3D Panoramic

Here is a great script by Paul Tuersley that will turn a panoramic photo into a 3d cylinder inside of AE. The instructions can be found at www.AEnhancers.com

This script is great for many things but I’ll let you guys think of cool ideas.

PS: I’ve noticed some pretty poor comments by a few individuals lately that aren’t helping the community.

Instead of posting why something is bad or how on program is the best, etc, let’s contribute new ideas and suggestions that will help others that visit here that do not have your “wisdom”. I want to build a strong community and create solutions; that is what Video Copilot is about.

9 years ago
I'm Sorry Shape Layers! I love you!
I must confess… I was never a big fan of shape layers…  we just didn’t get along.  I was used to using masks but suddenly (around AE CS3) the same mask tool began creating Red vector shapes. At first, they seemed cool enough but after accidentally adding shape layers to my comps, instead of masks, I lashed […]
Visualization Experiment and new Renders
Just playing around with a new After Effects experiment without using any 3rd Party plug-ins! I need to refine some parts of the effect but I really want to make a tutorial for it ASAP! Here are some other projects you may have missed! Using Element 3D bump mapping to create some Gold coins and […]
New Tutorial: Realistic Rain Drop FX!
In this tutorial we’ll use After Effects to create a realistic water effect without any 3rd party plug-ins! Great for adding atmosphere to a rainy scene or title. This effect is fully customization and can be used to create many cool FX! In this tutorial: Create a dripping water displacement map Simulate realistic camera DOF […]
Destruction Experiment!
What is this thing! I’ve basically combined a bunch of stuff into one experiment! I might have been inspired by the amazing planet explosions from The Force Awakens but wanted to see if I could get a cool version inside Element 3D. Few Notes on this experiment; I added smoke elements, shockwaves using CC Sphere, and even […]

Cool script. Andrew, I think it's awesome that you keep an eye on your blog's comments section, and actively strive to make this a friendly learning community.

I have immense respect for you and y our work. Keep it up!
7 years ago
Kramer , now you can do this with panorama maker and export all the panorama to AE as a spherical or square form .
8 years ago
very nice. You know what your doing sir we can tell you that. we enjoy all the new tutorials. every one we watch about three or more times. writing directions and thenthinking of ways to spin off the idea. it's a great resource. We'll alwas keep coming back. Thanks. New 3D tutorials looking great. More would be even better. :)
8 years ago
Thanks a lot for this!!, looks very interesting, just what I was looking for =)
8 years ago
hey, is there a section just for latest news
9 years ago
I've just downloaded it and I don't know how it work.. I really don't understand. Please someone help me. Cause I need this to create an effect.
9 years ago
man i just love your tutorials i´m from Mozambique in africa and here the vfx and motion graphics industry is groing whit me and my friend only.so i watch your tutorials and i try to get the important part of them like the thecnics that you use and a make my stuff.
thanks for all dude.u realy rock
i would like to see some of your works ,pubs,video clips,etc......
thanks and keep doing your thing...........
9 years ago
Thank you for your wonderful tutorial and welcome to come to my blog!
9 years ago
i guess im the only one using softimage..ahawhawhawhawhaw(dr.zoidberg's).
how do i run the script?it said the layer i selected in unrecognized..i already selected the layer in my comp.
9 years ago
Your work and website helps me a LOT, that I cannot say about idiotic comments of some sad individuals. So I say **** **** (autocensored) and keep up a good work!
9 years ago
Andrew Kramer

you should hear the kind of noise I'm making with DesignerSoundFX
the crazy transitions with with Twitch (Word to the wise "get that twitch plugin")
The riot and chaos i'm creating with RiotGear
Man, I'm creating a Visual Revolution with Evolution
Thanks to you I'm confident using 3dS max

I used to design only in photoshop but now transferring stuff from PS & AE has made
my work look much better, all thanks to VCP

Regardless what comments anybody leaves on this site, we are only here because of one thing , and it's that's this site is DE greatest site and Andrew Kramer , his company is a great company and we love and need the tut's and products that they make

Forgive me for the long comment, and everyone else not adhering to the rules of this site
Please dont loose focus "We still waiting for the ADV DVD's".

Your stylish and playful way of presenting tut's should become a standard, it makes learning an enjoyble process . StayBlessed . VCP forever
9 years ago
This website has helped me in many ways to create special effects in video.
9 years ago
Downloaded it, tried it. Great Script. This will come in handy. Thanks
9 years ago
Combining this with flash would be great for Real Estate sites/clients! Thank You Mr. Kramer :)
9 years ago
I challenge those haters to find a site that gives away FREE training! Especially at such an incredibly high level! Not just on AE but also just general design. How I ever survived before Vignettes I have no idea! Double Drop shadows!?! You have got to be kidding me! Fracking awesome (yes a BSG reference)! Im not over exaggerating when i say that discovering Video-Copilot has literally changed my creative life. I was in a total rut, not sure what I wanted to do, and know i know! Andrew, your Tutorials AND PRODUCTS are amazing and priced so well, that it really gives people no excuse to not invest in them. AK.... Major Proppers to you my man!
Baris Mirzaee
9 years ago
we want to lesson :D it's very successful but i know it's very difficult :(:(
9 years ago
Interesting picture !!!!!
All Best from Koera.
Korean compony is Samsung(not japanese),Hyundai,Anycall,LG .
Korea has 5000 years history.

