutorials :)
7 years ago
Totally off topic, look what you've unleashed Mr Kramer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31BQwEpvY3E
includes some direct lifts from the tutorials. All they're missing is Sam getting hit by a pick-up truck.
7 years ago
Amazing, Andrew!

I'm very excited about the Projects u have for VCP.

Cheers!! ;)

Greetings from Argentina.
7 years ago
nice interview
and actualy... andrew is kind of cute!!!
7 years ago
hahah "kramer clones"
all your tutorials have like little details that are so useful i always get ditracted and come upwith somethig of my own completely differnt. your tutorials are so cool
7 years ago
Great idea, Pete. Even though I'm basically an after effects guy I'm getting more and more interested in 3d all the time and wouldn't mind if there would be more 3ds max tutorials in the future
7 years ago
I thought the idea of having a guest for a 3d tut would be cool! You could make it a 2 part tutorial where you composite the 3d into AE. That would be a fun tut.
I really like that interview with John, I think everything you said made sense and it's actually an inspiration knowing you learned on your own. I feel I have a chance now! LOL!
7 years ago
i can't wait for the Action Essetials III :D
7 years ago
My respect for you has just increased ten fold. Your advise on the arc of beginners coming into their own was a massive lift for me (and i recon a lot of first-timers out there)
7 years ago
you deserve all the success you are getting now and into the future. karma is a good thing when you do good things.
7 years ago
Andrew your work is amazing and it has inspired me to use your projects to become more creative, I am working on a film project and feel confident it will be professional quality with the help of your tutorals maximum respect, watch this space there is a rising star in the mist! Many thanks.

7 years ago
I was really happy to hear you don't mind people using your tuts for their projects because shamefully I have. I don't use AE to make a living but when a friend asked if I could do something for him I told him to go to Video Copilot to get some ideas and he wanted the Serious FX effect to be used and I did use it on his web site. I didn't do it justice I'm afraid. Sorry! On the flip side he said he was ordering some of the products so I hope that will reduce the number of lashes I get from Andrew.

Great interview!

7 years ago
Andrew, how did you get to be the coolest person out there?
7 years ago
Tomppa, he said "you know" a lot? I guess you haven't seen an interview with Alexi Laiho :D
Ok, this is getting a bit offtopic now : p
7 years ago
You may never read this but I want to thank you. Without your tutorials I would have never even started After Effects. Your tutorials are fun to watch and I can really learn by warcing them. So, TY.

BTW Were You nervous? You said "You know" a LOT :D!
iRaQi Guitar
7 years ago
7 years ago
I have to say, I knew you were good mr Kramer.

but, by looking at this interview, you really impressed me !

One thing hit me, the way you understand things, the business you're into, the "beginners" (that i'm part of it ... well, I feel now i'm getting out of it :p. let's say i'm a begi-professional).

I think you're absolutely right !(have you ever think about becoming a "guru" ? :p:p:p)

anyway, keep it that way, stay simple and focus as you are since the beginning and everybody will look at you as a model.

(the last paragraph is kind of personal thought, but I think most people will agree :p)
7 years ago
Ill definitively waiting for the action sound fx.. I got the action movie essentials but I need the sounds
7 years ago
Thx for part II interview & more part (episode) :)
7 years ago
Let's see some "After Kramer" effects on the 100th tutorial, and what a better gift than the Jack Hawk 9000... 2x AE2 720p and AK not 2K available only at vc.net!

Keep up with the amazing work McKramer (not a burguer... a cookie, yes please...!)
Ron in Calgary
7 years ago
Awesome interviews Andrew, thank you so much for all you give to this growing community (and thanks Sam as well)...

As a sidenote, I was in the theatre watching "District 9" last weekend, and recognized some of your blood splatters being used, that was trippy...

7 years ago
nice intreview......you are looking handsome ...cool man.....
7 years ago
I like the idea of a new 3d tutorial guy who adds his creativity to VideoCopilot. I definitely think VideoCopilot needs more 3d content, such as Cinema4D & more.

