Sam Finally Talks!

Before you watch this, here is what you need to know:

We were in downtown Riverside and needed a rugged place to shoot our sequence. We were kicked out of a parking garage but then we found this cool alley area. Now it was somewhat open to the public and we were a little nervous about pulling a gun out with so many cars passing. Nobody wants to get arrested by the police… So Sam put it in his coat as we were finally ready to shoot.

Now the gag was for him to shoot the lid of a large dumpster and the lid would close shut. Simple enough right? We lifted the lid up and while waiting to shoot the scene some wind came and knocked it down:

Now watch the video


Perhaps you had to be there to appreciate how funny this is. What is more hilarious is that everyone was startled by the sound but only Sam’s face is on camera being spooked! Obviously this is the take I used because there was so much excitement going through his veins.

We filmed with a JVC HD-200 with one of those fancy DOF converter and a 50mm lens.

9 years ago
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Lol I would be spooked too, with a gun in my pocket
9 years ago
^Does Sam really have a youTube account? I noticed 'he' commented....
9 years ago
what a face when he scared.....JAJAJAJAJAJAJA

9 years ago
We have to say that without Sam, The shoots wouldn't be so ... right (I know the reason why now :) ).
Thanks for your acting Sam!
morten enoksen
9 years ago
Sam Loya! Here's to you!
Please show Sam this. He inspired me!
9 years ago
i watched the video again, sam makes me laugh :) he is funny
9 years ago
Chase Langley
9 years ago
Seriously where in downtown riverside is this alley? I'll have to show you where my favorite alley is there. They have these awesome arches and is right across from where the comic shop used to be (tear).

9 years ago

Great to hear how Sam souds like to, relly fun. And he's really a great actor i mean, that's relly good face at the last seconds
Robin H
9 years ago
Ha, it startled me too :P
9 years ago
When is the 50 tutorial DVD coming out? It was blogged about in December then nothing.
9 years ago
funny i was just thinking the other day, what does sam sound like? Now i have my answer.
9 years ago
Last time he was walking in the mountains under the rain after andrew wont let him in.:)
9 years ago
i watched the video again, it's so funny, i like sam it's a good actor. andrew do you think that it's possible to show a video of all team during a shoot ? sorry for my poor english.
9 years ago
Just Amit
9 years ago
i feel like i just heard a famous person with out a mouth speak...

its a weird feeling....
9 years ago
Hahahah lol hes kinda good!!!!
9 years ago
That's why you need to do the DV Rebel's Guide trick and use a bright green gun. No one calls the cops about a bight green gun.
9 years ago
Haha .. we were filming a small movie for a school project years ago and someone actually called the police who came at us with their guns out! We had some ski masks on too... oh well. The teacher responsible for us back then got alot of trouble :x
Was in berlin near the kudamm wonder :))
Looking forward to the next dvd!
9 years ago

Sam got a little scare,
he talks funny (no offense)
9 years ago
haha Andrew, if you know Norwegian then take a look at this:P

In english: A filmcrew was making a movie and they were filming some shots with guns (like you guys did) and some people reported them to the police because they thought it was real guns and then the whole army of policemen came:P haha.
Take a look at the pictures, all fake guns:P That could be sam loya in the back of that police car^^
9 years ago

Are you shooting to tape with the HD200? Or HDMI out to a drive? I have the HD100, and have been somewhat disappointed with the camera's handling of movement w/ the HDV format.

9 years ago
So the key to getting good actors is to scare the crap out of them first!
9 years ago
HEH seeing more of this I can't wait till it comes out :)

Andrew - for laughs, you should throw your VCP logo over that logo on the fence (little corner pin thingie) be kinda cool hahahah

keep up the good work - that dvd's gonna be awesome!!
9 years ago
Hey Andrew.

A couple of questions:
A) What tripod are you using, it seems quite smooth, I think our fluid head ones are a bit cheap and old now, not quite so smooth
B) I'm guessing you're using a converter for your lens mount and then mounting it right into the JVC (as opposed to using an adaptor like the Letus Extreme or something like that).
C) How much did that lens cost?