P.S:It is PM9:20 in Korea!
Fergus Robinson
9 years ago
I've never posted a comment on Video Co-Pilot before...

"PS: I’ve noticed some pretty poor comments by a few individuals lately that aren’t helping the community."

No one shall dare utter a foul word to Andrew!
9 years ago
hey andrew kramer there

I just want to tell you that you are few of those who are doing the right thing. Things that are not manipulated at all. I'll call it a product of an honest character. And about those poor comments you get... those are just an easy...

I just want to say that your popularity and success as itself is the proof of you being right and ...

Just wanted to say that without any give take deal, you've made connections with people, helped them and got them stick to the fruitless cg tools for a purpose and those tools are ...

I'm wondering if people commenting poorly have ever given a thought of why they started using these tools and why they joined a creative field. And when we spend all the time in learning tools, how creative we can be with ...

I just want to say hey ... those poor people found time to pin point what they see as a mistake, and that's what they usually do. Be it a software, tool or person. So you keep doing what you do. Majority is with you as majority wants to do things by right and...

9 years ago
I used Paul's script to make this Tori Amos video several months ago. I used a panoramic photo of an old theater and moved it around behind Tori. There is some tracking down as well. The script works really well.


I credit for much of the stuff I have learned to Andrew, thanks for all the great tutorials (paid and free).

9 years ago
hey andrew how do i add this and use it ? where do i put the file that is for download
Carlos Crooks
9 years ago
Well all I have to say is I was lucky when I found this site. It was my first time with AE and when I goggled for tutorials it directed me here; Videocopilot.net, a site with the best tutorials out there… Since then, I’ve learned so much from the tutorials I (greatly) appreciate it. I have haven’t taken (any) classes for AE yet and I have already learned so much from this place. Big ups and much respect for having this site and keeping it updated with free tutorials. Without finding this site my portfolio wouldn’t be what it is today and all the doors that have opened up for me in the industry would not of if it wasn’t for this place...

Thanks again Andrew…
(Excuse my language, but it’s needed here…)

You’re the shit.
9 years ago
Hey Andrew

Thank you so much for your tutorials and what you are doing. It's not only incredibly amusing (never liked the dry tutorials anyway), but it has also helped me big time.
Just finished my first commercial with AE and I've been on the program for 4 weeks.
Nothing incredible, but, you know, I am getting there... :)
Thanks man!

All the best from Germany,
9 years ago
Answering something that is above,

The forum isn't quite the solution to the negative / non productive comments, instead, when you create a forum, it will ALWAYS turn to a "posting comments" site with no purpose rather than posting things that don't make the difference, like promoting sites and advertisement. So, I don't think that making a Video Copilot Forum is something positive.

PS: Andrew, have you seen the tv show Drive? Because they've used a technique like this, but with video, recording a 360 deggres video set.

Greetz from Argentina.

9 years ago
What a dif a day makes. Good to see so much great posting with positive ideas and views.

Thats what makes videocopilot special
9 years ago
Hey can anybody help. I tried this script with a pic but I think I'm doing something wrong. Actually after applying the script a precomp is generated which has many layers with a Null object, but the prob is the EDGE of the generated layers doesn't matches properly to make a perfect cylinder and therefore it looks Fake.

I'm doing something wrong, can anybody help? Thnx anyways.

9 years ago
That's awesome! Hope to use it soon!!!
9 years ago
Andrew did u try to use this script after working with visual 3d on a photo as u didnt on a previous tutorial?
I mean is it possible the layer inside the precomp be a virtual 3D comp?
9 years ago
Go Andrew! You're truly gifted at what you do and your work is an inspiration!
9 years ago
Well Andrew you do a great job and best instructed I have seen yet making after effects easier to learn. The one with negatives feedback maybe need to pay for the instructions. Where can you find great free tutorials with advanced instructions.

Great Work Andrew!!!!
9 years ago
"Instead of posting why something is bad or how on program is the best"

whoops :~
9 years ago
As for actually making panoramas...

I've tried ALL the different panorama programs out there I found PTGUI to be the best (although a little technical). Just in case someone wants to avoid wasting time.

