Back Open :) Thanks Everyone!

So we decided to move in the new place early and everything went smooth. Still have to unload some boxes but it already feels comfortable. We are back up and running! I’ll be sure to post some pics for anyone interested. Just need to take a nap first!

PS: I hope everyone is recovering from their minor “heart-attacks”, I know the last headline was a bit cruel, but you know me

7 years ago
Still alive!
Hey guys! Sorry it’s been a while since I’ve posted! I’ve been tucked away working on all sorts of things! Here is the thing: As some of you may know, I’m currently working at Bad Robot on a certain film that I can’t really talk about.  Believe me it is a dream come true, so […]
In addition to posting on the blog more frequently, I plan to post more photos and experimental renders on the new Instagram account! Check us out on Instagram! Also on Twitter!
Another New Plug-In! (APRIL FOOLS)
We brought you Optical Flares, Element 3D, Saber and now here is Glass Eyes! Don’t waste your time with fake april fools pranks, this is a real plug-in that you can download right now! Key Uses: Create creepy videos Fix wedding videos Improve your favorite movie scenes Add personality Features: Custom Pupils Pupil Size Control […]
Presenting at NAB 2016!
I’m excited to announced that I’ll be presenting at the Adobe Booth in Las Vegas for NAB.  If you live near Vegas or have time to getaway, NAB is one of a very few shows that always has cool stuff for everyone. PRESENTATION TIMES: Monday & Tuesday April 18th and 19th @2PM @Adobe I’ll be sticking around […]

Lucas Kuhn
6 years ago
Andrew, you skirred me!
How can I handle my life without Video Copilot?
Ohhh I think I'm gonna have another heart-attack...
Thank you Andrew, you make our life better!
Fortune Lauture
7 years ago
Videocopilot needs to open an Annex in NY city
7 years ago
Big Ups andrew! Hope thing will come better at dat nu space

Im diggin' a lot Action Essential & Pro Score Packs, Very Helpfull .

Massive Support from Venezuela =) Yes! South America!!!
Elohim Tampus
7 years ago
hehehehe cool! ey' sir andrew im working right now in a small vfx company here in phils. we'r working a big movies though like hollywood movies but still practicing and learning more about AE coz im stopped using it a month ago coz we'r using shake..but still like AE and using that application... i like it and the way your tuts're the best, hope you're getting bigger and bigger..hehehehe keep up the way you are...sarcastic and witty...i cant live without :D
7 years ago
My Grandma is dead.
7 years ago
Hey Andrew glad to hear you now have a bigger place so does that mean bigger more awesome tutorials. can't wait to see what you guys come up with, im almost scared....

Good luck in the new spot. Can we see some set up pics especialy your new greenscreen room
7 years ago
Now you can focus on the video blog :D
7 years ago
wow ! good news that you guys moving to the new place...
we would like to some pictures from the new place
Would you post on ?
ok thank you guys for helping a lot ...
7 years ago
congratulations, you deserve :D
7 years ago
Congratulations. I hope you enjoy your new space.
7 years ago
Sam can do the podcasts from here...
Thanks Andrew for all the work...
GO, GO SAM!!!!
7 years ago
Did you bring the soda or not
7 years ago
what you give away is amazing. you are extremely talented. i kick myself every time i watch one of your tutorials because you make it all seem so obvious. i don't think people appreciate what you're making available to them.
7 years ago
really amazing,nice work
7 years ago
Definately would love photos. The heart-attack was worse. because windwos failed to load the blog page. so iw as stuck with the title... for a few minutes. scary stuff. haha
7 years ago
I died for some minutes :(
Amit Tiwari
7 years ago
Many wishes for new place Andrew sir.
Yes as everybody is saying we would like to see new office.
Thanks for giving us free knowledge.
sasha strelnikoff
7 years ago
7 years ago
yeah make a video with cool editing :D

