General FAQs

  • What does Pre-Keyed mean? 

    This means the video files have built-in transparency and can be combined without the need to remove the 'background' first. Just drag them on top of your video and go!
Tutorial FAQs

  • What Are The Rules on Tutorial Content Usage? 

    Our tutorials and project files may be used in your work and commercial projects but you may not redistribute the project files or footage with sites related training or stock footage.

    **Some images are copyrighted and cannot be used commercially such as the images from the earth zoom tutorial.**
  • Problems Playing The Tutorials, What Should I Do? 

    Sometimes on busy days the tutorials can load slower than normal. This happens when a large amount of people are downloading one file at one time causing the server to lag a bit. Please be patient and the tutorial should load. 

    We also recommend updating your browser and installing the latest Adobe Flash Player. Another thing you can try is to clear your internet cache and refresh your browser before viewing a tutorial.
  • Trouble With Presets Or Following Tutorials With My Version Of After Effects: 

    Please note that our free tutorials and presets are presented "as is". Most of our free presets are compatible with AE 7 and later, but a few are only compatible with AE 7 - CS4. For this reason, we cannot guarantee that they will work with all versions of Adobe After Effects. 

    Andrew has been creating tutorials since 2005, and of course technology sleeps for no one. With this in mind, following older tutorials may present problems because After Effects has changed over the years and certain plug-ins may no longer be available or have changed significantly. Most of the effects you can still create within After Effects though...so be creative :)
FAQs For Andrew

  • What Are Your Computer Specs?

    Andrew runs dual 6 core 3.4 GHz Xeon processors, 6-Cores each with 12 cores total, Nvidia GTX TITAN video card(6 GB card), 64gb of DDR3 ram, and is running Windows 7 64bit OS. 
  • What Microphone You Use?

    I use a Neumann studio mic to record tutorials through a mixer and real time compressor. 
  • What Kind Of Camera Do You Use?

    Well, for most of the video on the field and on site we use a Sony XDCAM EX but also the Canon 7D and 5D. For the higher end productions We have a RED Camera as well as a Sony PMW F3 Camera.
  • What Do You Use To Record Screen Captures?

    I use Camtasia Studio from https://www.techsmith.com/
  • How Did You Learn After Effects?

    I've been self-taught since I was 16 and learned by exploring the program to create great visual effects and to propel my filmmaking.
  • How Can I Learn After Effects And Get Really Good?

    Well... go do something. Pick up a video camera and film something meaningful and use visual effects to enhance the shots. Try to figure out how certain visual effects were done. Follow my free tutorials and if they help you out then buy some products, too.  :)
  • Are You Married?

    I've been married since May 20, 2006. My wife is awesome. We dated for 5 years before tying the knot. We ate chicken and tri-tip at the wedding.
  • Where Can I Show My Appreciation For Your Hard Work And Free Stuff?

    The best place to do that is our products page, not only will you show appreciation, but you'll get a cool product, too.