Back from New York

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Alright, I Just got back last night from the After Effects New York meeting. The room was jammed packed and everyone seemed very enthusiastic. My usual audience consists of a microphone and cold root beer. Admittedly, I was a little nervous at first but everyone was very friendly and I had a great time up there. It was also nice to meet so many of you and I appreciate everyone stopping by.

I don’t have any photos or videos to show other than the proof from above but in the future I will be making a few tutorials about some of the techniques demonstrated. For now, we should have another After Effects tutorial this week and I can settle back in to California time.

If anyone has pictures from the meeting, please email them over, my wife would love to see how ridiculous I looked 🙂

8 years ago
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Haha cute picture
8 years ago
Hey, I was at the meeting and it was great. It was my first one as well. I just want to tell you Andrew that your the person to inspire me to pursue a career in the 3d animation industry. I am 15 right now and I love doing stuff in 3d and in AE. Your tutorials are fantastic and I am looking forward to the ones with 3d/AE integration which you mentioned at the meeting. Thanks again Andrew and keep up the good work.
8 years ago
I think you should be a little superhero. You'd shoot trapcode stroke from your wrist or somethin'. hmmm
8 years ago
Hi Andrew,
I just want to say u re great i have enjoyed every bit of you tutorial and presets as a beginner you make me feel professional . Thanks
8 years ago
LOL Alan :-)
8 years ago
how do we know youy were there at all ???

you could have photoshopped yourself in perhaps ???

nah, just kidding....i was gonna go but i couldnt get flights in time :(
8 years ago
@ Alan

Wellington [Ton]
8 years ago
Hi Mr. Andrewson ... hahaha! =D
ok, so...i´m here to glad u for ur tutorials and all this...
yesterday i finish one work...
I really enjoy if you can see...
sorry for my english...i´m not so good...
well... if you can...

thank you!
8 years ago
Poor old Spidey! At that height and with his web at that angle, he's clearly going straight into the ground! lol
Jim Andrews
8 years ago
@ Z,
You are my Idol and my favorite bloger...

Happy 04/01/08 day :)
8 years ago
I was hoping for an April's First joke from you man!
Andre Prior
8 years ago
Need carcrash tut, Need bullet inflight tut, need more tuts ... :D
8 years ago
8 years ago
any chance someone taped the AENY presentation & would be willing to put it online?

couldn't make the trip from Ohio since I'll be visiting CA next month and NY after that. still, i'd love to see what was presented, since i would so be a member of that group if i still lived in New York.

8 years ago
Sup Andrew.
Here' something:
I've been a great fan of your job so far and i'm waiting (just waiting) 'till my american express credit card arrives at my door(BRAZIL!) so this way i'll be keepin' my job and whatever.
The thing that I really want to talk about/discuss is the following:
Creating a particle and actually controlling it. Like in the tutorial about the random particle, in which you determined a space in which the particle attached to the null object would just flow around. I was trying to do the effect, and i actually done it, but i couldn't found like a way to control the effect to apply to my final product which was a movie of a gun shooting the particle like a bullet, which i found to be very original. But I actually wasn't able to control the particle and so goin'... I would like to discuss this with you for further help, but anyway if you really could answer this or find out a way to do the particle to be controlled, I would really really appreciate. Just e-mail me. Thanks
From Brazil.
David Stepus
8 years ago

lmfao so true! =p

and who here cant wait for the new hulk movie and iron man movie?

its gonna be epic!
8 years ago
Andrew,.. you're incredible man :D
it's realy feel New york city , What's that spiderman =)) ?
Raj Belani
8 years ago

I can't wait for the car crash tutorial. I remember alot of it for the most part, but those 3d glass particles is still bugging me. Also, that tutorial on turning the locked down shot into a pan or tilt was amazing, waiting for that one too.

Oh, I sat in the front row at the meeting, well, more like lied down, next to a dude who had boombox designs on his shoes. I could've sworn he was the guy who screamed out "ANDREW KRAMER, I LOVE YOU MAN!..COME ON!!" during that moment of dead silence....

