Music & Sound
Designer Sound FX


  • Wave 48khz, 16bit (recommended for use with After Effects)

Mac, Linux & PC Compatible

• Adobe Premiere 
• Adobe After Effects
• Adobe Audition 
• Sony Vegas 

• Final Cut Pro
• Pro Tools
• Logic Pro
+ Most Audio/Video Apps
Product License:
This product may be used on 1 workstation and 1 personal system such as a laptop or home computer. This applies only if the systems are used by the same person and not multiple users. Please read our License Agreement for more information.
Pro Scores

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How is this product Different than Designer Sound FX?

Designer Sound FX contains a library of sounds such as Swishes and Impacts used to enhance motion graphics and promos. It contains some solo drum tracks but the main purpose is abstract sound effects. Pro Scores is the solution to building music tracks and scores. Of course, the combination of these 2 products would give you even greater options for creating audio magic.

There are 500 audio tracks, how many are actual music tracks?

As a music toolkit, Pro Scores includes over 50 full length musical tracks approximately 1-2 minutes with various styles. In addition to these tracks you also get access to hundreds of music design elements such as tension building fx and atmospherics. One example would be television dramas use intense backgrounds and ambiance to set the mood and Pro Scores offers a vast library of elements to choose from.

For those who have purchased production music, you know that a SINGLE track can cost anywhere from $25-$100 with premium stuff well into the hundreds of dollars and they don’t include layered versions.

Are the music tracks loops or fully orchestrated?
Pro Scores music tracks are NOT short loops but rather fully composed production music with the more complex tracks available with separated key tracks such as, Percussion, Orchestra and Choirs, etc. This allows users to customize and even extract tracks such as percussion and mix with other atmosphere elements but maintain the climactic builds like you hear at the end of movie trailers and promos. Of course the music tracks are just one part of this collection.

What program can I use Pro Scores with?
You can use Pro Scores with any audio application. This includes professional applications such as Logic and Cubase, but also video editing applications such as Premiere, Vegas and even Final Cut Pro. The DVD training focuses on the concepts of mixing and all the steps can be reproduced in almost any program. I personally demonstrate the audio portion in Vegas Video because the waveforms are very prominent and make it easy to see the music but I also show you how you can achieve the same functions in Premiere Pro as well as After Effects.

Is Pro Scores a Loop pack or sequencer?
No, Pro Scores goes past the simple nature of loops to fully orchestrated tracks that have been layered for easy access to Percussions, choirs and orchestra. This allows anyone to build upon real music and customize it without having to start from short loops that merely repeat. Pro Scores also gives you a variety of Sound Design elements that can be used with other music libraries to enhance the cinematic quality.

What about royalties?
Pro Score is completely Royalty Free for use in any production big or small. For example you can make a movie with Pro Scores and sell the movie forever with no additional fees. Of course, Pro Scores may not be used (in any part, edited or not) with templates or files that are redistributed to artists or editors such as website templates, stock sites or project files. See our License agreement for more information.

Can I listen to the entire collection before purchasing?
Please check out our sound gallery page and demo video above for a diverse sample of the type of elements included. Everything you hear comes directly from this collection and there are hundreds more elements to choose from.