maby a new tutorial including ^^
7 years ago
I say you do a parody of the Office TV show intro to show off your new space :)
7 years ago
i'm chinases FANS
enjoy your tutorial
good job!
hope new tutorials!
Vangelis E.
7 years ago
Andrew, give us a video from old space, and from the new one... Also try to describe, machines, software used etc. Something like an interview.... Greets from Greece
7 years ago
i cant wait to see the new office!!!
maybe you should make a video ;) please?? :P

a walk into the office recording and commenting :)
7 years ago
Hi, Andrew i am very impressed with your mind blowing, unreal,unbelievable work,So i searhed the details for you in WIKIPEDIA but your article is missing ,so please send your details to my mail so that i can add your article or PLEASE ADD YOUR ARTICLE yourself IN WIKIPEDIA, I am waiting for this, please...........
7 years ago

I hope to see the new office and another great tutorial
7 years ago
7 years ago
ha ha ha i think Mr. andrew is goin to show us office in his new tutorials............. he he must be na ........ he he i think videos r best then pics, Mr. andrew.......... he he (people are greedy na )
7 years ago
Hey, VideoCopilot, can we see pictures of your new office?
7 years ago
Good Luck Mr.Andrew and the team...
7 years ago
yes we do
7 years ago
Congrats, Andrew. Have fun in your new office ;)
P.S.: Your tutorials are irreplaceable. You rule!
Helge Kallevik
7 years ago
Hey Andrew, just in case you didn't know, you're on the top of the "who's who in the After Effects world" list at

Check it out!
7 years ago
I think this heart attack will need you to create us the best tutorial ever!!! :D
7 years ago
Pictures, pictures, we want pictures !!!
7 years ago
Hey Andrew Am Really interested in robots so can you teach us how to model a manga robot please.........
7 years ago
Hallo Andrew, You cant imagine how happy I am that this site exists. Just want to say THANKS for all these years with copilot...

Greets from Poland,
7 years ago
Hi AK sir
feeling much better.
Iam learning and doing feerlance works in aftereffects. please see my demo

7 years ago
I hope u like the new place and i think from now on your tutorials will be more coooooler and more exciting. hehe
Phil B
7 years ago
Cruel . . . too cruel. I have thoughts of this too often, like a recurring nightmare. Really, if VC were to disappear. What then?
7 years ago
Would be sweet, if you'd tell your computer specs.
7 years ago
I was like.. Noooo... WHY?!?!?
"I'm gonna kill the responsible for this!"

Then... all fine.. ok^^ Was just a joke..
It's all fine...

7 years ago
I Want a photo os your Computer too.. ajajjaaj..!!!
7 years ago
You almost killed me here Andrew.
7 years ago
What about starting with the mos exciting tutorial now? :D
some pics too ;)
7 years ago
I Want a photo os your Computer... And your hardware....
7 years ago
I wanna see a picture of your office's bathroom..
Are the door knobs shiney? gold or silver ?


congrats again
VC all the way
7 years ago
Cool dude!!! now lets get us an action essentials 3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11
Lance Bell
7 years ago
Congrats Andrew, on the upgrades, and Dude I freckin Love you, and not in a homo way.
7 years ago
Enjoy your new place Andrew. I hope it will boost your imagination and give you a little nodge to come up with a new interesting and as ever entertaining tutorial we all so long for.

All the best.

Phil B
7 years ago
Cruel . . . to cruel. I have thought of this often, like a recurring nightmare.
Joe Gongora Camara
7 years ago
Hi there, great news: I´m still alive after my "stop breathing 24 hrs. period" as a result of your yestarday´s headline!! hehe, was a good one...Congratulations for your new workplace and best wishes from México!!
7 years ago
Doosh you scared me to death... keep up the good work.
7 years ago
Hey Andrew,
congratulations for the new studio.
I wanted to thanks you for your tutorials. I learn almost everything about after effect from your site.
And here are the results: i did a small animation for my school, all inside of after effect.
Not a big deal, but you might recognized some of your " spirit" ^^

good luck

(btw: I'm french, so sorry for the writing..)
Patrick Norman
7 years ago
pics of office! pics of office! pics of office!
Adrian S.
7 years ago
After reading the text after the title "Video Copilot Closing it's Doors" it was the longest 10 seconds of all time, I didn't know what to think in those 10 seconds... You Funny Guy! why I keep falling for that?

well, other than that, Great Job so far! Thanks for your tutorials and products.
7 years ago
Very well!
Now we are going to return to the work and to develop a new tutorial ... we are all anxious! ^^
I am playing ... be quite arrived of turn!
7 years ago
Congratulation for the new place and I hope it will be an aid for more creativity Mr. Kramer
7 years ago
Super cool! I hope that there are a lot cool things coming!
And we all love Video Copilot.
7 years ago
Andrew! We all wanna see the pics from the new place! I`d be really amazing!