Just like another guy said above, I wanted to meet you, but you were mobbed. You were like Justin Timberlake at an NYSNC concert in that room....not that I've ever been to one...
8 years ago

All I wanted to say was congratulation to your sucsessful meeting!
And please keep up your amazing work!
I love your Tutorials!
Oh and greetings from Germany^^
8 years ago
Hey David I know why andrew was the only person who is pointing to spidey, because these people see spidey every day, but for someone whose from California it is something special. :-)
8 years ago
Hahahaha! You almost killed me!
8 years ago
That's the beauty that betrayed me... I was about 10 blocks away and it just gave out :( was really hoping to catch the meeting, and possibly win a sweet door prize. instead I get the gift of getting intimate with a mechanical clutch as i try to repair it this weekend...

Hope ya do another NYC trip soon, I'll probably take public trans next time
8 years ago
Hi there Andrew, nice ot hear from you,

i see you met Spider-man lol... nicely done!... hope the New York meeting well went for you.

Wish i could have been there but it's along way from where live (UK).

From the United Kingdom
8 years ago
sounds cool! are planing on buying all of your dvd's and great tutorials by the way love them!
8 years ago
nice picture! i tried out the 3ds max vines tutorial and it's great!
thanks for all the help on animation, i would'nt be able to make it this far without you!
looking forward to your upcoming projects!
8 years ago
Car crash footage?? SHOW MEEE!
8 years ago
Nice post Joe.

It's good to hear from someone who was there.
Joe Avino
8 years ago
Andrew - Everyone loved you at AENY. You were funny and informative - much better than the Maxon or Adobe guys. I wish I could have met you but you were mobbed at the end and I didn't want to hold you up forever. I don't know if you'd remember me, but I was sitting in the back - I'm 15, so I might have stood out. By the way, good idea on cutting out the few frames in the car crash footage - it looked funny when you showed it frame by frame, but it made a cool effect when it was played in real time. Great presentation, we all enjoyed it.
Babatunde Tunslike
8 years ago
Hey! Hey!! Hey!!! can someone tell me, was that SPIDERMAN REAL????, i wouldn't have doubted if the SPIDY MAN was SAM, lol
8 years ago
very cool stuf man. cant wait to see what comesfrom this. keep up the good work, I tell everyone to come here if they want to know the more advanced stuff that after effects has to offer.
Joe W
8 years ago
Nice!! Hey Andrew if the AE thing doesn't work out there's always the comedy circuit.
Just joking. You are Legend!
8 years ago
It seems as if Andrew has a knack for getting close to spidey! I'll pay top dollar for his location! Top dollar!!!!
8 years ago
ui nice great yellow ny taxi :P
8 years ago
Aharon, that's hysterical! I have a friend that lives in Forest Hills. Next time I go there, I'll ask him about it. That's such a weird coincidence.
8 years ago
It was great seeing you again, buddy. I think the crowd would have had even more fun if you brought sam along. But my suggestion - don't bring Sam with you ever. He'll upstage you.

I speak from experience - I was once acting in a show with a monkey, and even my wife didn't notice me come out on stage because that monkey was "so darned cute" (well, till it pooped on a guy in front of 200 people - then it was less cute and more nasty as hell - but for at least a few minutes everyone loved it). Anyway, I digress. Obviously Sam isn't a monkey - he knows how to use a gun, and drive and stuff - but if you bring him out on stage with you everyone will have eyes only for him (unless he poops on someone or something he shouldn't... sorry Sam...)

You know what - I'm not really sure what my point was...

Oh right - it was: "great having you!"

And Spidey asked me to pass a long this note: "You owe me 5 bucks in cab fair, you punk. - Signed your friendly neighborhood spider man."



PS: For the record, a Family named Parker lives at the Spider man's Queens address. I couldn't find the article, but I found a reference here:
8 years ago
Andrew - Ayato took tons of pictures. Perhaps you should get in touch with him. Thank you for coming to NYC and I hope we'll see you again.
8 years ago
Hey Andrew,

Did you enjoy the cold weather we have here? I couldn't make it unfortunately. I actually wanted to tell you in person that our film won the Grand Prize in the Weinstein Co/George Romero "Diary of the Dead" DVD contest and I used Action Movie Essentials in it so when that DVD comes out, keep an eye out for it if you're into that sort of thing.

Sucks I couldn't make it! Anyways, thanks for doing the tutorials. You've literally help take my filmmaking to the next level!

Thanks, man!
8 years ago

On behalf of (AENY)myself, Aharon and Dennis we just want to thank you for coming out to our meeting and doing a great presentation. Everyone was hyped on you coming out to show off Twitch and some other great AE tips.You have more fan boys/girls then anyone so far and i think the most people to ask to have pictures taken with you yet as a presenter .
We look forward to having you back soon and NY Steakhouses miss you already.

