Free Pizza (aep)

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Now that I have your attention, there is no pizza. I’m sorry. What I do have is an artistic text treatment created in After Effects. Just download the project and change the text in the “Edit TITLE” pre-comp to your favorite slogan and the “OUTPUT” comp will update with a stylized fire look.

It’s not photo realistic but it’s a fun, procedural treatment for making even boring stuff seem fun!

Download Project for AE CS3

PS, sorry no earlier AE versions, the time machine is in the shop.

7 years ago
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2 years ago
este es el mejor blog de tutoriales aserca de adobe after effects. gracias por compartil tantos proyectos con nosotros
Roy G
3 years ago
First gotta say, I'm loving this site! Been learning so much from your tutorials and blog posts. Just used this one to practice ans it came out great! Unfortunately, don't have it uploaded anywhere yet so no link to show you. But I will once it's uploaded.

Thank you so much for all you do! You are a God amongst mere men!
5 years ago
thank you thank you & thank you
5 years ago
Hi Andrew,its so awesome....i presented it in my way....the text is spark(subscript)the ignition begins.....looking great...thanks
5 years ago
Our intro I created is based off of this
5 years ago
Thanks man!Great work.......
6 years ago
It is perfectly normal for Andrew to post this at 4:18 AM, This is because Andrew is nocturnal and, if anything, he stays up late to post all the other posts. I can prove this in the fact that all the videos you see of him are taken in the dark. If you put him in the sun he will feel the after effects (hehe) of his lightning strike tutorial and will explode into millions of CC Particle World particles.

and lol at yard work,
Keep up the good work :D
6 years ago
Andrew doesnt sleep, he waits.
and if sleep is bothering him he roundhousekicks it
7 years ago
Looks really nice!thanks
7 years ago
so hungry for pizzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
7 years ago
i like free evouloation
7 years ago
thank your for everything

im from ecuador
7 years ago
Very "Hell's Kitchen"y. Pretty cool for what it is.
oras him self :)
7 years ago
coooooooooool love pizza :D
more hot pizza pls
7 years ago
Hi Andrew.

You really rock the world! I think we baught nearly everything from your Website. But I still need to convince my boss to buy the "Pro Scores".
My collegue and I we really wanna say "THANK YOU VERY MUCH". All the AE-rookies now get better and better thanks to your tutorials!

Thanks again from Germany
at NBC Universal Global Networks

Ricardo Godoy
7 years ago
hey Andrew that was awesome!!! you´re the man, thanx for sharing your knowledge with your community...greetings from El salvador in central America... hey i´d like some tutorials on creepy stuff please.Bye
thanks andrew!!!
7 years ago
thankyou andrew i got ae the other day and cantbelive im already attempting such things that are on your tutorials


greetings from new zealand
7 years ago
muito bom
7 years ago
FROM Where do you get the inspiration? You have a great talent, keep going on, And don't forget to answer me!
7 years ago
Hell hot :)

Andrew, dude you're very kind and awesome.
7 years ago
yard work looks fun!
7 years ago
Thanks as always my friend.

7 years ago
hmmmmm!@# really tasty!
thanx Andrew for your great work..
Greetings from Uganda.
7 years ago
I feel so... Betrayed! I want my pizza. I know that you give out great, free tutorials, I've even seen TV-commercial where i could recognize your tutorials, but it's nothing compared to FREE PIZZA! ):
7 years ago
Thanks Andrew! from south korea
7 years ago
Now I'm hungry ... thanks Andrew :|
7 years ago
+6.00am now..walk up andrew..
7 years ago
Andrew??better u sleep first..
S Gilbert
7 years ago

Don't worry Andrew, if anybody gives you carp, I've got your back...
7 years ago
It’s going to be a little late, but it will be worth it.
Allen Ellis
7 years ago
Here's a Quicktime for everyone who wanted to see. :)
7 years ago
This is a really nice project file. I'll check it out after all my Yard Work. Joy.
7 years ago
yay yard work!
7 years ago
7 years ago
thx :)
7 years ago
Yard Work IS fun!!!!
7 years ago
Verry nice , you're such a good person ^^.
7 years ago
Tony Starks = Iron Man.. Andrew Kramer = AE Man, hahahaha.
Maybe just a 2 hrs. sleep, i think. Just wondering how you manage your time well? (eventhough sleepless, heheheh)
7 years ago

