Hey everyone,

I’m just updating some things on our servers and moving some files around. Some of the tutorials will be down temporarily. Just for Tutorias 23-39, the bandwidth of 5,500 GBs wasn’t enough… Hold on while I distribute these accross the the other servers. Uploading is slow and depressing so please hang on.

Now where is that modem port…


EDIT Response:

The key is to maintain high throughput and keep fast downloads!

We’ve got plenty of bandwidth but when too many people access the one server at the same time it can slow everyone down, and we don’t want that. The tutorial files are distributed across several servers so that speeds will remain fast. For the older tutorials I didn’t realize I needed to split them as much. I guess they are still popular. I also took advantage of this time to make some updates and lay the ground work for future plans.

Of course new tutorials have their own dedicated location so that they aren’t slowed by other tutorials downloading. Another story is the Blog; it isn’t the bandwidth that makes it choke every now and then but rather it is the database operations being accessed heavily, we are also addressing this with a new fully dedicated server.

9 years ago
New Plug-in TRAILER! Update: 3
Our new plug-in trailer is finally online! I hope you guys can see how much work went into this! The plug-in and Tutorial will be available today-ish! Watch on youtube in HD! UPDATE: Might be a long night but this plug-in is coming out! UPDATE 2: Dinner time. Long night ahead… Not going to bed until […]
Still alive!
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Another New Plug-In! (APRIL FOOLS)
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VIDEO: NAB Presentation on Star Wars!
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9 years ago
Hi there Andrew,

I just watched the morphing tutorial. As usual, you did a great job. However, i did notice it was loading quite a bit slower. Normally, i don't even have to let the buffer fill itself. It just loads faster then it plays. This time i preloaded it for ten minutes, and it still wasn't enough for me to play the whole tutorial at once.

Don't get me wrong. I'd happily buffer for two full days so i can watch you screw up/screw around with Sam's face. It's just the excitement of the outcome that's killing me (:

Just thought i'd let you know. Am i the only one, or are there more people who ran into this (small) issue? Thanks.

9 years ago
Everything should be back up.
Just Amit
9 years ago
i don't have a web site :(, i had one one time but no one came so i trashed it.

i wish i was like you so i had tons of people coming to see my site... i was really bored when the server went down...
9 years ago
Hey Andrew!
When do you think the tutorials will be working again?
9 years ago
Hey Andrew, if you don't already, try installing the wp_cache plugin for wordpress. Wordpress is great at killing databases when traffic is high. The cache plugin makes a huge difference in performance.
9 years ago

check out Westhost.com - I have unlimited bandwidth for my website. I also bought a reseller package so I can host (and be paid for) the other websites I design for my clients.

Also their tech support is top notch
9 years ago
36 euro is 49,79 US $
Piotr Piotrowicz
9 years ago
isnt euros less than us?

a guy in portugal i know says it is
9 years ago
I pay 36 euro's a year for unlimited everything.
That's maby 30 US $
Piotr Piotrowicz
9 years ago
Oh also, at jamsta, godaddies corporate plan is what i have( i think ) and i pay 150 aud a year!
Piotr Piotrowicz
9 years ago
My webspace has 100 gigs space, and 1000 gigs of bandwidth, which is great, but i could have doubled for a bit more price, i just couldnt afford at the time... godaddy has good deals tho, i dont like the sites control panels,sometimes i have a hard time acsessing, andrew, whats your host?
9 years ago
Hey people, if you're after web hosting that offers everything without costing you your first born child, check out the services from my two best mates down here in OZ...

www.anso.com.au [main site]

http://aussie-webhost.com.au/ [hosting site]

I do heaps of design work for these two blokes, so if you contact them, make sure you say Jamsta sent you ;)

Although we/they're from Australia, we run a few servers around the globe to get the best performance known to the internet. [Our huge servers are in Silicon Valley [and thats not fake boobs!]

A basic corporate plan of 1gig space, 10gig bandwidth per month for only 340 bucks a year [and thats Aussie $, so it's much cheaper for most of you] you also get FULL cpanel/unlimited emails/SQL data bases/unlimited FTP accounts and much much more...

check it out... if not, plz ignore this post.
9 years ago
@ Andrew
Out of curiosity how much on average does it cost you as a company and out of pocket to keep this website up for us?
9 years ago

Send me a e-mail:
9 years ago
hee andrew I think all you tutorials are great and the always will be. if it is number 1 or 50. I love them al and we will always watch them.
keep up the great work. :)

gr. tesssam
(from holland)
9 years ago
what host do you use?
9 years ago
@Jeffrey, are you sure you have unlimited bandwidth instead of a Fair Use Policy? I might switch to your host then, because I'm very limited right now. I'm even afraid to put more demo's on my site.
9 years ago
We've got plenty of bandwidth, the files are just distributed across several servers so that speeds will remain fast.

For the older tutorials I didn't realize I needed to split them as much. I guess they are still popular.

Then I took advantage of this time to make some updates and lay the ground work for future plans.
9 years ago

I see you are from holland too, well, if your site is hosted at redbus servers in Schiphol, then they will summon you with those kind of things. Redbus is inaffortable these days.

Klote dus.
9 years ago
My site also has unlimited bandwidth, but two weeks ago those assholes threatened me to shut down my website if I wouldn't decrease my data traffic.
9 years ago
That's a pity. My site has Unlimited Band width, if you want that too, just send me a mail.

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