Film Magic Pro
Film Magic Pro
Cinematic Color Styles for AE
• 50 Cinema Style Presets for After Effects
• Fast Rendering Times
• Use on Any Frame Rate or Resolution
• Achieve the Look of Popular Movies and Shows

  • 50 Unique Cinema Style Presets for After Effects
  • 8 Cinematic Transitions
  • Really Fast Rendering Times
  • Works with Any Footage including HD, NTSC & PAL Footage
  • Use on Any Frame Rate: 60i, 50i, 30P , 25P, 24P, 24Pa, etc.
  • Installation and Useful Techniques Video Tutorial

  • Achieve the Look of Popular Movies and Commercials
  • Create Dramatic Color Grading During Video Finishing
  • Great for Enhancing the Look of Digital Video
  • Improve the Look of 3D Animations & Motion Graphics

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How does FMP Compare to other Film-Look Software & Plug-ins?

To start, Film Magic Pro is not a plug-in like most film-look software packages; instead our collection uses precise color treatments built inside of After Effects.

This efficient method drastically improves render times compared with most other film-look packages.

See Film Magic Pro Demonstration.

  • Film Magic Pro does not need to be on render nodes on a network farm. This saves times and guarantees complete renders without lost frames due to missing plug-ins.

  • Projects using Film Magic Pro can be viewed and modified on other machines without Film Magic Pro installed.

Does Film Magic Pro Perform Frame-Rate Conversions?

Unlike some other plug-ins, Film Magic Pro does not offer tools for

de-interlacing footage or performing frame rate conversions for interlaced footage to progressive scan. Most newer cameras already film at 24 frames per second so additional conversions are not necessary. If you need to perform a frame rate conversion

we have a free tutorial that should help.

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Film Magic Pro
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Requires: AE 7, CS3, CS4, CS5, CS5.5, CS6, or CC