9 years ago
Sam, damn you're funny and cool man... keep up the good work!
9 years ago
wahahahah sam got owned !!11!1!!!! LOL

hey didnt say much
9 years ago
Hi richard ,
It is a Sig P229 40 cal. This particular gun is real but I don’t’ recommend using real guns. It is just hard to find replicas for cheap of this one.
9 years ago
Richard read some of andrews replys he alrleady said what gun it is ..
9 years ago
First time commenter, long time lurker!

While this is funny (not as funny as the 'suicide' outtake, but maybe that's just me.), what's more impressive is that I could have swore that the background was another one of those greenscreen pictures like you used for the creative cow series on keying...

Wow. You make the fake look real and the real, fake?

Okay, I'm out.

Larry/Panchira Pictures
9 years ago
Bahahahaaaaaa!!! thats quality his face lol eeeee
richard descarreaux
9 years ago
Nice shot and good Sam stress here! hahaha! I love it! I have one question about the shot. what kind of pistol you use for your scene. Am very interested about this because I need one for a urban combat scene.

thanks and bravo!
Juan Francisco
9 years ago
hahahahaa...what was the sound?
9 years ago
What tripod did you use? Very smooth.
9 years ago
haha that's funny! I can't wait for the training DVD to come out!!
9 years ago
I'm really impress by the way Sam act. One moment Sam laught about what is just appening and just after that he turn into his character! Amazing! Except video copilot tutorial scenes, do Sam do other actor job in real life? (sorry for my poor english, I'm a french Canadien. Btw except in winter, the weather here can be really hot during summer ;) And no, I don't play with polar bear)
Some Guy
9 years ago
Andrew, is it possible to create this effect without a fluid head tripod?
9 years ago
Also, a comparitive shoot6 (not like that won't take any time) would also be really nice. To see the camera as is and then the camera with the adaptors and lens on it.
9 years ago
It would be cool Andrew if you could post pictures of all the gear used to shoot. I know you listed it, but it would be very helpful to see why your footage is so clear and has a movie feel and look to it.
9 years ago
sam is talented .. riverside huh? im about 15 mins from there
when i buy the training dvd can i just come pick it up somewhere instead of waiting a week to get it in the mail
9 years ago
LoL couldnt stop laughing after this one

I can't wait for this advanced tutorial DVD, it will help me finish my video I made!
9 years ago
That was funny! :) Sam is a cool guy :)
9 years ago
that was nice ,i like the way sam switch the mod on action from comedy to dramatic right a way no time to waste ,good job guys.ohh boy.
9 years ago
Hey Andrew,

Now we want to see more of you in the video, not only your voice. How bout if you act in front of the camera along side with Sam or maybe in the new tutorial DVD you could appear when you do the opening or closing of a tutorial, that way you can make a better connection with your fans :)

I never SEE you talk too you know.....
9 years ago
when u say a dof converter, do u mean a 35mm adapter? which one u use? letus? which lens make? plz tell =[
Nikolay Kolev
9 years ago
Can u tell me Andrew how much was this camera , cuz i've never seen better quality of camera really !
Marc Biorklund
9 years ago
Great shoot :p

However, did you all notice how professional Sam is in this shoot... He get spooked, start laughting as all the team, and just after "action" he turn the his head away and he is in his character ready to play the scene. Great work Sam :)

About the shooting... Is there any chance you show us a comparative shoot with and without your redrock adaptator ? Maybe could you show us a shoot or a photo behind the scene and show us what your JVC look like with all addons :)

9 years ago
Sweet. We use the same camera<3
Hampus Lager
9 years ago
This has about the same impact as if Harpo would talk XD
9 years ago
35mm adapters are great! I use the redrock and love it. But Carl is right, don't just think you can slap it on with any old lens and run around handheld. They have a steep learning curve and will often make your stuff look worse before it starts to look better. You better be serious about shooting and GOOD at it before you think a piece of gear will save you.
9 years ago
There are lots of 35mm adaptors out there. They make shooting a bit more complex, but the results are stunning.