By the way, I forgive u for the shock you gave us...
I'm glad that you feel comfortable there... See you :) ;)

Greetings from Argetina.
7 years ago
I'm realy glad for you, and I would like to see some pictures of the new workspace as everyone else here ;)
7 years ago
Still recovering :p
7 years ago
H - Wait For It - IIIII
Andrew Are You Sure You Won't Play In Theaters?? Beacause You're So funny!! If You Were a Comadian Show Host I'll Bet You Would Beat up Tom Birjiron (American Funniest Home Videoes Show Remember? :d)!!! And For Pic It will Be My Pleasure To Get The Pics :d I'm Waiting For Them!!
Good Luck ~ Reza.
7 years ago
Congratz last you did it.... if you dont mind send your new office pictures.......
7 years ago
hi kramer, aw do you think man, aw can i think like u, with lots of krazy id-hers
7 years ago
hi kramer, u r a phenomenon in our world, ur works have that touch of xcellence aw can i become a good graphic designer like u, or better lol
7 years ago
pics, or it didn't happen :P
7 years ago
I'm still at the Hospital!
nice they have Wi-Fi connection :o)
too bad they don't allow me some beers though.

Congrats on your new den.
7 years ago
Wooohooo. I'm glad for you guys, another chapter in VideoCopilot history has began :D
Dave Starr
7 years ago
Ok Andrew... this time i forgive you... next time... LOL :-)))))))))))))))))))))
the HK
7 years ago
Yes, we know you! :p
7 years ago
sure I wanna see the new place
7 years ago
Hey AK, are we having the Virtual Hot receptionist who appeared in one of your tutorials?:-)
7 years ago
cool man. i am waiting to see your pics.
7 years ago
Sounds like your new office pwns, can't wait to see the pics.
7 years ago
Best of good fortune in the new digs. Credibility comes both in the form of your past credits and what your office looks like. So now you're starting to look the part...but who goes all the way to the Inland Empire for VFX? Just curious.
walter perrault
7 years ago
Congrats And Best Of Luck Andrew Minor Heart Attack Is a Understatement LoL Love Your Humor You Goof
7 years ago
man i i really look up to u... ur my o no1 idol... when i saw tat ur closing... i almost criead..... :((((((((((((((

7 years ago
OK, Ok all is forgiven.
7 years ago
very funny can't wait for some more tutroial.
7 years ago
mazal tov :D
can't wait for some pics.
7 years ago
Hahha Andrew , show us some photos :) Good luck !
Kevin Lee
7 years ago
Guess what? Andrew had to drive to work today! Haha At a time when people are trying to be economical and work from home. Leave it to Mr. Kramer to do the opposite.
7 years ago
Andrew,you have a really good sense of humour!!!
7 years ago
New home new beginig! Hope to see the pics!
Take care!
7 years ago
nuff love to videoCopilot kamal98 from Jamaica say that!!!
big ed
7 years ago
Good luck in your new space.... I know how trying that can be, glad to hear that the move went smoothly.
sunil thapa
7 years ago
Hi Master andrew….. and blog frens
i have 2.6 core 2 due.4 gb ram and radon hd4650 1gb graphic card….when i open after effect it shows only 2gb of 4% ram using and am pretty unknow about opengl……. please can u suggest me about open gl best setting …….. it will be very helpful for me …..
many thnx from Nepal…..
7 years ago
In true AK style, you should do a "Moving Location" tutorial - showing us VCP morphing from Bedroom, via Study, to palatial offices.