Great interview.
7 years ago
Awesome stuff. Andrew you're a legend mate, keep up the great work.

7 years ago
You are the best... Hi from Belgrade (Serbia)
7 years ago
you are the man! if anyone handels his job like you do.. with all the passion, dedication and fun... we won't have a financial crisis again!

I really like people who make their job with such dedication!

You are the world best after effects man in the world for me!

Keep on doing! I watch your site every day!
7 years ago
Interesting, as usual.
7 years ago
This interviews great, where can I get the project file?
7 years ago
Btw, Andrew, are we going to see some cool banners today?
Matt in MO.
7 years ago

I believe Andrew answered his question. I don't see why you thought he needed to be more explanatory about how it wouldn't work. Even the person who eventually responded said that he hadn't tested it before.
7 years ago
was looking for help in a thread on CC.net and came across andrew's name. check his lengthy response to thi spoor dude:
7 years ago
Andrew Kramer and Video Co-Pilot is the reason I got into After Effects. The humor, the insight, the empowerment... with none of the negative geek attitude that most "professionals" I've worked with have.

Andrew was very polite and a good sport about the questions however in my opinion it was obvious he was dodging the jealousness and envy of the interviewer.

I can only imagine Andrew is on a totally different sphere, he's living it. He's got his knife and fork digging deep into the industry's pie and the other guy is still making titles for news casts.

I admire the calm and humble disposition of Andrew when accosted by raving fanboyism.

Good Show and Thank you.

PS: If you are reading this Andrew, I think that your idea of a reduced tutorial based on a simple tip or trick is great, You have already outdone anyone's expectations and nobody should demand more than your sparest time.
7 years ago
like super interesting interview. I hope to see more of you in videos Andrew!

And I really respect you're opinions
7 years ago
heeey ,,, what happened to Sam ??? blown up
7 years ago
Great Interview.

As far as "Kramer Clones" and "VideoCopiot rips" in demo reels, i happened to bump into in a new sega teaser a few minutes ago. Not only they used your ressources in a BIG franchise teaser, but i could see from first 5 sec thats its was "kramer like". At least 3 tutorials in it.
Now if thats not inspiring!!


And Oh yeah, the music at the end was the ice cream on the cake...
7 years ago
I laughed so hard, MarcL. First I thought like what is this, even the Video Co-Pilot text was made with Andrews favorite font :D
Zvi Twersky
7 years ago
Here's a riddle for you: The interview is 27 minutes long. It was posted at 3:44 PM. Which means that if someone started watching it as soon as it was posted, THAT someone would finish it at approx. 4:11 p.m.

So how is it that some bloggers like ShoeToad, Robert Donnelly and Farhan watched and commented on it before 4:00 p.m.! ;-) (maybe they watched it in fast foward...)
7 years ago
@ Andrew kramer what is Engineering visual effects
7 years ago
Hi Andrew,
Brilliant interview and THANK YOU!
7 years ago
great interview andrew and keep up the amazing work
7 years ago
Great response to John's question on when people use your tutorials etc for their work and demo reels. Really inspiring.
7 years ago
hay greetings from baghdad. was very intersting conversation
andrew was cool john was cool to waitng for more :)
by the way i make here a littel movie of usa and iraq war and i just found the ac 2 it is very helpfull and powerfull and easy to deal with thnk you all ^_^
7 years ago
Mr Kramer Sir, you and the rest of the Video Copilot Team deserve all the luck in the world.. thank you for your contribution brother, you have helped a lot of people with what you do, and just like D. Hunter said, I look forward to the day I get to meet you bro.
7 years ago
thank you andrew for all the time you spend on your tutorials and please keep hosting them!
Liess Jemai
7 years ago
7 years ago
respect! totally nailed the ending :D cant wait for the new products!
7 years ago
Hey Andrew,
Great 2nd part interview, and love all your upcomming idea's, and you said something about the 3d Programms tutorials....., I am looking forward to those....I have learned allot from your AF tutorials....I can do thinks now I would never believe doing......Hope to get the same with those 3d programs.
Keep up the amazing good work,
7 years ago
All my respects for you Andrew and your work.
7 years ago
Andrew... dude all i can say is thank you for videocopilot. It has definitely changed the course of my life. I look forward to the day i can meet you bro. Keep up the great work!
7 years ago
You're a good man Andrew Kramer.

