Consistent Color Correction

Using an adjustment layer is a great way to add color correction to all layers in a composition. But what if you have 10-20 or EVEN 23 shots that use the same color correction settings?

You could copy the adjustment layer to every composition, but what if you make changes to the color treatment throughout the project? You would have to copy the new settings again and again, plus make sure that every comp had the latest recipe.

But, what if you could use ONE layer to rule control them all?

Here is a handy solution. Select your adjustment layer and pre-compose it into a NEW COMP, then inside of the current work comp, turn on the continuous rasterization switch (see image) for the new color correction comp. This will force the adjustment layer to interact with the layers below, just like before. Copy this color correction comp to your other shots for project-wide color continuity. Then when you need to change the color settings, simply open the comp and your adjustments will update in all comps.

Here is a sample project to see the setup.
Download Project

9 years ago
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