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Course Outline

Course Outline
Master these techniques for greater control over 3D and After Effects integration:

Total Training:
Over 5 Hours. If you continue with a single 3D program training time is about 3 hours.

01. Introduction: 8 mins. 12 secs.

•  Discuss preparations for an effective visual effects pipeline
•  Set file structure and arrange project elements
•  Discuss requirements for the shot and execution

02. Preparing Footage and building 3D Scenery: 18 mins. 06 secs.

•  Prepare footage for compositing
•  Perform time-remapping on source footage
•  Build a 3D panoramic scene

03. Building Assets: 3D Muzzle Flash & Smoke: 14 mins. 49 secs.

•  Build 3D muzzle flash from particle effects
•  Generate smoke and sparks from scratch
•  Organize elements for compositing

04. Building Assets: Perspective Slide Action: 12 mins. 09 secs.

•  Simulate the blowback of a gun for a perspective angle
•  Animate finger squeezing the trigger
•  Blend elements with background comp

05. Work-Flow Tips & Building Proxies: 6 mins. 59 secs.

•  Create proxies for footage and compositions
•  Create export-template with custom settings
•  Discuss render settings including RGB+Alpha

13 total tutorials for 3 Programs

•  Modeling, advanced texturing
•  Animating, Lighting and reflections
•  Special Rendering and preparation

06. Compositing the Elements: 27 mins. 00 secs.
•  Combine core elements in 3D including Smoke and sparks
•  Build custom displacement map for bullet animation
•  Composite shell casing animation
•  Advanced depth of field effects

07. Final Compositing: 15 mins. 51 secs.
•  Add displacement for bullet and muzzle flash
•  Blend panoramic layers together for a smooth camera move
•  Add simulated lighting for the bullet in slow motion

08. Finishing Touches & Advanced Color: 15 mins. 30 secs.
•  Create custom mattes for advanced color correction
•  Discuss render settings and proxies
•  Thanks from Video Copilot

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