I work at ILM and made a thing! let me know your thoughts

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I work at ILM and made a thing! let me know your thoughts

Postby oscarknott on 12/17/2019, 3:44 am

I am a compositor working for ILM in london and started my career by building a showreel off the back of videocopilot tutorials and skipping any uni or film school. After years of comping, Dneg (who i worked for at the time) send me on set for 10 months on a big netflix production. It was amazing and inspirational and I met so many people that were so willing to help me put a short film together I had always dreamed of. I think when you work in a vfx studio it can be difficult to meet the right people to inspire you and help you to make short films. However I really lucked out and had a lot of support from DNEG.

The vfx I did in Nuke using elements shot on green screen. The production was shot in a "bondage sex dungeon" in west London. Its gone onto to win a festival and be officially selected for a few others. Let me know your thoughts!


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Re: I work at ILM and made a thing! let me know your thoughts

Postby BDboY on 12/18/2019, 2:02 am

Hi ! Visually it's pretty good and good sound quality. However, it's a bit to long / slow for my taste, and too reliant on dialogue, not enough on visual to tell your story. Also not a fan of the acting, but I think it's because of those way too heavy dialogues. Nice VFX by the way ;)

Good job anyway :)
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