Your sincerity in really wanting to help motion graphics designers really comes across in this interview.

Thanks again.
7 years ago
Oh forgot to ask... when is the release date for clouds 2?
7 years ago

You Know...

7 years ago
I love VideoCopilot, and admire Andrew Kramer.
Great interview.
7 years ago
All my respects for you Andrew, keep the good work!!
Guatemala Central America.
7 years ago
7 years ago
I'm watching now! Awesome!!! :)
7 years ago
Great interview! Looking forward to seeing some of the new products Andrew mentioned. Riot Gear 2? CAN'T WAIT!!!
7 years ago
hey andrew k. how are u my very kool friend
sorry my english is bad, but well well
i only one tell u this :
congratulations for your website
you are my mentor my master
thanks my friend
a question
i can insert your logo in a banner of your web in my web? (blog) :)
7 years ago
good job andrew.. cant wait for action sound fx!!
7 years ago
Cool .... that was great!!!

Question for you AK, or anyone out there:
I just tried the preset sure target with AE CS4; but looks like the auto-rotate option doesn't work.
Is anyone else experiencing the same problem?
Thanks in advance.
7 years ago
Very nice. I really loved the way you handled the "copy cat" issue and I completely agree with your point of view.
7 years ago
Awsome interview.
Juan Francisco
7 years ago
Nice! I'm watching it right now..
7 years ago
thats awesome ..
7 years ago
im so glad i found out about VC long time ago, now its part of me.

7 years ago
kool i have been waiting for this for some time now :) sweet
Clayton Light
7 years ago
Looking forward to Riot Gear 2. Is the any plan for Evolution 2?
7 years ago
Great man andrew, I very happy by you ...

Tanks ...

ah Great INtervention
Matthew Park
7 years ago
Awsome interview.
7 years ago
Finally!, haha, i enjoyed this very much. Very Interesting. Great Job!
7 years ago
I knew that line was gonna come at the end :D
7 years ago
Awesome interview Andrew and John!! Thanks a lot! Keep on be inspiring!
Diego G.
7 years ago
"I'm Andrew Kramer and I'll see you next time"
I loved that part :D
Great Interview!
7 years ago
How do you spell After Effects? A.N.D.R.E.W. K.R.A.M.E.R.
7 years ago
I love to see your interviews... can't wait for the video blog
7 years ago
Oh yeah, I was waiting for this!
7 years ago
Riot Gear 2, Action Sound FX, a new plug-in

Man, I just fell of my chair
7 years ago
dude your smile is as big as a boat!(i guess thats a good thing 'cause you re not a fake.)anyway,great job
and keep on smiling(smiling too much is a bad thing though cause as you get older your teeth get kinda yeallow and then smiling is a real problem)
7 years ago
cool just going to have a look at it now
7 years ago
I can watch his tuts all day long, itz coz of him i came into AfterFx, he is my true motivation

luv you Andrew

7 years ago
i´ve lookt this also twice :D
7 years ago
Thats great, look forward to the 100th tutorial! :)
Robert Donnelly
7 years ago
Rafael - I know how you feel! I have 12 hours to edit 6 hours of footage! This is an instant 27 minutes and 40 seconds that I won't be working!
7 years ago
Yet again a very fun interview! As Robert said, definitely needs more effects, haha.
7 years ago
Andrew, c´mon I´m trying to study for my Physics exam and you just post this? NOOOO!
JK, thanks a lot, Part I was awesome!
Robert Donnelly
7 years ago
Another great interview. It should have had more effects though. :P
7 years ago
I've been waiting for this.
Keep up the the good work andrew!
7 years ago
Wooohoow Great interview
7 years ago
Awesome! :D

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