Optical Flares Plug-in

  • INSTALLATION: Install the new version of the plugin in place of the old version. If you drag it directly into the Optical Flares folder then click yes to overwrite the old one.

    Windows: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Adobe After Effects CS5\Support Files\Plug-ins\Optical Flares

    Mac OS X: /Applications/Adobe After Effects CS5/Plug-ins/Optical Flares
**License file required to license the plug-in. The license file can be generated in your original Video Copilot download account that you used to purchase Optical Flares**

Twitch Plug-in

  • Windows:

    32-Bit and 64-Bit for Windows   (32-bit for AE7,CS3,CS4 and 64-bit for CS5+)

    **Key file needed to license the plug-in is available in your original download account used to purchase Twitch**
Color Vibrance Plug-in

Sure Target 2 Plug-in

VC Reflect Plug-in