Jim, Aharon,Dennis and the whole community.
8 years ago
OMG Peter Parker is real, he actually wrote a comment here!
8 years ago
Spider-Man, Spider-Man....Sounded like fun! :)
8 years ago
Sounds like a lot of fun. Wish I could have gone. Nice that you saw spidey!
8 years ago
Hey Andrew great to meet you last Thrusday at the AENY meeting. Nice presentation, I actually had to use the photo distortion technique on Friday to rotate a camera around a 3d still model I generated. I asked you about your 3d max reactor experiments in hopes that you would include a few of those ideas for the advanced techinques DVD. Anyhoo.
Keep up the incredible work and keep turning the industry upside down.
8 years ago

The picture got me to thinking, how about a Spidey-inspired tutorial? Maybe shooting webs from a person's wrist onto an object and then moving the object around or something like that. Glad the meeting in NY went well. If you'll be speaking around the LA area, please let us know!
8 years ago
I'd like to know more about the MGLA meetings or an AE user group in the LA area. Andrew it would be great to see you there!
8 years ago
Ok Andrew,. So I thought what the heck. Not perfect but good practice. A lot of adjustment layers went into this lol. Anyway there you go.

8 years ago
Wow, you actually got a good photo of my flying through the air, saving the world from carnage.
Richard Ramos
8 years ago
The meeting was awesome, It was great finally getting to meet you man. I told all my friends that I got to meet thee Andrew Kramer the After Effects Master, they were all jealous, lol. I was the dude that forgot to bring his digital camera and I had to use one of those disposable camera's to take a picture with ya, lol fun times! Thanks for all your great work man your amazing!!!
8 years ago
Hey Andrew it was great to see you, Ayato, Aharon and others.
Hopefully AENY gets a bigger room next time. I heard Aharon mentioned Webster Hall ;)
For those who weren't there, there were about 300+ people in 75 people room.
I am not complaining since I "got my money worth"

Looking forward for the next meetup and new tutorials.
8 years ago
Wow. That's a cool picture hehe. Yeah man I wish I could have made it up there. I'm sure you did great. Have a good weekend.

8 years ago
I was hoping there would be a webcast.

Do you know if anyone got it on tape? I would really like to see what went on.
8 years ago
Nice photo, Andrew...

but isn't Spiderman a bit too big? :P
8 years ago
So there's a 3D in live footage tut coming up? YES PLEASE! :D
8 years ago
Welcome back!! I hope some fans send you the photos, beacuse then you can post it here :). Im really looking forward to some new tutorials!! NEVER STOP MAKING TUTORIALS!!!

Please post some feature content of the Advanced Training Dvd tomorow or that week:D!!!!!!
8 years ago
oh finaly your'e back! hope u had a great time on the meeting! wish i could be there! can't w8 2 the next tutorial! your'e number 1#
Without your tutorials, i dunno what 2 do with After Effetcs!!!!
I wanna meet you in person! like, it is like i know you, but u dont know me! :P lol i knowXD
Can't count how many times i visit this web site per day!
love from Norway
David Stepus
8 years ago
i can tell u edit this picture cuz ur the only guy pointing and all the other ppl in the pic are not looking up =p

hope u had fun =)
Peter Parker
8 years ago
Looks like you beat me in my own game. The "Daily Bugle" won't be happy to hear about this.
Zack M
8 years ago
Andrew, will you be at NAB? I think you've mentioned no booth; just wondering if you'll be roaming the floor like me.

Zack M.
Rhode Island
Barry Barrera
8 years ago
hope to meet you soon master! and apiderman too...
8 years ago
Que envidia poder estar ahi!
tommie12P(Thorsten Miess)
8 years ago
I know that spiderwoman exist in real life,

But please as soon as you get any photos or videos. please publish them. I want to see what happened there. wasnt it cold?
8 years ago
At last he's back!
Andrew, it was boring 'round here; nice to know you back in town :-)
8 years ago
Hi Andrew it was great meeting you at the meeting, I enjoyed your presentation, nice job and thanks for coming out. I was the guy sitting in the window sill across from you. Once again Thanks and nice job!
Toby Truscott
8 years ago
G'day Andrew,

Micah Wilson raised a great question that I thought I would lend a voice to also - system setup for the AE / 3D work you do. This would be very interesting to me as I am currently planning an entire upgrade of my equipment. I currently run the AE from a PowerMac and the 3D from a "more obsolete by the second" PC. What are the best specs for such machines as I notice your preview / render times in the tutorials are FAR superior to mine!!

