Payment Info

  • PayPal - We accept Paypal through our online store. Use the “Checkout Using Paypal” button or the Paypal icon located on the shopping page.

    The Paypal account you use must be linked to a bank account or credit card to work through our store. 
Credit Cards

  • We accept Visa and Mastercard. 
Purchasing Problems

  • Credit Card being declined:  

    1) First, check to ensure your account balance is good to go. 

    2) If your account balance is confirmed then please contact your bank directly. Sometimes a bank’s fraud department will put a hold on unfamiliar purchases.
  • Problem with billing address - “bad request or missing tags

    Try these steps:

    1) Remove characters from your address and phone number fields such as: ( ) “ : ; + - _ > < ? / * ~

    2) If the first step doesn't work, try using the PayPal checkout. You can use Credit Card through the PayPal checkout page as well. Sometimes our main checkout page can be more restrictive with certain characters. 
Purchase Orders

Other Purchasing Questions