Serious FX Training
Serious FX Training
VFX Training for Adobe After Effects
• 10 Video Tutorials for AE Pro 6.5 - CS4
• Includes Project Files and Source Footage (AE7+)
• Valuable Bonus Product Included
• Over 3 Hours of Training Fun!

Best-Selling After Effects Training DVD!
In this exciting end-to-end tutorial DVD, you'll discover real world techniques
and timesaving procedures not found in the manual. Each full-length video
tutorial covers a specific objective from start to finish.

Complete List of Lessons:

01. Getting Started & New Features (15 min)
• Introduction to many new features
• Overview of After Effects 7.0
• Introduction to tools; such as Tracking, Parenting,
Transfer Modes & Switches

02. Basic Color Keying (13 min)
• Learn to perform a clean key with DV footage
• Edge adjustments for green screen footage
• Comprehensive color correction techniques
• Create shadows that follow talent

03. 3D Silhouette (36 min)
• Create human silhouette from live action footage
• Composite groups of people from 1 person
• Create 3D Camera Moves
• Utilize multi-view workspace when 3D compositing

04. Cruise Control (11 min)
• Create the illusion of a car driving
• Advanced compositing techniques
• Add realistic reflections & a light wrapping effect
• Use advanced studio masking techniques

05. Creating Advanced Muzzle Fire (14:20 min)
• Create realistic Muzzle Fire with AE's built in tools
• Create Flashes and learn to randomize effect
• Composite a smoke element with fire
• Utilize Turbulent Displacement and CC Radial Blur

06. Blown Away (25:30 min)
• Composite actors in front of a large explosion
• Create camera shake
• Add a nice displacement scene effect
• Use parenting, null objects, and transfer modes

07. Floating Text (9:15 min)
• Advanced 4-point motion tracking
• Create the look of 3D tracking inside AE
• Make text appear to be floating over video
• Technique works on less stable footage

08. DVD Menu Creation I & II (27:15 & 12: min)
• Create a DVD Menu with transitions
• Advanced use of the fractal noise filter
• Basic tour of Encore
• Create button transitions during authoring

09. The Teleporter (12:15 min)
• Composite character onto background
• Use an opacity track matte with the fractal noise
• Overlay pre-rendered particle effect
• Enhance using transfer modes

10. Selective Color Correction (12:15 min)
• Increase color density in specific areas
• Motion Track footage to fix certain areas
• Fix slightly overexposed Footage
• Use subtraction masks to get desired effects

Bonus Gear:

VideoStreams HD Lite

As an added incentive you'll receive 4 Complete VideoStream HD Designs

with your purchase. These design are located on the DVD.

• Design 01 

• Design 07 

• Design 11 

• Design 15 

The complete collection includes 20 loopable designs.

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Serious FX Training
DVD or Download
Requires: AE 7, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6, or CC