On Location
We started with a basic storyboard to outline the FX shots. We filmed the scene using the JVC HD200 with no cinema adapter, just the stock lens. This made it easier to keep shooting and get through the scene before the sun was gone. None of the audio is practical. The slow motion “Michael-bay” dolly was shot in 60p and then slowed down in post. Dirt was applied to Tino’s face using his hand from a near by planter. The person in the glasses is actually Big Foot. –can’t ever get a good shot!

Once we got back we captured with premiere, edited the raw footage and brought the entire sequence into After Effects by copying and pasting the elements. We did all of the visual effects in the same comp except for the 2 complex shots, they were made in a separate comp and then overlaid on top of the original. After the FX were finished we added color correction and a little camera shake.