Ha Ha, 29 degrees!
that's pathetic! It was 10 degrees here in Caldwell, Idaho this morning. : )
7 years ago
Holy Malony looks very nice.And now a tut pls :P
7 years ago
today hv HUD tutorial..
so exited what will andrew do..
i think andrew update when 11.59pm,california time..
7 years ago
I am so hungry
7 years ago
hey nice, but can u also teach us how to do that, cause wen i learn from ur tutorials i learn other stuff with it too
7 years ago
i learn so much stuff from you tut's keep up the goo work :)
7 years ago
Fun fun fun... I already played with it...looks great. Thanks Andrew. It's about 29 degrees here in Dallas, and this tutorial helped me fantasize that it's HOT ....nice and toasty...
7 years ago
Sorry to tell you Mr. Kramer, but your stuff
rocks my socks! =)
7 years ago
Andrew i wonder if you can make a tutorial for a sweeney todd look proyect, that would be great
Борис Конарский
7 years ago
Hello, Andrew! U are genious person!!! I am proud of all your works, and try to studi you lessons. In a time I am going to buy your DVDs. Plese give more free aae - projects to down load... =) Thank to you!
7 years ago
Great fire effect! I'am loving it!!
7 years ago
Thanks Andrew. You are the man, but then you knew that :-)
7 years ago
Richard cave
7 years ago
I hate anchovies, who ordered anchovies, and Andrew you were 1 minute late so we dont pay!
7 years ago
u're so kind and helpfull,may the lord gives you long life so you teach us everything we don't know...
7 years ago
how about some free pizza!?
7 years ago
huuummm :( I still have the AE 7 (CS2)
Adam Sklar
7 years ago
Pretty Hot AK!

Thanks for sharing.

'Preciate it.
7 years ago
Heey andrew :) ive also made something. ive made my name fire the fire is completely 3D made in 3ds max and later on edited in adobe after effects hope you like it!
7 years ago
Nice, would fit something I'm doing perfectly what's the easiest way to change color scheme on it?
looks pretty cool!

I am gonna eat a pizza right now.
Jacob Behunin
7 years ago
Snazy. Should come in handy.
Im running on Vista 64-bit, Quad Core, with 8 gigs of ram, and a sweet sweet video. Didn't give me any trouble at all, dunno what your guys problem is :P Haha
7 years ago
That AEP just blew up my computer.
7 years ago

Can't wait to weed my garden this weekend for some reason now!

7 years ago
Dude, that's 'cool'! (H)
I needed a fire project to learn from!

At all the peepz about this 4 am thingy:
It is GMT time! =D Mister Kramer lives in the USA so it shall be around 8 PM there =D
7 years ago
damn, do you have like a supercomputer or something? lol
if i render the project in 24 frames/sec and skipping 2 frames its takes like 5 minutes to render the whole comp haha nice work btw! looks pretty complicated ;)
7 years ago
.mov plz ? :)
7 years ago
This looks real cool but to go a step do you create heat waves in front of this?
7 years ago
Thank you :-) Looks really nice.
7 years ago
Thanks for the free Pizza
7 years ago
Thank you for all your tutorials!!
I ´m totally new to the world of AE, but I know one thing: You the man!!!
7 years ago
paris Hilton would say:
This is so HOT!
7 years ago
Mind Blowing!!!!!!!!
Simply no words 2 express.
7 years ago
Awesome as usual!
Thanks AK!
7 years ago
Thanks I like it

And take a look at our website
7 years ago
Andrew Kramer, you're on fire my man !
Instead of making that donation button you set us ablaze with that arsonistic effect.
You're the best!
7 years ago
Andrew, just saying a hearty hello from Scotland!

I love the tutorials and the effort you are putting in to the online community!

So from me and i'm sure many others...

We Thank You
7 years ago
thank u for everything u give to us.

thnx a ton
7 years ago
Nice i'm downloading it right now
7 years ago
Go Go Go! your the best Andrew
Greetz from Belgium
Johannes Film Studios
7 years ago
Stop press! Kramer posts twice in one day!
7 years ago
Mhhmmmmm :)
7 years ago
@d-lemma:dun say like that..andrew not machine..andrew is robot that will crush our world with videocopilot web site..
7 years ago
Looks really great!
7 years ago
7 years ago

I think you mean pm.. ;)

Going home from school at 1:30 am would be kinda crazy ;D
7 years ago
andrew..u are so pro using turbulent displace,blur,light
and noise..u add all this and walla!!
u are master in color..
7 years ago
@Asri: Andrew is a machine, machines do not sleep.
7 years ago
HOT After Effects tutor :p ..thanks very much
7 years ago
you guys are crazy xD
here in germany it is 1:30 am
i just went home from school
7 years ago
u not sleep??giv pizza at 4:18 am..
    5 years ago
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