TUTORIAL: Planet Tutorial Part 1.5

Dan Ebberts wrote a cool script to make the “Blue Planet Tutorial” more 3D. In fact you can actually use a comp camera to fly around the earth and orbit as well.

Watch New Tutorial:

9 years ago
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Very cool expression.
9 years ago

I was surfing the web and i saw this site, pretty cool.
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k, just want to say hi :)
Can i link you from my site? im looking for quality content like yours. If no let me know if i can add u in exchange for a montly fee or something.
9 years ago
I just have one quick question. I am using this effect to create a rolling solid that moves from off camera into frame and travels away. I can get it to travel just fine but I am having troubles with the rolling of the sphere.

The path my sphere follows is a curve and the rotation ends up all wonking at the end. Its a difficult one to keyframe because the 'Orient Towards Camera' changes the position of the layer.

What is a good way to do the rotation so that it looks like it is rolling along the path that I created? Any advice that you have would really help.

Thanks and I love your videos.
9 years ago
@ Mind Drop Studios

as for the fractal noise, prolly u saw that here ; )

9 years ago
Thanks for the tip.
I'll check it out.
And hey, your videos are amazing
9 years ago
Great tut like always^^
Douglas, sorry I don't understand what you're meaning with the fraktal noise. The layer next to the camera? If, yes what is the effect you are after? A zoom through the smoke? Or smoke in the whole space?
9 years ago

I think there is atutorial on creative cow fro this effect. I believe you just create multiple layers, and push them around in z-space, then mess with the offset of the fractal noise. They explain it better in the tut.
9 years ago
Sweet method!

I must say though, only 23 comments on this one. When it gets a bit advanced people seems to backdown alittle.. : )
9 years ago
increases the quality of the 3D earth.
But Andrew, don't you know how to turn the fractal noise into a 3D space?

9 years ago
Nice extra for the blue planet! It worked quite nicely and I love the 3d element. Thanks Dan!
9 years ago
Andrew ever think of adding some particular tutorials? A bit more advanced space ones? It'd be awesome... Full 3D galaxies, how sweet? Haha. Just think about it mate...

Sapphire Digital
9 years ago
Hi! Andrew just to say hello from Puerto Rico and to congratulate you and your staff because you guy's are working hard and here in Sapphire Digital we have some great ideas for your DVD's and whatever you need just ask or call us send the e-mail and we e-mail you the number ok. YOU ROCK BABY!!!
9 years ago
Very cool addition to that tutorial. Awesome work Dan! :D
9 years ago
That sounds sweet Andrew. Is that for a tutorial? Or maybe AME2?
Orc Master
9 years ago
Hey, Andrew, any chances of showing us that shattering glass effect? ;)

Also, very useful, Andrew. This will help me enormously with my Infinite Zoom from Earth to outside the Milky Way project...
9 years ago
Cool update :) Thanks for the sharing Dan.
9 years ago
Hmm, the tutorial is staying the same for me... Weird..

9 years ago
yeah, v helpful. thnx Andrew & Dan.

Warm Regards
9 years ago
Very Cool Mind Drop, I'm actually working on a similar thing with small pieces of shattered glass filmed individually and then mapped to particles...
9 years ago
Very cool! I used a similar effect with a 2-d image of a bullet used in trapcode's particular to simulate 3-d. It's an awesome effect.
Here's a link to the vid:

9 years ago
9 years ago
thank you for this update, but i have question.
How to Make the earth revolved by frame?
i try this way - like 1st tutorial - ("Master Earth" -> "Effect" -> "CC Sphere" -> "Rotation" -> "Rotation Y"), but nothing happen. Why???

Aymane, Morocco
9 years ago
I saw a simillar thing done by the host of Total Trainig, Proffesional Features. He had a video of sun and the surrounding planets with camera orbiting arround them. He then switched the "orient towards camera" and the planets were no longer flat, just like here. I must say though, that those tutorials are long and can get pretty boring. Not to mention ugly examples, especially this one!

Once again, thank you kind sir (sir in my language-Croatian means cheese) :)
9 years ago
Your right about that, good point to bring up.

Dan has a cool study into this
9 years ago
sorry to repost, i forgot to mention that this effect "towards camera" won't work with things like images of people and such, because it will look like the person is spinning around on the spot to face the camera. It won't matter with things like planets and asteroids
9 years ago

DAVE, I never knew about that function... But I like it ;)
Gianni (ITALY)
9 years ago
You're great!!!!! Will be downlodable the DVD with all the tutorials???
9 years ago
yes the orient towards camera is a popular one for 2d to 3d. I have had to do that in some of my videos, I actually thought you where doing that with the original video, but its cool you have added that one too
9 years ago
Never mind, link working properly now.

Also heard Plug as soon it loaded up ;)
9 years ago
Same here, I assume it's just not uploaded correct or there is a broken link. Very Interested in this new expression though. Very excited. Does Dan Ebberts have a website that you'd want to make people aware of?
9 years ago
Hi, Part 2 doesnt work. Video does not start !?
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