Sam & co would be seen to age - yet AK somehow gets younger...

(Hmmm - Benjamin Button or Dorian Gray?)
7 years ago
I had just watched both Motionworks interviews, so I figured you were pulling a prank! But as with your tuts... NICE WORK!
7 years ago
congratulations on moving. I hope you get enough sleep ;).
7 years ago
Yeah bring on the pics Andrew.
Steven Noni
7 years ago
Take picures!!!!
7 years ago
Hey if you find a stack of dusty VC dvds that need a home just email me...
7 years ago
Hell ya Andy w8 for the pics wanna chake the new playground :D
7 years ago
Congratz andrew i hope u go for the best :D :D ... looool about the heart attacks thingy :P
7 years ago
Haha awesome, good luck with the new place and everything!

That last post was beyond scary... I was holding a coffee at the time!

Coffee = Hot on your lap.
7 years ago
nice i am waiting for the pics and the new exciting tut :)
7 years ago
u made a huge fan group...i think u r more than a film star...we keep following u doesnt matter wherever u go...
7 years ago
yaaah ... back from UCLA hospital :P

congrats for the new place.... hope will see some photos
Chris Woods
7 years ago and it would be really great to see some photos! :D
7 years ago
PHOTOS ! PHOTOS ! :) your fans want to see the new place ;)
7 years ago
Great to hear you moved mate! Get on with some new tutorials now, so that we forgive your curel cruel joke!
7 years ago
Hehehe Andrew!
we know you but in these time of crisis, you never know what happen ;o/
its great with new place.
7 years ago
Yeah, It'll be cool see pictures of the new office.. oh by the by.. I actually did die from a heart attack when I saw yesterdays headline, Im actually a zombie that frequents on VC much more now...ten times more than I used to to be exact. :-P
7 years ago
Reading this from the emergency room :P
7 years ago
hey andrew, congrats to your new place..
As what you said, everything goes smoothly.
well that's good for you., ei..gona tell you somethin'
last night. i dream that your company has moved here in the philippines, and we've met and i ride to your car,.
well that sounds great for me...i don't know to you..haaha..then you have a sale of your products and i buy them all..what?! whaa..haahaa

but that was just a dream,,you know...
i just hope you
Zvi Twersky
7 years ago
My heart attack wasn't that bad since I DO know you. I took some nitroglycerin and it went away.
Sebastian Poulsen
7 years ago
It's nice to hear that everything went fine.
So quit napping, and get us some pictures of the new place.
Luther Hadley
7 years ago
Post some pictures andrew so we can see
Alex Nonnato
7 years ago
Hi Andrew we know you, really!!
this place it gonna be the witness of the beggining.
you have too much to give us yet.
It's only the beggining.

listen when i tell, you gonna reach the sky.

but don't forget:
FEET on the ground, and enjoy it.
7 years ago
Yep, I am recovering and I never felt better ;-)
Cruel Title, awesome news! Have fun in the new place!
7 years ago
Just recoverd from a hart attack,

Waiting for the pics =)
The Real Smithy
7 years ago
yo andrew, the best way to feel like your at home in a new place is to put the kettle on and make a coffee. works a treat.
7 years ago
im digin the smilie faces andrew
7 years ago
Can't wait to see what new stuff you'll be bringing out in the new & updated office!!
7 years ago
wow, now THAT was pretty fast. sweet dreams, mr.after effects guru :D
7 years ago
Thx from the hospital.. The doctor says i have to stay for like a year but its okay :D i have internet here...
joking ^^

can't wait to see the pics!