Check out Redrock, Brevis 35, and the super-cool letus35. All are cool products.
You also will need a couple lenses, support rods, and a follow focus.
9 years ago
That's hilarious.
9 years ago
You can get troubles with cops because he has a gun ? but what about the camera/set ? do they know what it is or it's like in plane where u can't say bomb ...

remind me when i said that once in this plane , going to Florida , in french a bomb is like "she's hot" translate by "c'est une bombe" , it's not security , it's paranoia .. louder and i was kick through the window the bomb girl!
9 years ago
Prop gun to scare the locals… $60
Gas to drive to location… $25
Seeing Sam get the crap scared out of him on film… priceless!

That was good. And you should give Sam some lines in the next one :)

Florian Isopp
9 years ago
Priceless :D
9 years ago
9 years ago
Hahaha. Hey Saw u r the best in the all videos tutorials samples... Its funny and professional! Andrew u r amazing guy! ;)
9 years ago
Haha! This is great. I paused it right when he looks up and his one eyebrow looks like he's "The Rock." Nice job Sam, you're the best!
9 years ago
That is very funny.

-Reminds me of when we were rigging a stunt guy with squibs and threw a couple of SD-100's (ground hit charges) into the mix.
His face after the take was amazing...pure terror.

We still talk and I went to his I maybe still have a friend.

Ha Ha..keep up the good stuff guys, looking forward to Twitch and DVD etc.

(Whats the latest on N.A.B then?)
9 years ago
haha i would love to roll with u guys..
9 years ago
Great Videocopilot Team you knwo sam look realy like an expert actor
thx andrew
9 years ago
The lens has great clarity, who made it? Nikon, Canon? Or did you cash in for one of them fancy Zeiss lenses?
Scott R
9 years ago
I agree with Blair....Sam needs lines for the next tutorial!!!!!
That was funny. I bet he had a case of the "mud butt" after that. LOLOLOL
9 years ago
Ha ha...silly dumpster...that is the first time I have ever heard Sam talk on camera...he he...
9 years ago
hahaahaha thats funny man!

I love the VideoCopilot team -=- Rocking all the time.

9 years ago
9 years ago
JVC Camera: $5500
Tripod: $500
Mic: $300
Seeing the Talent being spooked by a dumpster: priceless!
9 years ago
9 years ago
i wish i had such camera =\
junior viber
9 years ago
andrew, im your fan! its a only magic... congratz!

from brazil....
9 years ago
Haha :D this made my day! Just as if someone was shooting at him :)
And Sam really does look like a skilled actor.
Thierry Niez
9 years ago
Very funny and the quality is of the video is huge !!!
When will you produce your own movie, a real one ?!
And what about DVD VideoCopilot Series Ones and Twitch ?
Great job.
9 years ago
sam be cool :) there is no alien or predator .... maybe ... :D
9 years ago
Hi Guys........
this is so funny
but the AMAZING thing that i noticed about this short film that SAM is a great actor as he changed his face from funny face to extremely serious face suddenly.
I loved it.....and next time , Guys...........................TAKE CARE :)
9 years ago
where can find a DOF adapters ?
9 years ago
Wow, Riverside? That's where I grew up! But now that I think of it, a lot of the shots have looked familiar, such as the assisted suicide and set extension. Hooray for the 909/951!
9 years ago
The man is a legend :) I feel like I have heard my father speak for the first time.
Scott Bishop
9 years ago
DOF adapters are a must when filming. You cant get a better film look without it.
9 years ago
Cool! that's so funny!
9 years ago
im gonna check it out
9 years ago
:( he didn't say much

Btw Andrew, where the heck can I buy a JVC HD 200 camera? I live in Norway and I can't find any stores that ships to Norway
9 years ago
Thats to funny!!!!
9 years ago
Muy Divertido!
9 years ago
lol i didnt realise you where filming in the open thats risky
9 years ago
Haha! You need to give Sam some lines for the next tutorial...

What does the JVC HD-200 shoot to? How was the lens converter? I've tried a 35mm lens converter on our HVX-202 with less than satisfactory results...
9 years ago
Poor sam. Did he think Indiana jones was cracking his whip to disarm him :)