Trick or Treat

Here is most of the Video Copilot team. Mark, Sam, Bobby, Matt, Andrew, Tino, Jeff. Trick or Treating was fun, but we got more candy last year.

8 years ago
Element 3D V2 Now Available! *Updated
Element 3D V2 is Now Available! We’ve been working on this plug-in for almost 2 years and we’re excited to release it! I’ve had to keep quiet for so long and now I can’t wait to show you what is possible! Top Features: Shadows and Improved Ambient Occlusion Dynamic Reflection Maps 3D Noise and Deform […]
Happy Holidays from the Kramers!
Wishing everyone a happy and safe holiday from the Kramer family and everyone at Video Copilot! Thank you guys for being part of this amazing community, we are beyond excited for next year since it will be the the 10 year anniversary of Video Copilot. I can’t even begin to express what that means to me, […]
Sporting a New Design!
I’m not really sure how long it has been since we have redesigned the website but we thought it was time! The new design is focused on content so we finally made the page wider. We’ve also updated the tutorial section so that you can watch the tutorial you click on with few clicks. The project file and related […]
Clean Lighting with Element 3D V2
Here are a few experiments created in Element 3D V2 with simple lighting and Ambient Occlusion. In these examples I’m using the Ray Traced AO which is a bit slower but creates very nice results. The other important setting I like to use is called “Lighting Influence” under the Physical Environment. This setting helps blend the […]

Lol is he riding an ostrich?
5 years ago
Do you accept guest posts? I like the layout how you wrote VIDEO COPILOT | Professional After Effects Tutorials, Plug-ins & Pre-Keyed Stock Footage, I am in this topic for ages and I would adore to write 2 or 3 reviews here if you ever agree.
6 years ago
Great articles & Nice a site….
7 years ago
Hey Could Some Tell Me What The Turkey Suites Called?
7 years ago
He Whats The Turkey Costume Called I want It For My Birthday =]
7 years ago
Hey Could You Tell Me What The Costumes Called I Want It For My Birthday

(Dont Worry Im also Getting RiotGear And ActionMovieAccentials so Don't Think Im Not Getting You Anything Andrew Lol
8 years ago
Hi Mr. Andrew i am from Afghanistan and working as a graphic designer in JWT Afghanistan. i really interested in your tutorials that you put in video copilot .net
and i wana tell you that you are the best ! you caused that i try to laurn Aftereffect. thanks allot man! Keep it up!
8 years ago

8 years ago
Big thanks to the whole team from Belgium!!
miss BBQ from outerspace
8 years ago
hey everyone ! I have a special request for mister Kramer and everyone who can
give me an advice
my boyfriend is a big fan of the video copilot team and i wonder i you had
an idea of gift to offer for christmas. He already has the entire video copilot collection
and he's so proud of it
he is working in motion graphics, and sort of a geek so it's very hard for me
as a girl to find something that would surprise him
any ideas?? pleeeeease help me
8 years ago
u look like the people off jackass, lol
Andre Prior
8 years ago

update ... need... more.. infos..... please..... plz
Mr Aponso
8 years ago
Hello From India

I am A teacher
I love your very good tutorials

8 years ago
hey Andrew - looks like you guys had fun...gotta love Halloween.

Any chance of Evolution coming out on my birthday (tomorrow)?? That would make my birthday truly a GREAT day!!
8 years ago
Good costume!
I hope that you have fun ^^
It's look like that in any case!*

*Used my Norwegian - English dictionary so sorry my bad choice of words ;)
8 years ago

So bout Evolution? Any new details that you're willing to throw at us? Perhaps a trailer? Maybe a price? Maybe a release date? I'm Dyin Here!
8 years ago
Nice work guys :)
8 years ago
Haha, really funny :D
speacaly this guy in front/middle, ahaha i got a good laught!
8 years ago
8 years ago
What a team :D
8 years ago
Thanks Sam! I can see where it all fits together now. BTW the mask and the logo on the hoodie was a perfect match. It looks like you guys had a good time.

