"Phone Light" Ref. 147 3D Light Rays in AE!

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"Phone Light" Ref. 147 3D Light Rays in AE!

Postby Eisenmann on 05/18/2017, 10:29 am

Tutorial Link: http://www.videocopilot.net/blog/2014/02/new-tutorial-3d-light-in-after-effects/

Greetings! In the tutorial, it's said that the "Phone Light" how-to will be included, but it isn't. Does anyone out there know how to do it? Unfortunately, the light created in both of the examples covered in the tutorial are aimed at the camera. The phone beam however points upward, away from the camera and I'm unable to duplicate that. Every tutorial I can find either creates this same at-camera beam or is an embed of this tutorial.

I need that effect to duplicate a NUKE effect and I have tried for several hours working with the tutorial, searching on these forums as well as searching for other methods. Even though I'm an advanced user, I have not been able to create the "Phone Light" effect. Specifically, I have been unable to create a volume light that...

1) Has a narrow 'beam' not aimed at camera
2) Is cut out so the beam looks to be projected by the screen
3) Changes shape/inclination realistically with the 3D movement of the live camera

In all of my experiments the volume light projected is very wide. I've attempted to manipulate the NULL but, perhaps because the effect isn't actually 3D, the beam will only change so much before stopping. It appears the beam is still aiming at the camera no matter what. I have also changed the camera position and although that does change the beam, of course the movement no longer matches the live camera. I'm not able to make the beam project upwards like the "Phone Light". That camera angle, which is similar to mine, appears to be at an impossibly low angle to work correctly.

Also, in both of the examples given in the tutorial, the volume light effects the entire plate. The phone of course only projects from the screen. I have attempted to precomp different parts of the effect which works to an extent, but still didn't help the wide beam issue.

Additionally, can the "Phone light" be created done using a Corner Pin/Power Pin track pinning the the screen content to the screen?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thank you for taking the time.

Kind regards,
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