(btw im hungarian so dont look at my grammar :D)
7 years ago
minor?.....I call it a major heartatack!! When I seen the post I turned out my computer and started crying!!!
You and Your TEAM are the best tutors in the world!
Don't do that again :)
7 years ago
Its alright Andrew. The traumatic mental disorder I have now with closed door, Is totally worth it. Glad it was just a Joke. Have fun at the new place =D
7 years ago
We want pics of the new office setup ASAP!!! :D
7 years ago
Congratulations on the new space Andrew.
I look forward to a post who sound like this,
Videocopilot in association with 20 Century Fox proudly presents : Action Essentials 3.
7 years ago
Congrats on the new digs, enjoy a soda and relax. You've more than earned it. Cheers!
7 years ago
Dude. The number of comments just on your move. You have achieved some kind of mythical status. You give a lot, you get a lot.
7 years ago
Congratulations on the new space. :) Looking forward to see those photos.
7 years ago
When do you go public?
7 years ago
Great! Can't wait to see the new place :)
7 years ago
Sorry for the comment above, it sounds like there is more than one Video Copilot. There is just one and is the best.
7 years ago
A bit cruel is an understatement.. I needed to change my diaper!
7 years ago
I love this Video Copilot.
I visit this wedsite like three times a day. Still questioning myself why, but i'll question that later.
7 years ago
This is great, that means your expanding and doing more and more work. Now you can have more people working with you and you can take more projects at the same time. I have been doing the same and believe me is the best change I have ever made, I would like to see when you finish with the place, put some photos for the community so they can get inspired by that and make them strong of what their doing and tell that they can make it to. Looking forward to see those photos, I will be posting some soon! take care and be you like always.
7 years ago
...congrats on your new crib Andrew & co., no more over bunkbeds. ; )
7 years ago
Congrats on the successful move.

Good to know it goes well for some people.

Usually a horror story for me :)
7 years ago
I did raise an eyebrow with the last post but figured it was a joke.
Johann Torres
7 years ago
yes it was a bit cruel,I´m recovering now lolz,
but what about us without you Andrew? :)
7 years ago
Cool Andrew... [And yeah, Recovering from mild heart attack.. ;) ]
cant wait to see the new office pics.
Hope u have great time in your new office.. :) :)
Johann Torres
7 years ago
congrats! very happy for you! :D
7 years ago
Pic me up Andrew!
7 years ago
Thanks!!! from the Hospital :-)
7 years ago
I'm pleased to see that everything has worked out smoothly. I'm still recovering from my heart attack. I suppose Andrew doesn't want his fans to find him.
7 years ago
can't wait for new tut's and the like from your fancy shmancy new office!
7 years ago
Yeah I'm recovered and I know you, but still don't do that again!!! Can't wait for pics! :)
7 years ago
Congratulations! Yeah I'd love to see some pics.
7 years ago
Hey that's nice, lol have fun!!!!!!!
Juan Francisco
7 years ago
Cool!! have fun!
7 years ago
Congrats man, can't wait to see the pics.

Seriously though, I sit in front of a computer for about 15 hours a day and my diet is shockingly bad. Scares like that are no laughing matter!!
7 years ago
"minor" heart attacks? I went to the emergency room.
Dark Pivot
7 years ago
Nice! I can't wait to see some pictures. :D
7 years ago
dude i am soo glad
7 years ago
lol are you going to have a room set apart just for your green screen?
7 years ago
Andrew where are you guys stationed? East Coast, west coast, midwest???
7 years ago
Congrats good luck!
7 years ago
Congrats! I hope you have fun
7 years ago
Haha, awesome!

Do you like it better than your old one?
7 years ago
Have to say I was a little concerned I missed some big news last night but I'm glad to see it's a new shiny studio.

Congratulations on the new space. Again I've been here since 2005 and you have come a long way. Does your new space have a cove on the green screen and an extra soda for me when I visit? I promise I'll pick up a copy of something while I visit. (Pics Please)
7 years ago
Pics would be great!
7 years ago
Great that everything ran smoothly. Good luck in the new area and keep those great tutorials coming.
Herman Dhami
7 years ago
Cool, lol. Can't wait to see the changes...and possibly another new tutorial :D.
7 years ago
Sweet! I had a little more than a minor heart attack, but its OK! I forgive you.
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Using various roto and split-screen effects we transformed a two-man SWAT team into a full squad for this demo scene. Sam Loya reprises his role as the “guy who probably gets killed”, in this exciting industrial saga. The main goal of this scene was to film everything as if we had a dozen guys instead […]
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