Thanks for your forum - the material you have discussed and the tutorials you present are extremely generous. I'm glad I can support in a small way by buying your products.


8 years ago
By the way Andrew, are you a mindreader? seriously, every time you come out with a tutorial, it is about something that I'm working on at that moment. for example I was working with some 3D stuffs when you released your 3D pictures stuff, I was working on a 3D planet when you released "the blue planet" and now I have been working on 3D in live footage and now this comes:D
8 years ago
hahahahahaha awesome picture! xD
8 years ago
Nice! Really wanted to be there... but i could not.
Micah Wilson
8 years ago
It appears my earlier message in the last entry was lost :( I'll repost:

I was wondering if you could describe the system you use for your effects work, I notice you use a windows based machine and that would be my preference as well.

I'm looking to get a new machine and I'd love to know what to look for. I've been thinking about a Phenom based quad core, with 8 gigs of memory.

Anyone out there have suggestions?
Good to hear, Andrew!

I'm sure you did fine.
8 years ago
I know andrew kramer is the master of effect. Correct me if im wrong, he added that spiderman in that picture? lol (o)__0
Tom S
8 years ago
Andrew I have been going to the AENY meetings for a year and I have to say your presentation was the best ever! Thanks again for your time. It is great to see so many other videocopilot geeks there...everyone laughed and applauded when you mentioned Sam. Come again when you get a chance!

To answer the post by Vincent Lee, I know Pratt offers After Effects courses. Some are taught by none other than Aharon Rabinowitz from Creative Cow and the prices are among the most reasonable in NYC. You should email Aharon about this.
8 years ago
Damn...looks like i missed a good time. I was strapped with a late meeting, damn hip hop artists, being all late...Anyway hope you enjoyed the big apple. Next time your in town in NYC let me know we can grab a cold one and talk AE. Wish all the best man, cant wait for new tutorial! Again, seems like my other comment might of gotten passed through but, i really think it'd be beneficial for all of us if a forum or user gallery was taken into consideration, to see what work that came from/inspired by VCP. That would be awesome.

Thanks brother
8 years ago
oh yeah... hes bak.. our friendly neighbourhood spiderman........
8 years ago
jajajaja!! genial la foto con el señor SPIDERMAN!! XD...saludos
8 years ago
Hey Andrew -- great meeting you at AENY! You were like a rock star in there! Hope you had a great time and thanks for all your tutorials and advice. Everyone I talked to raved about TWITCH -- and with good reason. Glad your back safe in Cali and look forward to the next batch of tutes and products!


Flim by Tim Productions.
8 years ago
Andrew Kramer you PWN by the way I was wondering if you where able to get my spidermans autograph I was really counting on you but your a busy man.... I guess hehe just kidding man you do great things keep it up.
8 years ago
Hey there Andrew,
Do you ever go to the MGLA (Motion Graphics association of Los Angeles) Meetings? Either to speak or just to attend?

Looking forward to the new tutorial.

8 years ago
It was great to meet you Andrew. I was the newbie that's been using AE for 3-4 Weeks that met you at the end. Keep those awesome tutorials and products coming! Be sure to let us know again if you'll be in town,
8 years ago
Wow thats gr8 that ur back Andrew. I wish, I was there but may be next time.
Sounds gr8 that u got some new techniques.
thnx in advance for the coming TUT, will wait for that.

Warm Regards
8 years ago
Dear Andrew,

Should i go to pratt university and do they offer special effects training with after effects?
8 years ago
If you post did not appear in the last few minutes, please repost. We had to do a quick restore of the blog and lost some of the new ones.
8 years ago
i am sure u had good time there :)
can't wait to hear about some new techniques ..
8 years ago
Sounds wonderful! I'm going to need to make it to one of those meetings sometime here...
8 years ago
Glad to have you back Andrew.

I look forward to those tutorials.
Just Amit
8 years ago
Something about the picture makes my spidey sense tingle...
Voon Fei
8 years ago
Wow! You met spidey!
Emil Smedius
8 years ago
Nice! Wish I could've been there...

First post!