(This isn't a software plug, I'm not related to the developer in anyway)
9 years ago
This makes a perfect background for someone wanting to pull off a "bullet time" effect. Too cool!
9 years ago
9 years ago
Some great panoramic cyclorama work here by master matte painter Yanick Dusseault:



I've been hoping Andrew would give us a great tutorial on this subject for some of us new AE users like myself. Hint. ;-)

Keep up the great work Andrew!

9 years ago
This site has a bunch of panoramic shots from games like COD4

Wonder if anything can be done with them or something similar homemade and used as virtual sets for green screen.

9 years ago
I agree with you Andrew. Those people, who can't give constructive critics or simply split in the face after all your hard work, are just pathetic.

Although I barely post here at the VideoCopilot blog becuase of the lack of time, but I am seriously interested in your work and designs, and check the blog every week. I want to thank you for these information that you give us for free and for your dedication and love for your work.

PS. I've noticed that there's is 2007 at the bottom of the site, you would like to change that, won't you? :P (© 2007 Video Copilot and Final Image Inc.)
9 years ago
Thanks for the tip about aenhancerss and also about kuler. Very helpful.
Like most AE users, I also use Photoshop and Illustrator
The community for AE is unique, both here and on Creative Cow.
There is a wealth of help and encouragement that I haven't found for any other community.
I appreciate it and hope it continues.
Joris Strickx
9 years ago
How could anyone be negative about this? I learned all my AE stuff from this site. It really helped me out a lot. Of course not every tutorial can be equally helpfull for everybody. But the steps involved sure are.

It would be nice if there would be a downloadable version of the tutorials. It'll probably save you some bandwith and very easy for us to use them when we need them. Is there a reason why they're not downloadable as a flash or quicktime?

Anyways, I check the site every day and I'll keep doing that. Waiting for some more tutorials to come out. Thx for all the effort you put into this.
Clint LeMaire
9 years ago
I’ve seen several post mentioning the integration of 3D programs such as 3DS Max and C4D with AE. These programs are very expensive, but the basic ideas that Andrew is presenting are not limited to these two 3D programs. Many of you my already know about an open source 3D Modeling and Animation program called Blender. It is very powerful and is supported by a huge resource base. It has a bit of a learning curve, but its worth checking out. The program is free for download at their website. The Blender.org website has been down today, but do a google search for Blender 3D and you will find plenty of resources, or check out Blendernation.com.



9 years ago
Hmm... Interesting. Now we need to find out how to make a half sphere to place on top on the cylinder to make a skybox.
Daniel Capener
9 years ago
Hey this looks really good!
Very Useful

I Wounder if this could be used to create one of those interactive panoramic things you see around the web, I've always wanted to know how to make those, I doubt AE would come into the making though lol

Daniel Capener
Manchester, UK
9 years ago
Good Stuffs
9 years ago
Can't wait for your own forum. :)
tommie12P(Thorsten Miess)
9 years ago
the strongest community must have a chat. What about that?

looks useful. Yu can place objects in the middle and do some impossible camera movements. i love them! How to get this "enviroment" in a 3D Prog such as cinema4D or 3Dsmax? im a total beginner to 3D
9 years ago
If anyone wants to know how to export an AE camera to 3dmax, using a simple script for After fx...here it is:


You may have to allow script writing and network access by going into AE pref settings....Ater writing a .ms file, just run it in max and presto!
9 years ago
thnx so much for sharing that andrew, yes there are other ways to do that, but new ideas are always welcome, and if that effect take ur attention and post to us, it because its a great idea.
9 years ago
@Andrew Kramer....This is great, do you plan to go into the subject of scripts?
I found a bunch of helpfull links such as:



I for one would love to have your ideas and script files...maybe an addition to the presets page?

Hmm...just throwing it out there.

Respect to the Kramer.
A Gorilla
9 years ago
Don't drink the Haterade... AK much respect to you efforts, free tutorial that give us fresh stepping stone ideas and not dry tutorials about what this button does and quick keys.

Don't Hate da playa hate yourself for not appriciating.
Did someone really take time to complain about the BG color!
Dark Grey it is

Many thanks again and keep em coming...
9 years ago
dear andrew.......
ignore the Frustrating comments and resume your way

& thanks for the idea , I think that the expressions are very very very useful
and I want you to focus on it a little.

best regards :)
9 years ago
The blog is great the products are great and most of the posts are great! Green eyed monsters Who cant see past their own selfishness. Hard work trying to make tutorials for EVERYONE. Why cant these people show us how they have taken Andrews tutorials further? After all isnt that the whole point to the tutorials anyway?
9 years ago
hey ya thanx again
its to great thing
you what can we do with this thing
making a movie like matrix
i try to do this and share it
thanx andrew
9 years ago
Aw man, I tried something like this like 9 months ago! Would have been really useful. Thanks for the linkage. =D
9 years ago
Good stuff again A.K.