Thanks for sharing the link!
8 years ago
Ahahahahahahahahahhaa. Now that is classic Sam. Ahahahahahaha
8 years ago
when are we going to see you on the big screen again? May it be as iilegal alian (wait, wasn't that the Anna Nicole Smith movie? Well now she is gone someone has to take her place, I guess) or in some other role?!
8 years ago
Hey Art,
I was an illegal alien!
Here is a link to the answer to your question.
8 years ago
Lol looks funny :D
8 years ago
Matt doesnt look so happy did someone else choose his costume hahaha
8 years ago
Andrews costume actually looks like he went on eBay and bought the original outfit... Haha. No one else really got into it... Although I'm not sure who Jeff is suppose to be.. Hmm
8 years ago
Happy Halloween! I like the tattoos on Bobby!
8 years ago
Nice suit ^^
8 years ago
nice... hey wens the promo for the new product coming????
8 years ago

I am trying to figure out what it says on Sam's sweat shirt. I "heart" what?

You guys look like a pretty tight group. That's rare to see these days. How long have you known each other.

BTW- I know your daughter is only 2 months old, but did she dress up as anything for Halloweenthis year? Pictures? :)

Thanks for sharing!
8 years ago
OMG! i was the same thing as the llama jockey this year at a halloween party, its so funny.
8 years ago
haha lookin good. though i'm not totally sure what some of you guys are haha
8 years ago
nice, that looks awesome... yeah, me and my friends all became rockstars.... i think yours beat us though...
Dustin James
8 years ago

I was going more YMCA with tino...
Juan Francisco
8 years ago funny, I like more Bobby's costume than Andrew's......just jk! don't punch me :D
8 years ago
tommie, i think its an ostrich.
Is Tino a nerd or a punk? the white shirt and suspenders suggests to me a nerd, but the mohawk and ink says punk. maybe a nerdy punk?

Anyways, I think yours is the best andrew, and I'm not just playing favorites. It looks like you put a lot of time into it... well, prolly not.
8 years ago
the turkey is a really cool costume. i was searching 5 min to see his legs. but then i noticed a the custume...(hehe^^). hope you had fun.
Mayebe u could post videos from other upcoming events (like crhistmas or, New Year's Eve)
8 years ago
Andrew, I've just finnished browsing your products page, and some link go to 404 Error, meaning the page does not exist... plz fix that if you can ;)

Nice costume and tut! :)
What is the turkey doing there? :P

Regards from Portugal
8 years ago
Pfahaha great ting! :D
8 years ago
Is that a real turkey !?!?!?!
8 years ago
lol, I would like to see that guy in the middle running and screaming; "SOMEONE STOP IT!!"
8 years ago
I like the bird costume. You guys are funny
8 years ago
Great team.... :)
8 years ago
lol, you all look great. Either Sam's got a mask, or you've done a brilliant Demon Warp......
8 years ago
It's like the candy taking mafia
8 years ago
Saying mine is the best only makes my life sad and pathetic... jk
8 years ago
8 years ago
I went as swamp thing, I'll post the video for ya Andrew, this video will not be in vain! Haha. In all honesty Andrews costume is by far the best... Not sucking up, but the others don't look that into it, lol
8 years ago
I went as swamp thing, I'll post the video for ya Andrew, this video will not be in vain! Haha.
Looks like a lot of fun... Glad to see I'm not alone in the world for us that will never accept our age!
8 years ago
What? Is Sam the alien? And Tino the punk rocker (?) ?
Haha.. Hope you guys had fun!
8 years ago
Ahahahahah. You knuckleheads.
8 years ago
i wanna roll with you guys.
8 years ago
Ha ha, that's awesome :XD:
Nice one ^^

I love andrew's costume, but the alian thing is cool too.
Juan Pablo
8 years ago
Hey! Was Sam disguised? jaja, just joking, you guys know how to have fun!
8 years ago
lol looks awesome
8 years ago
LOL!!!! nice, I like the turkey
145. Missile Launch!
Fire a missile with new JetStrike pack & Particular
155. Animated Polygon
Create a stylized polygon animation using time displacement
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Search & Destroy
Using various roto and split-screen effects we transformed a two-man SWAT team into a full squad for this demo scene. Sam Loya reprises his role as the “guy who probably gets killed”, in this exciting industrial saga. The main goal of this scene was to film everything as if we had a dozen guys instead […]
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