Stock FX
Action Essentials 2

  • Should I Get 720p or 2K? - Watch this video
  • Import Problem: 

    Install Quicktime Movie Player and apply the latest Adobe updates.
  • Blue background and file name over effect: 

    These are the .mp4 thumbnail files. Use these only for previewing the effects. Import the full resolution Quicktime .mov files into your actual project.

  • .MOV Files Converted When Opened in QuickTime Player - OS X Mavericks and later: 

    Use the .mp4 thumbnail files to preview the effects. Then import the full resolution .mov files into your project.

    If you resave the file after it converts and then import it, you may damage the alpha properties which make them pre-keyed. More Info about this from Apple Support
  • Product Specs & Compatibility:


    Main Video Format: QuickTime RGB + Alpha, Video Codec: PNG
    Video Previews: QuickTime MP4, 480 x 360
    Sound FX: WAV Format

    After Effects 6.5, 7, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6, CC
    Final Cut Studio
    Premiere & Premiere Elements
    Vegas Video
    Other QuickTime based video software

  • 205 Files Missing error:

    First copy the product contents into a folder on your computer. Then open the design templates. You now need to re-link the media files.

    To do this right click on one of the missing elements and choose “Replace Footage” -> “File”. Then navigate to the corresponding .mov file from the Evolution content and click OK. After Effects should automatically find the rest of the elements after you locate the first one.

    Make sure you select an Evolution element like one of the “” or other .mov file, not a design template. See example below:
    (click image to enlarge) 

  • Import Problem:

    Install Quicktime Movie Player and apply the latest Adobe updates.

  • Product Specs:
    • High Definition, 20% higher resolution than 720p
    • 60 frames per second. Use with NTSC or PAL
    • Uncompressed QuickTime PNG Video & JPGs
    • Template Projects at 720p HD, 60 FPS
Riot Gear

  • Import Problem:

    Install Quicktime Movie Player and apply the latest Adobe updates.

  • Product Specs:
    • Video Format: NTSC & PAL, HD or SD, elements can be used anywhere!
    • Video Frame Size: HD 720p 1280x720 
    • Frame Rate: 60 fps Paint Splatter and Ink FX, 30 fps TV Noise
    • File Format: QuickTimeââ€?¢ 6 Movies & JPG Images
    • Pre-Matted Grayscale Effects and Color Grunge Textures

  • Elements Not Colored:

    The elements are PreMatted for easy coloring. We created a free plug-in for After Effects CS5 and later as a simple solution for coloring them.
    View Tutorial - Download Color Vibrance Plug-in

  • Product Specs:
    • 50 HD Shockwaves (1080p @24fps)
    • Great for Visual FX or Motion Graphics
    • PreMatted for easy coloring
    • QuickTime PhotoJPG, H-264 & ProRes 422 HQ
Video Streams HD

  • Can’t Open Templates Created in After Effects 6.5:  

    After Effects CS6 and later no longer supports project files created in AE 6.5 or older. To solve this, download the High Definition version of Video Streams in your Video Copilot download account.

  • Product Specs:
    • Project File Resolution HD 1920x1080
    • HD Videos Resolution 1920x1080
    • SD Videos Resolution 960x540
    • 24 Frames per second
    •  Project files can be changed to other frame rates such as 25 FPS for PAL
The Bullet

  • BLENDER Camera Export Script Not Working:

    Blender has been updated substantially since the original recording of the tutorial. For current versions of blender you can turn on the export to AE option in the Blender preferences. Check out the pdf on how to enable the exporter: Link to pdf and more info at BlenderWiki