On the other subject of people critisizing or promoting an application, I think it is appalling. What ever is convenient or cheap for any individual to master shouldn't be brought into question. Like you said, this community is for people who are seeking new ideas and learning how to make a good video production.

My regards to the VCP crew. Hola!
9 years ago
Andrew, dont make a Forum if you dont want. Its just unneceseri job to get admins and moderaters, there is plenty of AE forums. Just a tip
9 years ago
My imagination shut down when Lawrence mentioned he was working at home in his underwear.
9 years ago
I was wondering why this was necessary, I had the idea of just getting your panorama picture and putting the cc cylinder on it, getting a camera and flying inside it. This didnt work to well, and it crashed AE. So yeh.. nice Expression.
9 years ago
Hi Andrew,

I never meant to provoke you, and I can understand that Creative COW is a great forum, but sometimes this blog is a little bit... confusing :-/

Regards from Germany!
9 years ago
Oh that's awesome! Really helpful i get tons of ideas when i saw this :)
9 years ago
Nice, thanks
9 years ago
Great script!!! thanks for the tip!!... with this and your 3d photos tutorial you can do amazong stuff... lucky me that i got a Horizon 202 camera!!!
9 years ago
This is so cool! all I need now is a blue screen and a window! I've tried something similar before but on a flat based images, it was ok but for a very limited movement of the camera, can't wait to try this one! =) tnx!
Morten Enoksen
9 years ago
Wow. THanks a bunch for posting this! This ig going to be so useful for me and others who work with 3D:)

I've been wondering for a long time if this was possible in AE, now I know;)
9 years ago
these useless posts are realy anoying.
for instance, people going on about 'Why dont you do a tut without a dark background'

now, is it just me or is this the most stupid comment you've ever heard' lol.
if you want the BG lighter,...heres the hard part'......MAKE THE BG BLOODY LIGHTER...

I mean seriously

give AK a break here.
Jacob Czepluch
9 years ago
"Instead of posting why something is bad or how on program is the best, etc, let’s contribute new ideas and suggestions that will help others that visit here that do not have your “wisdom”. I want to build a strong community and create solutions; that is what Video Copilot is about."

Hell yeah! You are so right about this one mate :)
9 years ago
please don`t tell us that the Advanced Training Dvd has died out? Please Andrew, write something about it! Or make a vid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
9 years ago
We know how to make a forum...
9 years ago
>>I want to build a strong community and create solutions; that is what Video Copilot is about.<<

Good idea!
But don't you think a own forum would be helpful...? :-)
9 years ago
Great Script,

I am Wondering if that is possible as a sphere...
9 years ago

Mr.Kramer it would be very useful if U explain it in ur words(maybe a mini tut,)
Always great to have new tutorials...

Thanks a lot for ur support...
9 years ago
Thx for calling them out on their negativity :)

As for the script - looks cool and I'm sure it's useful - but unfortunately my imagination isn't working today - would you share in a tutorial what it can be used for? Sry for being ignorant today hahahahaha.

As for your advanced training DVD looking forward to when it comes out - you been teasing us with that bullet shot w/ Sam and some other stuff for a while ;)

take care bro..
9 years ago
Andrew, please let us know about the advanced training dvd!!
9 years ago
Andrew, you already have created a powerful community, people from all over the world goes to this site. There are always some bad apples out there, but keep in mind that there are 1000x more people that support you! Great work
9 years ago
ya Mr. Kramer i know ... there are too many peoples...

but dont think about them i think they feel bad to see all your great stuff...

nice concept of 3d enviroment
9 years ago
Yeah exactly, I agree with u Andrew. I was also thinking abt those comments.
ANYWAYS, Let us build a strong community! :) and by the way that expression seems to be very useful. will give it a try. Thnx & Regards

9 years ago
Good posting. And I agree the negative bickering and pointless `black catting` brings nothing to the wonderful site that is Video Copilot.

Great Tutes Andrew. (I bet you get sick of hearing that)

Long live the site.
9 years ago
Hey hey! I just wanted to say a massive thankyou to you Mr Kramer. I left uni after 4 years of animation with few 'marketable' skills, it was only after finding your site and burrying myself in after effects 4 months ago that the ball really started rolling. I no longer have to wait tables and can make a very decent living sat at home, in my undies, rocking out on my laptop. Twitch and riot gear are amazing, I keep seeing Riot gear stuff on TV all the time. One thousand thankyous kind sir.

Lawrence. England
9 years ago

I have been waiting for something like this. Very cool, thank you Andrew :)

Yeah yeah.. word! Those comments are pretty useless,..

greetz from germany
9 years ago
Good find man.

I've got a lot of time for guys that can script expressions and are willing to then share their knowledge - it's something I find very difficult, and never have the time to explore more.
9 years ago
Yeah, i like it :)
Thanks for posting it !

Greetz, Jelle

P.s. You are so right about those comments ;)
9 years ago
thats pretty useful