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3D Light Casting
Create an energy-ball that re-lights the road surface
Use reverse-tracking and build a volumetric point light
3D Set Extensions
Create a 3D set extension with fog using Stock Footage
Use Camera Tracker to matchmove inside of AE
3D Text in 3DS Max
Create 3D text with a seamless bg in 3ds Max
Use a skylight to generate soft shadows
Advanced Camera Tips
Create a Unique custom Particle System with Particular
Use Null objects to create advanced camera movements
Audio to Animation
Convert music amplitude to drive particle animation
Use particular to generate custom "waveform"
Colorful Universe
Create a dynamic space world with light streams
Use an expression to create a 3D orbit
Frosty Breath
Create the illusion of cold breath on a warm day
Use color correction to cool the mood of the scene
Light Streaks
Use Trapcode's Particular to generate light streaks
Use an expression to generate random movement
Light Streaks 2
Use light streaks with live action footage
Enhanced coloring method and 3D layer control
Medical Zoom 01
Create a complex microscopic view of inside a body
Model a blood cell and integrate with After Effects
Medical Zoom 02
Import blood render and create 3D particle system
Use particular to stream particles with depth of field
Medical Zoom 03
Composite blood render with live action footage
Animate camera into 3D skin layer to reveal blood
Meteor Crash AE p2
Composite 3D Debris and create meteor smoke trail
Add dust atmosphere and street cracking
Missile Launch!
Fire a missile with new JetStrike pack & Particular
Use Mesh Visibility to disconnect the missile
Particle Shadows
Cast realistic shadows from a 3D Particle System
Includes work-flow tips and setup for custom sprites
Smoke Screen
Composite and animate smoke elements in 3D space
Create a custom particle map and write new expressions
Smoke Trails
Create realistic smoke trails with Particular particles
Randomize the look of a cloud texture with 3d turbulence
Speed Particles
Use expressions to drive particles based on speed
Create sandy like particles that fly off of text
Stabilize Shaky Footage
Learn advanced techniques for stabilizing footage in AE
Composite realistic smoke behind vehicle with Particular
The Ring
Build a silver ring in After Effects with a particle wipe
Use valueAtTime expression to automate over time