Heart Candy

Here’s a another free project that utilizes various masking techniques to create a friendly heart design.

Today is of course Valentine’s Day and I want to remind everyone to do something nice for someone special in your life. Could be your wife or girlfriend, mom or grandma, even your sister.

Now, if you don’t celebrate Valentine’s day… DO something nice anyways. Just don’t do something nice for your friend’s wife… that gets a little tricky.

Download Project (CS3+)

See you Monday!

6 years ago
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1 year ago
It's 2014 and i'm using your gift to finish my project, without you i won't be able to finish it in time.
Thank you so much! You're the awesomeness itself, much respect.
4 years ago
Thanks a lot! This is just what I was looking for to inspire me finishing a school project.

You rule!
Ali of Iran
6 years ago
You is end of 3D designer! Thanks Andrew :) ;)
6 years ago
Awesome job Andrew! I would like to see a tutorial of that jelly look technique.
P.S. It renders really slow on my MBP. Or is it just me?
6 years ago
lol nice joke :P
Johneg Mnemoneg
6 years ago
Nice and simple .... Your heart is GREAT, Andrew ;)
6 years ago
Anyone else REALLY wanting to know what kinds of products that VideoCopilot.net is going to release this year? We want a preview! I'm sure they'll be awesome.
6 years ago
nice andrew
6 years ago
really sweet
6 years ago
Wow! Another awesome thing from Andrew. I looked at the file and its awesome to see a new way of putting things together.

BTW- I showed my friend this site and he was all "VideoCopilot? More like Video....woah...pilot."

6 years ago
Thx )))
6 years ago
thanks andrew my gf liked it a lot! i added some personal touch on it though!!!:PP
6 years ago
thank you Andrew. Lovly!
6 years ago
i would add the turbulent effect to the text layer
6 years ago
you are the best Andrew=)
Thank you a lot!
6 years ago
Very Nice Mr.Kramer. I love it. Very good job
6 years ago
NICE Thank you!
6 years ago
thank you very much ... you really helped me a lottt
6 years ago
i miss my love, i dont know where she is,
were ever she is now she shuold be happy.
I love u my sweetheart.
God Bless u

n i miss u from last 2 3 months.
miss u like anything.
Happy Valentains Day,
from - riyadh Shibin SS
6 years ago
Wow, Thanks. You saved my V-Day with the lady with this one. Was better than a card. Emailed it to her, with the copy changing to reveal what I wanted it to say and the rest is history.

Thanks Andrew.
6 years ago
This free project actually inspired me to whip up a short video for the holiday. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9PrbY8LIF2g

Thanks and enjoy your Valentines Day!
alex coffy
6 years ago
Trop cool man
6 years ago
Hey cool. Thanks for the project file. And Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family and the VCP staff.
6 years ago
Thanks Andrew! I check here everyday because of stuff like this. Seriously...you are just a cool dude. The stuff you give away for free floors me. Thank you so much!
6 years ago
always to do something nice for someone special in your life..not just in Valentine’s Day..
that's the true love..

how sweet..
6 years ago
That's fancy! Thanks
6 years ago
Thanks Man
Happy V-Day
Leonardo Koakowski
6 years ago
brb, gonna go meet my friends GF
6 years ago
Cheers bud - you've saved my bacon!

I was trying to create something for the loved one, but all I was producing was tat... Now all I have to do is make sure she doesn't look on VCP for the next few days and I'm safe!
6 years ago
Wish you would of put this out yesterday. Now I have to make something on the day... boo.
6 years ago
Andrew Kramer the day your not funny is the day pigs fly. Keep up the good work :)
6 years ago
"Just don’t do something nice for your friend’s wife… that gets a little tricky." - So funny, can't stop laughing. LOOOOOOOOOOL.
6 years ago
you love us, you really love us :)
6 years ago
happy valentine's day to u too andrew
S Gilbert
6 years ago
You actually think I have time for a girlfriend? A friends wife on the other hand... there's always time for that, if you happen to be friends with this guy...

6 years ago
Thanks Andrew
Nice touch ;).
6 years ago
Peter Wong
6 years ago
I always like Andrew's funny jokes.
6 years ago
"...Just don’t do something nice for your friend’s wife… that gets a little tricky."
6 years ago
6 years ago
hehehehehe....you crack me up.
Thanks for the "sweet" template.
6 years ago
Happy Valentine's day.
Thank you for this Andrew, keeps me out of trouble, I got kicked out of the mall today for asking € 1,- for women to look at my handmade valentine's day shoebox theater. The security guy didn't even bother to look at it himself, he said people complained about me wearing a long raincoat and holding the shoebox at waistheight and the hole on the back of the box and some stupid permit, but all people saw that looked was a heart that said, thank you for the donation and enjoy your Valentine's Day. What can I say, I'm a romantic. Oh well You sure made my day with this heart. I can send it to all my online girlfriends at once after replacing the text with "Your Name" so I can say "hey baby, I made something special for you with "your name" on it for Valentinesday" you're a lifesaver, wouldn't know what to do without you. You're the best!! Looking forward to the Ring Tutorial so I can propose to them soon.
6 years ago
Thank you! I'm putting a short video montage/love sonnet together for my girlfriend and I might be able to incorporate this project.
6 years ago
Lisence for the file is so FUNNY! hahahahaha

6 years ago
I knew it, theres was definately some free gift for taday from Andrew! Thank u.

After all VCP is all about GREAT FREE STUFFS with some awesome PRODUCTS as well.

6 years ago
I'm getting married today.
6 years ago
Sweet happy valentines day Andrew.
I'm going to go play airsoft.
6 years ago
Thanks Andrew!
David W.
6 years ago
Ha Ha! Friend's wife! I don't celebrate Valentine's but it's funny anyway.
Wael Ali
6 years ago
The point in this in Egypt it is Saturday, not Friday.
I like your project very much
and another score 4 me
I'm the 14th responder, this is the best score I ve ever get
Keep on moving
I hope you have time to watch MBC on NILESAT to discover how your tutorials makes a difference in the broadcasting channels
6 years ago
You make all this cool stuff...yet you find the time to share it with us mortals.Is there a new tutorial coming up soon?
6 years ago
Happy Valentine's day!
6 years ago
Nice :D Happy valentines day!
6 years ago
Awesome :P, Thanks and Happy Valentines Day to all!
6 years ago
NICE Thank you! :D
6 years ago
We won't tell Mrs.Kramer, Mr.Kramer about Sams wife.
6 years ago
Cheers from Manchester, England.

much love,
6 years ago

And I mean that!
6 years ago
Love is in the air.. Niano niano niano naaa...

Thanks Mr. Kramer.
6 years ago
Excelent ! :D
6 years ago
i love videocopilot lol
6 years ago
Awesome projects so simple but so effective technique! You're GOD of After FX! :)
Nate McG.
6 years ago
I am glad you stay up till 2 am also, makes me feel like less of a degenerate
Daryl BootS
6 years ago
Nice gift Mr Kramer... but for a sister?
6 years ago
Whoaaa.. looks nice!
6 years ago
Sweet! :)
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